Samsung passes 5 million mark with Galaxy Note

Samsung passes 5 million mark with Galaxy Note

Summary: We can't really figure out if the Galaxy Note is a phone or a tablet, but that doesn't seem to matter much as Samsung passes the 5 million mark in sales.


I test a lot of devices, but one that I have yet to get my hands for an extended period of time (I played with one briefly at CES) on is the Samsung Galaxy Note, but according to Samsung over 5 million of them have been have been sold. Given the worldwide release in October, that's an average of 1 million a month and quite an achievement for a device that is bigger than most phones and smaller than most tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has a gorgeous 5.3 inch 1280x800 Super AMOLED display that alone makes me want to go buy one. It sports a 1.4 GHz dual core processor and runs on LTE on AT&T. The S Pen stylus is one of the unique aspects of the device and given that we see they have now shipped 5 million units the device seems to have claimed a niche in the mobile market. If I didn't already have an HTC Flyer and PlayBook, I would like pick one of these up and may not be able to resist much longer. If it ran on T-Mobile I would be all over it.

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  • That thing is huge

    That phone is huge but, everyone I know that has one, loves it!
    • lol

      Thanks, Tiny Elvis!
    • So true!

      I had looked at the videos online before I bought mine from Amazon, but had never actually held it myself or even seen it in real! I had no idea how big it was for a phone until I opened the box, and guess what? I was shocked! My immediate reaction was that "Oh man! What the hell is this? Why did you buy it!!"... However, It took me less than hour to start getting used to the size of the phone, and now I absolutely love it!

      The only issue is, whenever somebody else sees you holding that phone, they'll experience that first reaction, but never actually use the phone long enough to get used to it... My colleagues are constantly joking about my phone, they don't get how great it is :D
      • same here

        If I could copy your entire comment, that would be mine! :)

        Colleagues are giving me a weird look, ofcourse they are all iLocked so...
        but I took it to a class in my college, and as pretty mcuh we hae open minded class mates, everybody fell in love with the phone and i am sure couple of them already got it by now!!

        Its an awesome device and I can not see myself without it. I still carry my S2 which i bought few months ago, but to be frank, it feels kinda small... :) :)
    • Great for Browsing, a Tiny too Big For Talking

      same feeling I had until he obvious solution was mentioned use a Bluetooth Device if you do not want to feel cluttered when making a call. Great Hardware, design...overall.
  • Bluetooth only...

    Thing is massive. If I had one, I'd have to use it witha bluetooth headset. Can't imagine hlding it up to my ear.

    Also, with a 1280x800 screen, the 5,000,000 sales of this thing is good news for the future of Android tablets, since that's the most popular screen resolution for 10" Android tabs.
  • Channel or sales to users?

    I ran the article through Google Translate, but i can't tell which from the result.

    Regardless, if it's even TWO million sold to users, that seems pretty remarkable, given it's trying to carve it's own niche.
    • Very poular devices will have a very low % in the sales pipeline ...

      ... compared to those actually in peoples hands.

      Distributors and retailers only have to keep a week or so of buffer stock, if that, for fast moving stock.

      Looks like Samsung is well on the way to reaching their 10 million target well before the end of the year.
    • Wondered the same

      Not knocking the device but I wondered the same because I have seen several stories that state they have shipped and several that state they have sold. Shipped to channel does mean that Samsung has a sale on the books but that's not the kind of sale that matters. If would suspect that if they shipped 5 million they have sold fairly well.
  • Carrier the issue..

    I would have grabbed one of these already if it was able to run on other carriers esepcially sprint as I would have put it on boost right away. The fact it is on AT&T only probably limited its sales by half of what it would have been released on all carriers. I am waiting as after talking with HTC about the new HTC One X they hinted I should watch Sprints web site next 2 weeks for a very exciting announcement when I asked if a version would be coming for sprint lioke on AT&T. basically they couldnt give me a clear answer but said watch as the announcement from sprint on the HTC One line was coming. Ill snap one of those up and but it on my boost account and retire my Evo love my $35 a month no contract unlimted everything bill.
    • Hypocrite

      It's not at all surprising but I have to point out that you claim being released on AT&T only probably limited sales to half what they could have been yet you dismissed that claim in the past when talking about the iPhone. Of course what else should we expect from one the ultimate small minded iHaters on here.
  • Perfectly happy with my GNote

    It fits perfectly in my jeans, it makes me think thice about texting when I'm driving, and it works beautifuly when it play videos and games.

    Now whenever I'm holding someone's phone (or even my old Galaxy S) they feel like toys and increadibly fake.
    • Glad you like it

      Glad you like it and are happy with the decision but what about it makes you think twice about texting while driving? You shouldn't do it but what about this particular device makes you think about it more than any other, just the size?
  • Happy Note user

    Upgraded from iPhone 3GS to G Note and absolutely love it. I now feel wired when holding iPhone.
  • All you need is touching it for one hour,

    and after that all the other phones look so small and gimmicky that you wonder how people could do any serious work on those.

    You still look good holding it to your ear. The second generation cell phones are as big if not bigger.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

    I am an owner and I love this device. You could not pay me to switch "back" to an IPhone.
    Easy to use FAST! And great speed on ATT. It is not to big for me no problem using it for phone calls and it has a voice system so you can just talk to your blu-tooth headset and : navigate ,respond to texts, dial, call, etc.
    The only issue I have if it is and Issue is when you are done typing something you cannot sink the keyboard? Odd? Also no doing everything with one thump while holding it in one hand.
    But very minor issues I will probably be safer.
    Great to read on! NETFLIX unbeatable- .
    Great sound, loud not wimpy. I would like a larger back door with a bigger battery but hey I have cords.
    You cannot go wrong. ICS coming soon I hope.
    If you had a Dell Streak and are squeamish because of that whole debacle this phone is not that.
    • This tip might help

      I found that tapping the back arrow, 2nd button from the right on the bottom, hid the keyboard from view. Granted, having a keyboard minimize button makes more sense, but at least this works.

      I can't wait for the ICS update that looks to also add lots of pen support.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Works well. 1st time are worried that the app will close or page disappear

    • What if...

      Just .. what if, ICS does not make it to the Note?

      just wondering... :)
      • So what?

        It works great as is.

        But then, you probably don't really care because you are just a troll.