The Apple Newton takes on the Samsung Q1

The Apple Newton takes on the Samsung Q1

Summary: The Newton MessagePad from Apple was ahead of its time and as you can read in this challenge match against the new Samsung Q1 UMPC it may still be able to stand its ground after 10 years. Take a walk down memory lane and see how the Newton does in 8 rounds.

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apple_newton_mp_2000.gifI have both an Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 and a Samsung Q1 and after reading the CNET UK article comparing the Newton to the Q1 I plan to pull my Newton out of the closet and check it out again. The Newton is 10 years old and you may be surprised to see how well it stands up to the 2006 Samsung Q1 UMPC device. While I do believe the Newton is a very capable device and was ahead of its time in handwriting recognition and design, in reality it can't come close to what the Samsung Q1 provides in the form of a slate Tablet PC. I can do so much with the Q1 by running MindManager Pro, Office 2007 Professional, Sling Player, etc. while having a super portable Windows Media Center.

In regards to the Samsung Q1, I think that Microsoft and Samsung could do a better job of "selling" the Q1 to the public if they stressed that the UMPC devices are small slate Tablet PCs rather than trying to focus too much on promoting them as some other type of device. 

Thanks to jkOnTheRun for the head-up on this article.

Topic: Samsung

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  • A chance to rant

    Many readers know about my distaste for Steve Jobs' murder of the Newton. First he signed the deal with the devil (Dollar Bill) - and in exchange, he agreed to get out of that market segment - allowing M$ a free hand (and we see how THAT worked out). I've never seen a company spin-off and then get spun back in (like newton). Jobs smothered the Newton and didn't allow anyone access to the source code - even though they didn't have any plans to ever use it again.

    My eMate doesn't work anymore - needs a battery, but it was a fantastic product for its time. Its too bad that Jobs handed the handheld market to M$ - could you imagine what a Newton would look like today had Apple kept it and applied iPod-like styling to it? It would be the coolest!
    Roger Ramjet
    • Yes, Newton today would ROCK!


      The Newton was incredible 10 years ago and if Apple had continued to develop it and improve it then it would probably blow away all mobile devices today. Look how long it took Microsoft to get their devices to the point where the Newton retired at. Shoot Palm OS devices today don't even have the amazing handwriting recognition that the Newton had so many years ago and I think the Newton may even be more powerful than Palm OS devices today.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Palm

        Palm started off as a software company programming for Newtons. I have a copy of Grafitti for Newton with a date of 1994. Tell me what Palm has done with HW since then!
        Roger Ramjet