The Parrot 3200 satisfies California wireless law

The Parrot 3200 satisfies California wireless law

Summary: Wireless hands-free car kits are becoming more popular as States start banning traditional cell phone usage in automobiles. One solution to consider is the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR that I installed and evaluated last week.



Earlier this month I talked about legislation in California that would ban the use of a cell phone in a car without a hands-free device. The bill became law when California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger signed it a couple weeks ago and goes into effect in July 2008. I previously mentioned that the iLane device may be a good solution for people who need a wireless device that satisfies this new law. Another alternative that I personally have installed in my truck is the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth car kit. As you can see in my review, this is a great Bluetooth hands-free solution that is hard wired into your vehicle's speaker system. Parrot also makes the 3400 LS-GPS that is very similar to the 3200, but includes a GPS receiver. Now that such a large state as California has a wireless law coming into effect in 2008 I imagine that makers of wireless solutions will do quite well in 2007.

Topic: Wi-Fi

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  • Another stupid California law.

    To bad they law makers never bothered to read the studies that say it's not about the hands, its about talking on the phone and being distracted. The most recent studies show that hand help or hands free makes no difference at all.
    • Really

      Gee No-Ax were the studies funded by mobile phone companies? While distraction is one variable and any conversation can be seen as such, phone users look at their displays, try to answer and even text as well as just having one have draped on the wheel. Don't know about you, but I prefer the other drivers on the road to be wqatching the road.
  • Hands free no better than hand held cell phone

    Research done shows that using a hands free device is no better than using a hand held cell phone. They both increase the risk of having a driving accident four fold. See for a report.
  • Morons

    Once you have to deal with death caused by morons who just HAVE to answer their mobile phones, then you might stop bitching.

    Australia has already had the law for some time and it works well. Of course we were also the first to mandate seatbelts and there were plenty of idiots complaining about that too.