Treo 750 to be announced on September 12th

Treo 750 to be announced on September 12th

Summary: GSM customers will finally get a Windows Mobile powered Treo, but only in Europe for now. The device should also be coming to Cingular in the U.S. before the end of the year.

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Palm has to be one of the worst companies at keeping secrets and preventing leaks from hitting the internet. I posted recently about the photos of the Palm Treo 750 and according to a Palm spokesperson the Treo 750 will be announced on September 12th in the UK. This Treo is the GSM/UMTS model running Windows Mobile 5.0 and will be launched on Vodafone's network. As a T-Mobile USA customer I haven't yet had the chance to try a Windows Mobile Treo, but after using a Palm Treo 650 for over a year I am very interested in trying out a Treo 750. I wonder if early adopters will be able to pick up an unlocked model from Europe? If so, I would consider it except for the unknown surrounding T-Mobile USA's 3G network rollout. I can't buy a new device unless I know it will work on T-Mobile USA's network when it hopefully starts rolling out later this year or early 2007. Photos of the Treo 750 showed a Cingular splash screen so I imagine it will work on their 3G network, that is already starting to roll out in places like New York.

Topic: Mobility

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