What are the top 6 phones for business users?

What are the top 6 phones for business users?

Summary: The business user has choices much broader than a RIM BlackBerry today and CNET's editors posted their top 6 business phone selections with pros, cons, and reviews of each device. Check the article to see if your device made the cut and what type of device you may want to consider for a future purchase.


T-Mobile DashYesterday on CNET.com the editors posted their Top 6 phones for business users. The top 6 candidates are the Palm Treo 700p, Cingular 8525, T-Mobile Dash, Nextel i930 by Motorola, Sprint PPC-6700, and the Nokia E62. I have tried all the devices except for the older Nextel i930 and agree with their picks for the top mobile devices for the business user. The Treo 700wx would probably be the next contender in this field. The editors gave the T-Mobile Dash and Cingular 8525 a rating of 8/10, the Palm Treo 700p a 7.7/10, the Nokia E62 a 7.3/10, the Sprint PPC-6700 a 7/10 and the Nextel i930 a 6.6/10. Check out the article for the good, bad and bottom line on each device along with links to full reviews.

I was using the Nokia E61, same as Nokia E62 with integrated WiFi, and in the last week and a half have been using the T-Mobile Dash. It is tough for me to figure out which device is best for me, but the smaller form factor, integrated camera, and user interface of the Dash are swaying me that way. When looking at these six candidates, keep in mind the Dash, Nokia E62, and Nextel i930 do not have touch screen interfaces. The Dash and Nextel i930 do not support editing and creating Office documents natively while all of the other devices have integrated or 3rd party applications that provide this functionality. I personally find that I view documents 95% of the time and rarely actually create or edit them on a mobile device.

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  • I bought my T-Mobile Dash 2 weeks ago

    I like the form factor, its Windows Mobile 5 applications, and the phone is very clear, both in speaking and hearing. All I need in a phone but the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are nice extras. Where I work (underground) I don't get a signal most times but the Dash has surprised me by pulling a signal where other phones cannot.

    Also, the apartment complex across the street has many open Wi-Fi access points. Pretty easy to surf the web, do a couple of emails and have a quick IM session.

    Oh, and synching with Exchange is a dream - so simple and satisfying without having to jump through hoops.

    I give it a 9 out of 10. Deduct one point in that it does not have Microsoft Pocket Office applications but the built in suite works pretty well.
    Confused by religion
  • I'll take Palm Treo 700w/wx any day for Windows Mobile 5.0, but...

    For Photon version of Windows Mobile, which I'll be an early adaptor on around late 2007 to early 2008, I'll won't buy a Windows Mobile device until Photon version of Windows Mobile gets released to the public.

    I'm still hoping that Windows Mobile will have less market share than Symbian, but I don't know the market share for PalmOS -- maybe it's less than Windows.
    Grayson Peddie
  • So-So Smart Phones

    I am currently using a i-Mate JasJam (HTC Tytn) similar to the Cinglar 8525 but with a front facing video camera and Skype. The phones listed for all vendors are a compromise with what is needed and the services provided. Until all providers provide G3 or better we will have to reduce our expection! As you noticed (or Not) the writter is using an 61 not the american version, i.e., 62.