What makes a good business phone?

What makes a good business phone?

Summary: Smartphones are rolling out in droves lately with the enterprise being a primary target of Palm, Windows Mobile, and Symbian device manufacturers. Business users focus less on multimedia functionality than consumers do and more of their needs focus on email and connectivity.

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I just read an article on infoSync World where they conducted a survey of readers to find out what are the most vital aspects of a business phone. The number one feature was 3G connectivity, which is still something just rolling out here in the U.S. The second feature was push email support, followed by thumb keyboards, talk time, and Office document viewing. infoSync World listed 3 devices that satisfy these desired features with the HTC TyTN (aka HTC Hermes), Sony Ericsson M600i, and Nokia E61. Neither the HTC TyTN or SE M600i are yet available and won't be released until July starting in Europe.

After using a Treo 650 for over a year, I recently discovered the Nokia E61 and haven't looked back once. My thoughts were captured here and here after I first received the device. I have been using the Nokia E61 now for two weeks now and am over the intial shock and awe I experience with a new device. However, I am still just as impressed with the device as I was from day 1 and so far it has performed flawlessly with everything I have thrown at it. The battery life has been excellent, connectivity is top notch, phone call quality is very good, the thumb keyboard is very easy to use and has helped me write emails, text messages, and short documents. I have had many people asking me questions about the device and a few have even made the decision to purchase one for themselves. If you are looking for a solid business phone, then I too can recommend the Nokia E61.

Topic: Mobility

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  • For me, a great business phone is

    devoid of all the consumer rot. Nix the TV, MP3 player, games,
    colour screen, SMS, etc. How about this. The ability to 'suck a
    signal out of a stone', near-eternal battery life, clarity beyond
    belief, and just a contact Name/Number directory like the iPod
    Mini interface in monochromatic. Add an 'executive' industrai
    design that LOOKS like it was designed for the corporate market
    (as opposed to the gamerboy market), solid enough to withstand
    a few drops, and price it to sell -- then stand back and watch
    them fly. This is what I keeping hearing from my enterprise
    colleagues and I have to agree that I'd love something like this
    too. After all, we are talking about a phone, right?
  • business phone

    What I would like to see is a phone that is a little longer than the new Nokia communicator that has an easy to use touch type keyboard and ran windows mobile instead of the proprietary Symbian OS that Nokia uses. Nobody wants a thumb keyboard. Make the phone slim light and the feel like a normal home wireless size in your hand yet make it slim so it can be stored in your pocket. I want it to be larger than most of the phones out there as for business it should have a touch type keyboard and nice screen to view e-mail, word in standard widths, and to edit/create/collaborate directly to desktop users while on the run.