Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

Summary: A great way to view available Windows Phone 7 Apps from your browser


If you're debating about buying a Windows Phone 7, but first want to make sure your favorite apps are available, check out this handy link. By clicking the aforementioned link, you are immediately brought to a search on bing that displays not only a total count of Windows Phone 7 apps, but also lets you click on any of the apps and see detailed information about them, including screenshots.

This is actually a great marketing move for Microsoft, though the company isn't really touting this link. Why not let the world see what apps are available today, and which ones are added each day?

As you can see from the screenshots, you definitely get a decent amount of detail about the app that you highlight, including links to reviews online. Thanks to mediabistro for the link.

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  • 1658 and counting? That's so lame!

    and you will be Counting for a
    looooooooooooooooooooooong time
    to reach the 160,000 Apps for Android
    • not really since the android ones are crappy and will get you pwnd

      WP already has android out classed by a mile. android apps look so ghetto now....
      Johnny Vegas
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

        @Johnny Vegas
        There just apps...
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting


      Did you know how many when Android launched?

      Your lack of knowledge is so laaaaaaaaaaaaaame
      • duh

        @herry.k that's because google didn't pay developers to write apps for android.
    • It's less apps than the old Windows Mobile

      Some of the apps are from big companies that were paid by Microsoft. The rest are from amateurs and hobbyists.

      I just looked, and Farting Dino is listed as one of the top sellers. Yeah, there are such apps on other platforms, but not in the top seller category.

      The other platforms have much more compelling apps as top sellers.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

        @gyepera but did iphone and android have any compelling apps after three weeks? if you need any help, i had android at launch, no, it didn't.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

        @gyepera - Who cares who paid who for what. The consumer benefits.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting

        Wow, troll like you.

        Farting Dino is not a top seller.
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting


      Curious comment. The low amount of apps did not stop Android from gaining in popularity.
    • 100.000

      no, it's not 160.000 apps for android. 100.000 is the official number from google (2-3 weeks ago).

      don't make things up, fandroid.

      (p.s. 300.000 for the appstore by the way.)
      banned from zdnet
    • How many are fart apps?

      • probally 70% of the iPhone and Android apps are fart apps

        HollywoodDog, why do you ask?
        John Zern
  • So how many were available for iphone at launch? 0? and for android? 35?

    But what's really important is what terrifically high quality these apps are. The ux and dev tools on WP has made creating these visually stunning apps a snap and it shows. They are totally out classing their counter parts on the other more basic paltforms.
    Johnny Vegas
    • so it begins

      @Johnny Vegas
      it's not the number, it's the quality. it's not the number, it's the only apps you really need. it's not... blah blah blah.
      and what about that walled garden?
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting


        Did you just paraphrase steve jobs?
        I think this is the wrong thread.
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting


    Actually, even if MS reaches 10,000 great apps it's better than an Android app gallery thats reportedly filled with spyware apps.

    Beyond a point, the number of apps is just an insignificant statistic.

    Anyways, do you seriously want to trust your personal data to a company that has consistently shown lack of respect for user privacy?

    If you want a quality and secure platform stick with the iPhone or Windows Phone 7
  • Windows 7 Phone Sales

    40,000 and counting...

    Epic smartphone FAIL
    • Sold out is the term you're afraid to say

      cyberslammer2 = EPIC FAIL

      Funny, wouldn't that be 40,000 [b]less[/b] Android sales?

      (OUCH! That's gotta' hurt!) :)
      John Zern
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 Apps numbering 1658 and counting


      Oh come on. It's not THAT bad. My favorite Windows Mobile Feature is the one which makes Steve Ballmer sell his Microsoft shares. I think it's the most compelling feature of the platform!

      We can only hope that some day, with every WiMo phone sold, Ballmer will sell two MSFT shares...
      Veriasian Buffet