Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

Summary: Microsoft may be officially unveiling Windows Phone 7 on October 11th. Hopefully the company will also show off its strategy to pry iPhones and Droids away from the public.


The word on the street is that Microsoft is going to be showing off some gear in both London and New York City on October 11th. So far we've been able to confirm that it's a bunch of products, and while the company isn't specifically confirming that it's going to show off Windows Phone 7, it does list Windows Phone 7 along with a bunch of other products, when talking about how the company is releasing a bunch of gear this holiday season.

Earlier this month I wrote about my experience with Windows Phone 7. In short, it's a nice interface but I'm still not sure why someone would switch to Windows Phone 7 or even choose it over iPhone, Android or BlackBerry at this stage.

Also, it appears that even though Microsoft is launching Windows Phone 7 in Europe first, the company is already set to launch with AT&T, according to the video below that SlashGear dug up. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching since it shows you how your current phone requires you to miss life's moments--in a very comical way.

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  • There's a lot out there

    Every WinMo user (and yes there are still a lot of us out there), every person sick of the crowded desktop ui with siloed applications and those interested in buying a modern phone.

    There are also (shock, horror) a large percentage of existing Android and Apple users who are dissatisfied with their phone for a variety of reasons. Those who have struggled with older iPhone versions and are yet to update to 4 are also a good market.

    Then of course there are the majority of the public who have never owned a smartphone, have no fascination with Android geekdom and regard Apple as a company selling overpriced toys.

    I think there's enough of a market ;-) Looking forward to October.
    • You can count me in


      Although I will not be purchasing one until next year when my contract expires.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

      @tonymcs@... As a former WM user (and now iOS user) I'm interested to see how WP7 will work. Not that I'm going to give up my iPhone for one but I am curious to see the differences.
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

    Why is microsoft launching in Europe first? I thought they were a United States Company. They do hang out with the Liberals in washington, help russia screwing people out of there human rights, and keep the feds all over google. Great company! Even if they make good stuff they are the worst!
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

      @imsimsj Most handsets are released for GSM first. With 90% of the world on GSM it makes common sense. In addition, the handset manufacturers release in Europe typically first. GSM companies, such as AT&T, will be getting devices in November and CDMA I'd expect in the first quarter of 2011.
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

      @imsimsj Do you happen to have a bunker stocked with canned food, firearms and whitehoods? Just saying....
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

    With the iphone being too restrictive for some, and android quickly becoming one be tangled cluster... hopefully wp7 will find the sweet spot. More open, yet still controlled enough to maintain a nice user experience across a wide range of phone. Still plenty of market share up for grabs.
  • Really? You, a mobile tech blogger, can't think of any reason?

    Here's a few to get you started.
    Best ux, best performance, most secure, best social integration, best email/calendaring, best camera experience, best multimedia experience, best office/sharepoint integration, best quality apps, best app dev platform, best integrated cloud services, best games, best enterprise management.
    Johnny Vegas
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

      @Johnny Vegas All of that praise and information on a device that has not been released yet... wait don't tell me you are from the future! So have they invented flying cars in your time? Is food in pill form? What, wait... you AREN'T from the future... then how do you know for sure what you wrote is factual as you present it to be rather than your own subjective opinion based on a love for anything Microsoft?
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

    I'm an iPhone user and I am switching to WP7.. iOS 4 did nothing to change my mind. It's still look the same since it first came out back in 2007!! Same applies to Blackberry. Boring! And don't get me started on Android.. what a mess! Also I'm tired of the thousands of apps on iPhone / Android that serve nothing! I'd rather have 100 useful ones..

    WP7 has a modern UI, it's elegant and practical.. that's what a 2010 OS should look like! and I'm very impressed with Live Tiles and the notification system!

    I can assure you that I'm not the only iPhone user who is switching! Whoever claims that the current iPhone 4 was innovative is delusional!
    • Robomatic, you have the perfect name...


      Because just like those robocalls that politicians send out filled with lies and propaganda you sound like a Microsft plant. So, you own an iPhone, a Blackberry and an Android phone? That's how you've able to judge them all and tell us that you're going to buy aWinMo 7 phone? Something you've never seen or used, yet you're calling it better!

      What's the serial number of your iPhone? What's the version number? What's the wifi and Bluetooth and IMEI number?

      Robomatic is now scrambling to find someones iPhone. Then it will take him a few minutes to find the info as he's probably never touched one.

      Oh yeah, robo, aren't you one of the ones that said the iPhone was crap because it couldn't copy and paste or couldn't handle apps running simultaneously? Guess what, you're great imaginary winmo phone can't do it!
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

        @ShazAmerica [i]What's the serial number of your iPhone? What's the version number? What's the wifi and Bluetooth and IMEI number?[/i]

        Why don't you just ask for his SS# and home address while you're at it....
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

      @robomatic While you are correct in that the iOS has the same look it had since the beginning the same thing does NOT apply to the Blackberry OS - they did change the look from OS 4.5 to OS 5 and 6... somewhat.

      And your complaint about the [b]thousands of apps on iPhone / Android that serve nothing![/b] Ummm did you take a look at the library of apps for WM? Tens of thousands and some of them duplicate functionality of other, some are useless fart apps (yes just like the Apple App Store), some are useless... indeed a lot like what you consider the Apple App Store to be - tell me have you ever bothered to try to read reviews on apps, try out free versions or do you just drink the kool aid. Do you really own an iPhone?

      And HOW is Android a "mess"? In what way?
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

        @athynz I hear it almost every day! people seem to buy the iPhone (or Android) mainly because of the number of apps available! Sure iTunes has 200,000+ apps, but what people don't realize is that most of these apps are useless. The rest are duplicates, hundreds and hundreds of apps that do the exact same thing. <br>I don't need to install 100 app on my iPhone. It's a freaking phone, not a Gameboy. I have a few favorites that I always use (Stanza, Dictionary, Local Concerts, GuitarChords..), and I try one or two every once in a while but I don't waste my time on useless junk. <br>Tell me, since when app reviews were any good?! most apps have a score of 2 or 3 stars! The first guy would say: amazing app!! the next: this app is stupid!<br><br>Android is to iPhone what Hyundai is to Honda. Get it?<br>It's not exactly a replica (or is it?).. IMO it's more like a 3rd beta of an iOS.. it has the same downfalls of iOS and the app store. Everyone hails that it's open source! so what?! what does it change for you as a user? you're still paying the same amount of money for the phone and for a data plan.. and you're getting the familiar (and much imitated) interface of an iPhone. What's so amazing about Android?<br><br>In contrast, this is exactly what I like about WP7! <br>it's like nothing else! <br>it is refreshingly new!
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

    honestly Mr. Joel what *killer* feature do you expect from WP7 to stand out from the rest ?
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?



      To use it is to love it and it's the main Office App on WP7
  • Developers Competition, $50m in prizes*

    * Prize winners will receive a Microsoft Toxic asset bundle valued at $10000, not for resale, no cash equivalent prizes available.

    My bet is they'll launch something like that, they'll want to do the same as the other phone makers and launch a competition to attrack apps, and they'll want to out-do everyone else. So the claimed figure will be huge.

    But they don't like to spend actual cash, so it will be inflated with Microsoft licensed stuff.
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?


    Love this commercial!

    They've got this right as 'tasters' go. The elaboration presumably will come later.
  • Neowin says October 21st

    October 11th could be something different all together...
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

    That ad was awesome. A lot of you non-believers are going to be in for a big surprise when WP7 phones are released. I'm already making plans to be at the local store to play with one on release day. Not going to buy one yet until they come out for Verizon, but I want to get that WP7 experience.
    Loverock Davidson