Dijit: Universal remote control app for Android

Dijit: Universal remote control app for Android

Summary: The Dijit app for Android turns any tablet or phone with an IR port into a slamming good universal remote control.


One of the unique features of the two Motorola DROID XYBOARD tablets I am testing is the inclusion of an IR port for use as a remote control. This function is enabled by the Android app Dijit, which turns the tablet not only into a full remote control, but a whole bunch of them in one go.

The free app makes it easy to get everything set up, first by stepping you through adding remote control functionality for each device (TV, cable/satellite box, A/V box, etc.) and then for your local cable or satellite service. It only took me five minutes to set up my TV and cable box with the XYBOARD 8.2 and I was tapping merrily away.

Each remote is faithfully rendered on the appropriate screen in Dijit, and functions just like the "real" remote for the device. There is even a touchpad control in the center of the remote that triggers actions by swiping around the pad. You have to be careful with this I discovered, as I inadvertently changed the video source on the TV without realizing how. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I did and how to undo it.

Where an 8.2-inch tablet really shines as a remote control is in the TV guide function. Not only does the big screen work well for scanning the hundreds of channels, there is a full search function that is wonderful. It makes it a simple process to find exactly what you want, and then hit the big Watch button on the screen to instantly go there.

The Dijit app supports dozens of major brands for remote control functions, and the setup couldn't be easier. I know I am really going to miss this when the tablets go back to Verizon shortly.

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  • RE: Dijit: Universal remote control app for Android

    Do I have to update my Android to run this app? Thought not.<br>At the end of the day, that's my/users concern.<br><br>PS. You got it now JK?
  • RE: Dijit: Universal remote control app for Android

    My old Palm Tungsten E2 (~2004) had a basic version of this same app. I could program the TV's code in and control it like any other remote...

    Concept is fairly old but still has a few new features that keep it useful though
  • RE: Dijit: Universal remote control app for Android

    If you don't have IR built in to your tablet or phone you can buy a $99 device that kicks out the appropriate IR signal while your tablet/phone connects to it via bluetooth. So, theoretically, you could change the channel while you're out of line of sight. Not a big deal, I know, but it beats pointing the tablet at the screen. I'm still pondering if I want to do this. I'm playing with the app anyway to see if I like it as a way to see what is on TV.
  • My Palm powered Handspring did this.

    It could even learn unknown remotes by pointing the TV/VCR/Cable remote at the IR port then keying each button. It would show the new button on screen and wait for you to name the button. Worked great and supported up to 6 seperate remotes.
  • Does this app have bluetooth support?

    I have a Vizio TV that use a bluetooth remote just wondering if this app had support for it, since I'm pretty sure my HTC droid incredible does not have an IR port. It would be awesome if it did