Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

Summary: The webOS platform is great at multi-tasking, and a new app takes that to a whole new level. Glimpse for the TouchPad brings the ability to run multiple tasks within a single app.


The HP TouchPad has only been out for a couple of weeks but useful apps are already appearing for the tablet. The webOS platform is great at multi-tasking, and a new app takes that to a whole new level. Glimpse for the TouchPad brings the ability to run multiple tasks within a single app, and I am only just discovering the many uses that brings.

Glimpse allows running up to three tasks at the same time, each residing in a pane on the display. There is one big pane on the right, and up to two smaller panes on the left. The panes can be turned on and off with a simple check box that is always accessible.

Each pane can run an assortment of tasks provided by widgets in Glimpse. These run the gamut from simple calendars to a full-blown YouTube app. These widgets can be set to run in any pane with a simple check box. It is easy to run the Twitter widget in a pane on the left and the full web browser on the right, making it easy to do two things at once. That is the beauty of Glimpse, the ability to check multiple apps at the same time is quite powerful.

Glimpse comes with 13 widgets currently, and the developers intend to make other widgets available in the future. These widgets may come at additional cost, a brilliant move to create a Glimpse ecosystem by adding desired functionality. This opens up a potential benefit to the enterprise by having widgets tailored to worker's needs.

The app is available in the HP App Catalog for $5.00, a reasonable price for the functionality it provides. I am finding the ability to copy and paste snippets of information from one pane to another without leaving Glimpse is particularly useful. Twitter and YouTube addicts will go crazy at the ability to watch YouTube videos while keeping the Twitter timeline open at the same time.


Topics: Social Enterprise, Hewlett-Packard, Mobile OS, Mobility, Operating Systems, Tablets

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  • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

    Cool app. I am telling you that you are making me to go and get the HP Touchpad back. Nice review.

    How is the peformance with the patch that came few days back? Did it improve the touch response?

    Ram U
    • The Touchpad ...

      ... is a nice device.

      I played with one at Office Depot. The thing I did not like is that, unless I missed it, the Touchpad does not have a "desktop" component. You can either switch between running apps in a nice way (Deck of cards UI) or have to go to the "All Apps" part

      On the other hand, I liked the way things are displayed better than my Android Tablet. I do not know what it is, but I think that WebOS looks nicer than Google's Honeycomb
  • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

    Thanks! This app is great. I was waiting for a Twitter App but Glimpse will do just fine. It's like multi-tasking within multi-tasking. This will be great to take on the workout floor when I train my clients. I can open up my tracking application and the stop watch at the same time! 5 STARS!
    Sweat Studio
    • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

      @Sweat Studio spaz has been available on the touchpad and is a very good full featured twitter client. Best of all it is free! Glimpse looks pretty exciting as well.
  • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

    Incredible app. Today I had streaming flash video in one pane, rss and tweets in the remaining panes. RSS feeds can also open their links in a fourth window which is small but can be zoomed into with a pinching gesture. This is the closest experience to a desktop environment which is unmatched on any tablet platform currently.
  • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

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  • RE: Glimpse for HP TouchPad: Multi-tasking within a single app

    I really need someones help! please! I bought my touchpad 2 days ago and registered it. All is working fine except multitasking. You know when you open youtube for instance and watch a video, whenever I swipe my finger from the bottom going up and it''ll make it like a card (make the current page smaller for multitasking purposes) For some reason It doesnt play the video whenever I multitask ( like playbook does)which usually touchpad does whenever you use multitask. So please I really need your help guys please If someone can help me.