Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

Summary: The Google/ Motorola Mobility merger has received regulatory approval, so the Android creator will soon have the ability to control the entire Motorola product development. Jump on it Google!


In a nearly coordinated move both the EU and US regulatory agencies have approved Google's buyout of Motorola Mobility. The deal is now clear to be consummated, and will have an impact on the Android business world like no other. Google has made it clear that the Motorola operation will be kept separate from Google's Android business, and that Motorola will be just another company making Android devices. That stance is aimed at keeping the major players in the Android space calm, but perhaps it's time for Google to rethink the separate operation strategy.

Android is going as strong as ever, but recent financial information shows that Samsung is reaping all the profits. Motorola is not faring so well, nor is major player HTC. Once Google has brought Motorola onto the books, it's not going to sit well with shareholders if the newly acquired company is not performing very well.

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What I'd like to see is Google taking the reins at Motorola and making a genuine run in the smartphone and tablet space. Forget the feel-good arms length posture and leverage the advantages that a joint operation can bring to the business. Every Motorola device after the merger should be a genuine Nexus device, a true Google device that gets all updates first with no hardware left behind.

Motorola makes some excellent hardware, so let's see Google take advantage of that. Tailor the hardware and Android software to together make more compelling products. Every device released by the company should ship with the latest version of Android (currently Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich) without fail. There is no reason for any Google/ Motorola hardware to not ship with the latest and greatest software, given the total control over the entire product development.

Joint operation is the key, operating the two companies separately after the merger will waste the tremendous advantage that can be realized with total control over both hardware and software. This is often cited as the reason behind Apple's fabulous success with iOS, and rightly so. Now Google/ Motorola will have the same ability to tailor future development of Android to the hardware it produces. To fail to leverage that would border on incompetence, no matter how Android licensees will feel about it.

Android device makers (including Motorola) are already planning to scale back the number of devices they release due to lack of profits. The number of Android activations that Google has always used to prove how good it's doing is going to go down as a result, so the threat of competition with Google/ Motorola is not going to be as big a deal as it would have been a year ago. Samsung may not like the competition, but Android is making that company so much money it can't afford to jump to another platform. Smaller partners are not going to drop the totally free Android as a platform, as the only real alternative is Windows Phone which will add license fees. Last I checked Windows Phone isn't burning up the market, either.

This merger could be the most exciting event in the mobile space, and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. Android device makers aren't faring well currently with the exception of Samsung, so the stimulus of a native Android product line can't be harmful to the mobile world in the long term. Forget the naysayers, and full steam ahead with a Motorola Nexus line of Android tablets and smartphones.

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  • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

    Joint Operation is key if they really want to upset their business partners. I think others are right, the phones will be spun off and the Set Top Boxes will be moved to Mountain View.
  • "with no hardware left behind"

    Google left their future proof Nexus One Superphone behind; why would Googaorola be different?
    • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

      @Bruizer You mean like the iPhone and iPhone 3G?
      • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

        @Peter Perry
        Apple didn't leave behine iPhone and iPhone 3G behind. "Leave behine" imply negligence but iPhone and iPhone 3G were not because they were planned obsolescence. Apple decided when to dump those old devices from the day one.
  • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

    I am not sure I completely agree. While, yes, Google needs to make sure that every Motorola phone carries the latest OS version, and that updates to OS versions are quick, I will actually be a little surprised if the next Nexus device comes from Motorola. Yes, Samsung is making a lot of money off Android, but they have Bada sitting in the wings (and selling a bunch of phones in SE Asia). You can't make them mad. And HTC's performance is suffering. Making a change to exclusive WinPhone (at least in the US) is a real consideration there, just to emphasize the difference between manufacturers. Google shouldn't upset the apple cart too much, so I would guess that the next couple Nexus devices will continue to be either Samsung or HTC, you just won't see as much of a lag between the Nexus unveil and the competing Motorola product.
  • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

    Google shot itself in the foot and alienated all of its customers. Expect a downward trend in the number of android devices.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

      @Loverock Davidson- Neither of the sentences you wrote make any sense in reality. You might consider explaining yourself with something in the context of reality... Particularly with reference to the OS that's trending with the most steeply vertical growth curve of all OS's. "Loverock Davidson declares that this trend will stop, and turn downward!" Just not realistic.
  • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

    Look at the way Microsoft and Nokia are working together. I think Google and Motorola will work together in a similar way. They both also want their software on as many hardware platforms as possible, both phones and tablets as well as other configurations. They need to do this to compete with Apple.
  • Yes, yes, and yes

    Scaling back the number of phone releases is a good idea - provided each is well thought out. None of this "Razr! oops... we meant Razr Maxx!" garbage. Good hardware... despite what Apple's strategy is for stripping functionality out of the OS so you don't need real capable hardware to provide a "good experience", good hardware can only deliver better performance.

    Then, one "competitive advantage" could be simply to deliver a plain, vanilla Google system. Even if [the other manufacturers] argue the advantage of their skins and widgets, one advantage of staying vanilla - if no other - are instant updates, when available.

    And feedback from the Motorola team that's currently in charge of UI "enhancements" might have good feedback to send to Google for the vanilla version.

    Makes it a win/win/win.
  • RE: Google/ Motorola deal okayed: Time for Motorola Nexus line

    I would love to design the new look, feel, direction, R&D, and customer satisfaction for the NEW "MotoGooGle" Inc. Superphones!<br><br>1 - No Blur!!<br>2 - No Hump near the Camera new design<br>3 - No Boot-loader Encryption<br>4 - Only Pure Google Phones<br>5 - Shut Down the gimmicky "Droid" Branding and Use "Nexus" Branding<br>6 - Nothing less than 6 month old Operating Systems<br>7 - Updates in a Timely Manner [guarantee] - with in 3 months of Nexi Devices<br>8 - No Bloatware permitted on the Devices! <br>9 - Offer "Developers" completely unlocked Phones<br>10 - Now to buy a Network [T-Mobile]...
  • Nexus for everybody

    I agree completely with the author in wanting to see all Nexus phones out of Motorola now. But I would go further - I want to see Nexus phones and tablets from all manufacturers. If Google wanted to not frustrate HTC or Samsung, then why not open up the whole process - allow for beta testing of the next Android version by any company willing to follow certain guidelines. There is no reason Google can't share some of what they are thinking in hardware design using Motorola (e.g. minimum hardware requirements) and keep companies up to date on the software design as it evolves. Then multiple companies can come out with the latest and greatest Android devices more or less at the same time (I'm annoyed to still be waiting for ICS phone #2). If it were me, I'd require the other companies to structure any additional software so that it can be completely removed so any Android phone/tablet with sufficient hardware is effectively a Nexus device. Too bad there are many that think this is somehow too bossy - it just makes common sense to me - allow for differentiation, but allow me to choose no differentiation.
  • If they go Nexus, will all the others follow?

    Nexus phones are superior to bloatware-covered HTC and Samsung phones. Let's say Motorola starts pumping out Nexus phones (or phones without the "Nexus" label but still "pure Android" devices) and these start to sell better than their bloated counterparts.

    If this happens, do you think HTC and Samsung will start offering bloatware-free phones? Then all Androids will be Nexus-like and users everywhere will have a better experience!
  • There is no way Google-Motorola work exclusively on Nexus devices...

    Didn't anyone notice that Google expanded the Nexus program to 5 OEMs just days before the deal closed? That isn't a coincidence, OEM developers will be working out of Google's Mountain View office, in close collaboration with the Android team. So any stigma from this deal has already been taken care of.
  • Motorola Nexus Line..

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