Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

Summary: Hulu disabled the ability to play its videos on the HP TouchPad a few days ago to the concern of owners. A homebrew patch makes it a simple process to get Hulu videos playing again.

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Early adopters of the HP TouchPad, and there apparently weren't many of us, were happy to see that Hulu videos would play on the new tablet out of the box. Hulu has been quick to disable its videos on devices in the past, but the TouchPad slipped under the radar. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of the TouchPad's rise to fame with the cancelation of the device by HP was Hulu's disabling of its videos on the tablet.

TouchPad owners flocked to the user forums to complain about Hulu turning off the tap, and the homebrew community got to work on the issue. Yesterday a patch appeared on the Preware system for those who have the testing feeds enabled. A simple tap of the Install button, a quick reboot and my TouchPad is happily playing Hulu once again.

This patch requires you first get Preware working, which you should to take advantage of the performance-enhancing patches. Then carefully follow the instructions on the testing feeds activation and you'll see the Hulu fix patch.

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Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • I smell M$ and Apple dirty hand here

    these 2 evil companies are most afraid of competition.
    The Linux Geek
    • RE: Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

      @The Linux Geek
      Yeah, you are right, the earthquake in DC area last Tuesday was also as per Microsoft and Apple evil plan, and now Hurricane Irene devastation is also due to them. We got it. Thanks for letting us know.
      Ram U
  • RE: Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

    i emailed HULU the other day re: disabling of videos from the HP Touchpad. here's the response that i got:


    Thanks for writing in about Hulu on the HP TouchPad. Because the TouchPad is a tablet, it requires a different set of streaming rights from a personal computer. In addition to needing to obtain these rights, due to contractual agreements with our content providers, we have to have a certain set of agreements set up with a device manufacturer before we can provide support for a particular device. We have no partnership with HP at this time, so we can't currently stream through the TouchPad.

    We've gotten a lot of requests for webOS support, so it's definitely something that's on our radar. Though our rights agreements do not allow us to support it right now, we are continually evaluating new technologies, and will be adding more devices based on user demand.

    If there's anything else I can address for you, please don't hesitate to ask."

    Ryan B.
    Hulu Support
  • Streaming rights????

    "contractual agreements with our content providers"
    That smacks of the RIAA and MPAA.
    A TouchPad IS a personal computer, so those rights agreements are pure bovine derived fertilizer.
    • RE: Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

      @Dr_Zinj, I agree. Since when is a tablet not a PC, and it is a smaller screen. Why would a smaller screen be any different? It should be cheaper because you can't see as much detail. I have a touch screen desktop that I can also send its video out to a 58" plasma Samsung, how is that different. RIAA and MPAA need to realize times have changed and figure out new ways to make money.
    • RE: Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

      I'm guessing lawyers being lawyers, they have a very very strict definition of the devices that is covered under their legal agreements. I'm also guessing the last thing hulu wants is to limit traffic to their site so they will do what the lawyers are making them do but won't impede anyone from doing their own thing to work around it.
  • RE: Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

    visit www.touchpadplus.com to see the update guide to install Hulu Fix with SCREENSHOTS for each STEPS.. No more GUESS work..
  • New workaround for the second "block"