HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

Summary: HTC, the top Android smartphone maker, has passed Nokia in market cap, a stunning achievement. The Taiwanese handset producer was early to jump on the Android platform, a good move.


All Things D is pointing out an amazing accomplishment for the top Android phone maker, HTC. The Taiwanese company has passed Nokia in market cap for the first time; it only recently left RIM of BlackBerry fame behind. This is a stunning achievement for a company that was only a fraction of its current size just 5 years ago. It is equally stunning as HTC is only just now getting ready to enter the tablet game with its HTC Flyer set to hit the market his summer.

HTC garnered a good reputation in the smartphone world years ago with its innovative Windows Mobile handsets. It put a distinctive homescreen "face" on those phones that would eventually become the Sense UI of today. The company saw the writing on the wall early about the wane of Windows Mobile and was one of the first OEMs to jump on the Android train. It would be equally correct to say that HTC had as much to do with the rise of Android as to say that Android fueled HTC's growth.

The HTC market cap is currently almost $34 billion, with Nokia sitting at just under $33 billion. RIM is quite a distance behind these two with a cap of only $28.5 billion.

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  • Good for HTC

    I think they're one of the best, if not the best, handset makers out there. Their WinMo phones were the best around and their Android devices are fantastic also. They do have better competition then they did in the WinMo days though. Motorola makes a nice phone and so does Samsung. I think Samsung's update policy, or the complete lack of, is hurting them at this point.
    • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

      @LiquidLearner I thought that too but it looks like they're starting to roll out updates now as the Epic just got 2.2 last week.
  • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

    I think HTC will be the number 1 handset maker in the world within 2 years.
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        Johnny Vegas
  • This is why nothing will save Microsoft's dying Windows Phone 7

    HTC is the most sort-after brand of Android smartphone. It is very highly regarded.

    Yet despite HTC's success with Android, it could not make Windows Phone 7 a success (see recent Comscore data on Microsoft's shrinking mobile share).

    Microsoft is now looking to Nokia as its great savior to rescue Windows Phone 7 from the abyss. Yet, HTC is a bigger name than Nokia in smartphones. HTC has a greater reach into the smartphone market than Nokia. If HTC couldn't do it, why will it be any different under Nokia?
    • Well, since Nokia is going essentially 100% with WP7, if users are loyal

      enough to Nokia, they have no choice if they want to stay on Nokia. But, WP7 sucks bad enough, and, Europeans do not like Microsoft, so we could see a lot of defections. Actually, I would think that Nokia would come to their senses and offer Android and/or Meego phones before they ruin themselves completely. Actually, Meego phones that run Android applications might be the way to go.
      • I still have Nokia phones used internationally

        Though I shall never consider a Win 7 phone, even if its Nokia.<br><br>Why, cause I refuse to pay the Windows Tax.

        Though I have two Samsung phones and two HTC phones. Samsung I will not consider again. HTC phones have a fast response, top of the line features. HTC needs to work on quality now, making the phones rugged. Too many people complain about the Evo failing. Seen a few my self.

        Though I agree with the author, kudos to HTC for recognizing the significance of Android.
      • Funny, we have people here at working dumping their android

        phones for iPhone and WP7. Funny how competiton puts a stop to people's dreams.

        Oh, Donnieboy, Europeans DO like Microsoft, so saying it doesn't make it true. But they are all over Google anymore (privacy, data retention, wifi snooping, street view, ect) so the truth is that seeing that Europeans don't like Google, Android sales will be an issue going forward.

        Oh, and Nokia will do just fine. sorry, you can go throw some chairs around now!

        Will Farrell
      • Actually, neither Nokia OR WP7 are doing &quot;just fine&quot;. They are both in a

        downward spiral. HTC passing Nokia in market cap after they went with WP7, and meanwhile Android surging, is very, very telling.

        Right now, Android is surging big time as WP7 spirals down to about nothing.
    • So once again gatner and IDC are wrong when they talk about WP7, but right

      when they talk about android.

      Yup, you didn't think that one through. BTW - how does that sneaker taste? I'm amazed it fits so far in your mouth!
      Will Farrell
  • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

    Persons like me are one of the reasons for their growth. Within 6 years I bought more than 16 devices from them including HTC Advantage, HTC Diamond, HTC Shift (all these are unbranded) and rest are sold through AT&T and TMo. I like their quality of engineering always and found their phones are much better than Motorola and RIM. H/W Quality wise Nokia comes first and Apple and HTC come as second. LG and Moto makes crap and feel too much of plastic and if not for SAMOLED, Samsung phones are not perfect quality wise, just my opinion.
    Ram U
    • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

      The only problem Nokia had in the US was they abandoned the market, before smartphone became big. I do not see Nokia making a big comeback in the US. They may continue to push feature phone in the developing countries, but as far as the US, they might never break out of the single digit market (and mind) share.
      • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

        Agreed. They never really focused on phones dedicated to the US Market, thats why they lost majority of business here.
        Ram U
    • RE: HTC bigger than Nokia, RIM; tablets not included

      @Rama.NET <br>I agree with you...having HTC since windows mobile 6 and the multiple HTC branded phones I have had since then (with Sprint) I agree they are the best. I tried the Atrix for a couple of weeks, but it just wasn't for me and there isn't enough backing on XDA like there is with HTC (WHICH IS ANOTHER BIG REASON THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED). HTC, AFAIK aren't completely against gaining root access and installing custom rom's to your phone (though it will void your warranty if they can see you tampered with it) and with the great developers on XDA that greatly contributed to HTC's growth. If you couldn't gain root access and install custom rom's, people wouldn't buy that brand as often. So don't forget XDA and the other developers!!!!<br><br>Samsung and Motorola just aren't for me...the only Samsung I halfway liked was the Focus (bought for a penny on Amazon) was really thin, but then again it was slippery and I dropped it a lot and I don't like the way the vibration feels compared to HTC.
  • Not just Android...

    If you look at their range, for pretty much each Android model, there is an equivalent Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 model.

    I am now on my third htc device and I like my Mozart a lot - I prefer it to my iPhone, the interface is much cleaner and it feels more intuitive to use; whoda thunk it? (I've tried Android and didn't really get on with it.)

    But in the past, I always ended up with Nokia, even when I tried something else, I'd usually end up buying another Nokia before the contract ended. htc seem to be taking over that role now. I hope they can continue to build on their success.
  • I'm anxious to see their tablet

    The only fast connection in my area is Sprint's 4G (I know it's not really 4G, but it beats 3G by a ton). After a lot of reading, I bought an Evo the day it was released. A couple weeks ago, all the Blackberry phones at my work were replaced with Evos - in part, I think, because of how I raved about it to my boss. I've been *very* impressed. I'm hoping to get a tablet in the next year (or so), but I'll wait until I see an HTC device or two before making a move. I really think they'll be worth the wait.