iLuv Professional Workstation portfolio for the new iPad (review)

iLuv Professional Workstation portfolio for the new iPad (review)

Summary: The iLuv Professional Workstation combines a leather-like portfolio case for the iPad with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard to turn the tablet into a near laptop replacement. Read on to see how good it is at that task.

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I didn't set out to write a series of reviews of keyboard cases for the iPad, but with this review it has become one. I previously reviewed the Logitech Keyboard Case, ZAGGfolio, and the Logitech Fold-up Keyboard case (links below). The folks behind the iLuv brand of accessories sent me an iLuv Professional Workstation portfolio to evaluate, so this review is joining the series.

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The iLuv case is nicely constructed out of faux leather of good quality. It looks and feels like genuine leather in an attractive design. The iPad (new model or iPad 2) slides into the appropriate side, turning the case into a complete portfolio offering good protection to the tablet. All iPad ports are accessible, including the back camera, while inserted in the case.

What sets the iLuv case apart from the others I have reviewed is the detachable Bluetooth keyboard. This is encased in the same faux leather, and attaches to the bottom of the case via four Velcro strips. It can be removed for use positioned as desired, and is incredibly thin. The portfolio can be used without the keyboard inserted, saving a little weight when not needed.

There is an adjustable stand on the back of the portfolio that props the iPad up in assorted viewing angles, and this is very sturdy. The stand snaps onto the back of the case when not in use. The little flap on top of the portfolio with the iLuv logo swings around out of the way when used as a stand for additional support. It also closes the portfolio for transport via magnetic enclosure.

The inside of the case is a soft, suede-like material designed to protect the iPad from scratches. The keys on the keyboard are mounted flush, and thus do not hit the iPad screen when closed.

The keyboard

The most important feature on a keyboard case like this is the typing experience it yields. I am a fast touch typist and while I can get used to almost any keyboard with practice, the design of the iLuv keyboard makes it harder for me to use than the other keyboards I have reviewed.

The folks at iLuv have not used a chiclet style as is common for this genre, instead going with a keyboard consisting of flat plastic keys. There is decent key travel, but each key rests up against adjacent keys, making mistakes easy to commit on the slightly undersized keyboard.

To keep the keyboard narrow enough to fit the width of the iPad case, iLuv made a few key placement decisions that are not good for touch typists. First and foremost, the right Shift key is positioned to the right of the End and the Up Arrow keys. This makes hitting the right Shift key a concerted effort that must be learned to avoid sending the cursor off in unexpected directions.

There is also an odd oversized Enter key that functions as expected when hit on the top of the key but as a different Return key when hit on the bottom.

Top: ZAGGfolio keyboard; Bottom: iLuv

Overall the keys on the iLuv feel good when typing, but the tight key placement makes typos a frequent occurrence. It can quickly become frustrating if you try to type too fast and constantly have to make corrections, the bane of mobile keyboards for me.

There is a top row of special function keys for the iPad which are handy, and the full selection of iOS shortcuts are available using the Control, Option, and Command keys.

The iLuv Professional Workstation is a good case for those wanting a nice portfolio with a keyboard for occasional use. Fast typists or those expecting to be using the keyboard a lot may want to look at other case options due to the iLuv keyboard.

The Bluetooth keyboard included in the iLuv Professional Workstation charges via microUSB and a cable is included for that purpose. According to iLuv the keyboard can last 5 days of use between charges. There is a power switch to turn off the unit to conserve power, and an LED indicator that indicates when charging is required.

This review was written on the ZAGGfolio after repeated typos using the iLuv keyboard.

Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • Looks very similar . . .

    . . . to the Padacs Rubata keybaord case that I have been using for the past 2 yars. It turns an iPad into a "laptop replacement". I never leave home without it :-)
  • Simply rename Zdnet

    Why not simply renaming Zdnet to iPad... It seems like there is nothing else anymore for you guys beside this totally closed down, useless, proprietary and absolutely not suitable for serious work toy. Please let it go and talk about real I.T. advancement. This is getting truly ridiculous.
  • 2nd Place

    Flat out the Transformer Prime with keyboard dock is better.

    If I want to go your route James I'll just get an MBA....
    • Save that...

      From the figures offered to court today, no one is buying them.

      Well I say no one, but 2,000 preordered. Not much compared to 3 million in one weekend, but I suppose it's a start.

      On another subject altogether, get well, and stay well, James.
      • What?

        "From the figures offered to court today, no one is buying them."

        iPads are sold-out everywhere and there is a 1-2 week wait. they are selling as fast as stocks are able to be re-filled.
  • Right Shift Key is a deal killer.

    Might as well send them all off to surplus as far as this touch typist is concerned. When are we EVER gonna get the manual Royal Typewriter Bluetooth keyboard...or the IBM Selectric BT keyboard? I bought a different version of the Ipad BT keyboard portfolio thingey 2 years ago and it was MISSING the right shift key totally. Need to try the Zagg. Wish Android would get their act together and allow BT keyboards to work with a smart phone. Best portable keyboard I ever used was the one that was made for the palm pilot that folded in quarters. Had proper key spacing, good tactile feedback and didn't farkle with layout.

    Appreciate the good review with comments on the key layout quirkyness, James!
  • Your favorite keyboard?

    Hi James,

    I'm really picky about keyboards! I know you prefer the ZAGGfolio overall, but is the *keyboard* the best (large keys, good key travel, etc.) of any iPad one you've used, or do you prefer the Logitech when comparing keyboard to keyboard? Also, how would you compare both keyboards to the Apple wireless keyboard?

    (I hope you're feeling much better after your fall.)