Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

Summary: Lenovo COO Rory Read gets on the Ultrabook bandwagon but points out they were coming anyway due to evolution of the notebook.


The new Ultrabook category that Intel is championing is often referred to as an extension of the notebook. These Ultrabooks are to be very thin notebooks with Intel processors that provide reasonable battery life. The key specification by Intel is that Ultrabooks will come in under $1,000, something that OEMs are reportedly having trouble doing currently. Lenovo, one of the top notebook makers globally, has addressed the Ultrabook category for its future plans.

CNET points out an interesting statement by Lenovo's COO Rory Read that goes beyond committing Lenovo to producing Ultrabooks in the future:

"You'll see us introduce over the coming quarters the ability to reach mainstream price points with [Ultrabook] solutions that were only 18 months ago in premium segments. That's just a natural evolution of the space."

Intel may be trying to push the Ultrabook category into the limelight to compete with the MacBook Air from Apple, but this statement by Lenovo makes it plain they were coming anyway. The notebook has been getting thinner and lighter for a couple of years, and the only real "innovation" with Intel's definition of Ultrabooks is the sub-$1,000 price point.

Notebook pricing has been falling for some time and Lenovo's outlook that this was going to happen anyway is spot on. Intel may wish to make it happen today, but likely Lenovo is correct in its belief that "I wouldn't say by the end of the year necessarily but...that's definitely going to happen."

Lenovo released the ThinkPad X1 earlier this year (ZDNet review here) that meets all of the criteria of an Ultrabook except the starting price. The X1 is the thinnest ThinkPad to date, and the thin and light device appropriate for the enterprise.


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  • RE: Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

    Er, duh? I've said this in talkback a ton of times. The only thing an Ultrabook is is a thinner, lighter laptop, i.e. what we do to pretty much every technology we create.
  • RE: Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

    Funny thing is Apple has been in this market since 2008! others are just now catching up... but Apple still has the advantage over Lenovo, even in China, this morning Apple passed Lenovo in Chinese sales revenue...
    • RE: Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook


      Smaller lighter laptops with processors that consumed less energy to allow for thinner and even fanless laptops in NOT new and Apple did NOT start the trend.

      Apple does it well but you are a fool to believe that they are the trendsetter here. There have been laptops without ROM drives and lower voltage processors since the early-mid 2000's from many other brands.
      • RE: Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

        @bobiroc Again, the latest macbook air started this utrabook craze with others scrambling to put something together to compete.. but look back to 08, there it was the MAB....
    • Incorrect

      The thin light started with other OEM's, not Apple.
      Apple came out with the MBA form factor and SSD but this was NOT in the pc OEM world strategy due to the cost. For most pc users, if they were spending $$$ on a notebook, power and screen took precedence over thin ( I know, I was one... bought a AW :D )

      under $1000 is the new price point which no one has really been able to hit yet, including Apple. The $999 is more gimmick than anything.
      When we see the $899, $799 and lower the claim stands.

  • RE: Lenovo: Ultrabooks just natural evolution of the notebook

    One hopes that the new "ultrabooks" manufacturers will not repeat Apple's failure to provide independent text settings, i.e., text that can be enlarged independently of the OS settings. Ultra-tiny type has plagued the Air since its inception and hopes that Lion OS 10.7 would fix this have not been met. I know I would gladly do a swap for an equally powerful Macbook, which does not have such high-resolution that it makes pixels so tiny words are impossible to read. I treasure my Air's lightness and lack of battery drain, but fixing the hardware innards does nothing to make my Air more pleasurable to use -- and the very small type makes it considerably less so. Maybe Apple should get a clue, also.
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