Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

Summary: Google is scheduled to offer an in-depth look at Honeycomb, also known as Android 3.0, on Wednesday, February 2. We live blog it right here.

TOPICS: Browser, Android, Google

Google is scheduled to offer an in-depth look at Honeycomb, also known as Android 3.0, on Wednesday, February 2; and ZDNet will deliver real-time reporting and analysis of the event, which kicks off at 10am PST/1pm EST, right here -- so bookmark this page.

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Topics: Browser, Android, Google

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  • doing anything to drum up support?

    sorry all i hear is iphone and ipad - honycomb WONT sell any tablets.

    Google just doesn't get it when it coms to tablets.
    Ron Bergundy
    • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

      @Ron Bergundy
      Steve Jobs: "Thanks bronado! Your check is in the mail!"
      • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

        @Droid101 <br>the first Honeycomb tablet would be LG G Slate and Moto Xoom and reviews say that they are not that good. We have seen how utterly Samsung Galaxy Tab failed and how Dell Streak (5") is not doing well. Of course both are on Froyo. Android haven't proved yet in this. There are a lot of Tabs using various flavors of Android and they are not upgradeable easily. It is not like buying a PC/laptop and installing OS. This is different. Apple clearly made this possible. How good is Android, it will not pickup the momentum like iPad. There is no killer product in that line. I know what do you say, you will say "my check from SJ is in mail", because you can't prove your statement.
        Ram U
  • Groundhog Day. Interesting Choice.

    So, if Honeycomb sees its shadow tomorrow, will we have to endure another six weeks of Gingerbread?

    Or will we perhaps be trapped in a day where iOS and Android fanboys froth at the mouth with the same fanatical nonsense back and forth, over and over and over? (Wait a second. Maybe we already are?)
    • Not 6 weeks, but probably 6 months

      @Whyaylooh Last "official" date posted for Honeycomb was talking about 2nd half 2011. The only report of earlier release is speculation based on the alleged release date of an MSI tablet ... but that nothing "official".

      Hope they don't try to rush out the OS ... because every single video I have seen so far, shows a very sluggish operation and the images posted last week weren't that impressive (in fact, IMO it was butt ugly).
      • its vaporware

        @wackoae so what you see is a demo - and there ALWAYS better then the actuall product

        so it'll be more slower and slugish then what youve seen.
        Ron Bergundy
  • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

    Look at the home screen. it is crossover between Windows 7 and KDE.
    Ram U
  • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

    Having watched the event, I for one am looking forward to Honeycomb and the tablets that run it.
    It will give me a choice on who/what tablet I want.
    While not everything I would want was shown, it is substantially better than my current iPad (a deviec that leaves me frustrated with the lack of functionality - big fraking iTouch).
    While the Xoom won't be on my shopping list - unless I see a wifi version, other tablets will.
    Very nice.
    • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

      Now if they will allow it on my Nexus..... ;)
  • Funny

    I get a big kick from anyone who criticizes a company for making software that has design elements similar to other products. I'll tell you what, design an OS from the ground up and include absolutely nothing from any other OS that has ever been available. Go ahead, claim IOS is new. Multi-desktop is linux and icons on a grid are on every Windows desktop. At least they both give you access to the file system (by the way, the OS you're making can't have a file system, that's been done.)

    Every (good) developer draws inspiration from things that have been successful or that he/she thinks will benefit the design. If that means there's a layer of familiarity in the new devices I buy then that's an added bonus. Windows still has the PC market and linux PC distros are gaining on Mac. Having that many people in the world feel more comfortable with your OS because it somewhat reminds them of the ones they already use is not a bad thing.

    P.S. When you're building this new OS for us, just remember, you can't use icons, widgets, applications, wallpapers, touch input, mouse input, keyboard input, sync, etc. That's all been done before and we wouldn't want any more copycat OSes out there. Well, is it ready yet?
    Droid Eye
    • Well?

      Well, are you done? I want to see this slick new OS. Can we have a release date?
      Droid Eye
  • Predicting the Death of Android

    You just have to love these people who predict the death of Android at every step. It just keeps getting stronger and grabbing more mindshare every day, but these people will tell you how it's all going to be different THIS time.

    Give it up! Both Android and iOS devices are here to stay for a long, long time. Neither one is going to kill the other -- at least not any time in the foreseeable future. Even if Honeycomb sucked, it would get better in 3.1 and 3.2. Google has proven itself to be focused and adept in this area.

    I know accepting reality isn't as much fun as predicting the end of Apple or Google, but it just sounds stupid. It's like a homeless guy on the corner with a sign that says "The End Is Near!" with a bunch of dates crossed off, one under the other.

    Simple thoughts for simple minds?
  • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

    Honeycomb should prove to give iPad a lot of competition, given all the things it does better. It may even get a good jump before the next version if iPads are released. Check out my blog article on the highlights of Honeycomb:
  • RE: Live Blog: Android Honeycomb

    Honeycomb is a bit away for any tablet for now .... aand even then will probably not be ported to a few tablets (the older models generally)

    a bit rough , here is a video of Honeycomb running on a Dell Streak .

    Laters .....