Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad: Smart Cover meets keyboard

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad: Smart Cover meets keyboard

Summary: This new case adds a full keyboard to a smart cover for the iPad, using on/off technology integrated in the iPad.

TOPICS: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

I am a sucker for a good keyboard for the new iPad, I have a quite a few of them. I use the new iPad with physical keyboards for serious work, and a new offering from Logitech looks like it may be the best one yet. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover combines iPad Smart Cover technology with a full keyboard for the sleekest offering yet.

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The new cover by Logitech attaches to the iPad via a magnetic hinge just like the Smart Cover. The aluminum bottom of the keyboard becomes a protective cover for the iPad that matches the iPad's own metal back. When it's time to use the keyboard, you open the cover which automatically turns on the keyboard, pop the iPad into the holding slot and you're ready to go.

This looks like the thinnest keyboard/ case solution for the new iPad yet, and it is available now for $99.99. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these covers, as it looks like the easiest solution to date for those needing a keyboard for the iPad.

Topics: iPad, Hardware, Mobility

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  • If it had a full operating system allowing it to do real work.

    It looks absolutely cool, I think it really is a great way to convert a really cool device into as close as it can look and feel as an Air, or better yet, an Ultrabook. Likely paying just as much. My only gripe with these devices is that you ALWAYS have to find your way around finding the best possible apps in order to be able to do any real work. If it is just for play, for show, or for coolness factor, I definitely give it a ten. If intended to use for real work, please factor in a lot of extra time looking for solutions that would get as close as possible to industry (any industry!) standards. Heck, if this would run REAL Microsoft Office without ANY compromises, I would take so fast I'd be the first. I my world however, uncompromised work and productivity always come first.
    • Check out CloudOn for the iPad

      Full MS Office, for free.
      • No cigar with CloudOn.

        Cannot rely on an apps spotty service for work. :-/ Perhaps when, and if it matures into something that even an individual (beyond doing a few tests here and there) can rely on to work. I did check it.
      • I don't have any problems with CloudOn...

        I disagree with flutman - I use CloudOn all the time, and have only once had a problem getting access. I go on the service between 7:00am UK time right through to 1am UK time, on and off but sometimes for a few hours at a time. I am in the UK, so I don't know if we are on a different set of servers to the US so aren't being overloaded by the US traffic.
    • Office for iPad coming

      MS is expected to roll out Office for iPad soon, so that should do the trick for most folks.
      • Ya?

        First I heard of thaty. All I've heard are rumors. Link?
  • Looks promising, but I'll wait to see

    at least until I can physically hold it and check out the build quality. One thing will be to understand how securely it holds the iPad in that slot, and whether it places a lot of stress on the iPad edge or screen!
    terry flores
    • It's a magnetic slot

      It holds the iPad in the slot magnetically. You can pick the whole thing up by the iPad when in the slot.
      • What about in portrait?

        Will it hold in portrait mode as well? What about the other landscape direction where the home key is on the left?
  • James: how's the reach for this keyboard :)

    Just kidding... sort of.

    Looks like a nice keyboard but have always had reservations about the slot after watching a friend take notes using the other Logitech keyboard and dumping her ipad three times (she was working from her lap). She managed to catch it each time but it still made me cringe a bit.
  • One thing

    Wow this looks awesome actually.

    The one thing I noticed was that they didn't show that moment when you have opened the keyboard and you have to disengage the magnets so you can slip the iPad into the slot to hold it for typing. Might be a little jarring.

    Also, since that's the big issue with the smart cover--where does it go when you have it open and flipped around the back (say you don't disconnect it). Does it actually fold flat like you'd want it to or does it get stuck 80% of the way around because the hinge doesn't have enough travel?
  • Hehehe

    I guess Logitech figures that you can afford an iPad, then you can afford a $100 cover/keyboard. Hmmm. the iPad is looking more and more like a netbook with this. :-)
  • So-called specifications

    It certainly looks like a great product but Logitech give no information about weight.
    This is difficult to understand given that one of the points of owning a tablet is to reduce weight compared to a notebook. However, if the combination of iPad and Logitech cover comes to about 1kg then it would make more sense for some people to stay with a low-weight notebook.
    Do you have the weight?