Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

Summary: The HP TouchPad was the most innovative tablet to come along since the original iPad. HP seems poised to pull the plug on the platform, so it is time to move on.


I am a tablet guy by nature, and when the HP TouchPad came along I was excited to have an alternative to the crush of Android tablets that I have used. The TouchPad didn't work as well out of the box as it should, but free homebrew apps turned it into a stellar performer.

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The webOS interface is well designed for tablet use, and the hardware is quite good. Then HP pulled the plug on the TouchPad (and all webOS hardware), and the writing was on the wall. The platform has essentially been orphaned by HP, and it is time to move on.

HP is still supporting the TouchPad and webOS, but with key employees leaving the company that is not likely to continue much longer. The staff working on webOS for HP must be constantly looking over their shoulders for the word to shut it down. As a customer, that's not where I want my device to be in the system. Killed, pushed to the side, and waiting for complete shut-down.

I still find the TouchPad to be an outstanding tablet, better than Android slates for my needs. It is with conflicted emotions that I realize it is time to move on, but I see no purpose served by using a canceled device as my main tablet. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The estimated million buyers of the TouchPad are in the same boat, and many of them are putting Android on their tablets. That may be the best path for owners to take who don't want to get left out in the cold by HP. That's not an option for me; I already have a few Android tablets around here. The big draw for me with the TouchPad was the webOS system, I have no desire to put Android on it.

All webOS devices use an account with HP to interact with the backup server and App Catalog. That account relies on the Palm servers running and actively supporting devices. There is no reason to believe that HP will shut these servers down anytime soon, but an orphaned platform isn't going to get much attention for updates or app support. The homebrew community is already stepping in to make sure devices still work even if HP shuts the servers down at some point. And they most assuredly will, when they pull the plug for good..

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  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    Ice Cream Sandwich Here You Come!

    So, how can you like WebOS so much and hate Android knowing that many of the developers that built WebOS also built Android?
    • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

      @Peter Perry I don't hate technology, that's just goofy. I also don't care who developed something, just how well it works for me. Tech is not personal, it's just about what works.
      • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

        Ram U
      • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on


        And that includes the iPad. It just works.
    • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

      @Peter Perry wrote:<br>"many of the developers that built WebOS also built Android<br><br>Perhaps, an admission that Android _was_ stolen from Apple? Most reporting I've seen has stated that Palm was comprised of a lot of ex-Apple employees, including Jon Rubinstein. Some links:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>I guess this helps to explain why the HP TouchPad tablet is not 'glitchy'.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Its not about branding

      @Peter Perry Its really not about branding as much as it is about Apps. WebOS simply had no real support for Apps. At least Android had enough to get out the gate on. That was better then WebOS. The OS can be flawless but if you don't have what you want in Apps it really does no good. This is certainly Apple's strong point. They made sure they had the Apps.
      • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

        @jscott418 You know, the TouchPad actually has more apps made for it than the Android tablets.
    • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

      <strong> /</strong>

      <h1><strong><a href="">Free Puzzle Games</a></strong></h1>
      <h1><strong><a href="">House Design</a></strong></h1>
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    I'll give you $100 for it!
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    sorry to hear that. I am all in with webOS and still love it. No other tablet serves my need like the touchpad. When it comes to having a easy to use interface and multitasking webOS is the best. Hopefully you will change your mind and come back one day
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    I was thinking of trading my HP Touchpad, but since HP announced win 8 on it, I am holding it for now. But I may trade it and upgrade my Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) to either focus S or Titan during holiday period. I am not sure at this point though. But I definitely feel HP killed WebOS and I felt the same when they announced they were buying WebOS last year. I thought HP would kill it shortly and the same is happening.
    Ram U
    • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

      @Rama.NET Not sure what you mean, there is a *rumour* that they were using TPs for internal development purposes but there is never going to be a public release of windows 8 for the touchpad.
      Alfred Smithe
      • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

        @Alfred Smithe
        I am sure they will release a modified version of Touchpad to suit the needs of Windows 8, but I am hoping there would be a beta/release candidate from Microsoft and that I could use to run my Touchpad. But at the same time I am in a dilemma to hold it for further long or just trade it in buy a new device whence it is released with Windows 8.
        Ram U
    • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

      You can go that route but I will sell my TouchPad and buy an iPad before I use another mobile version of Windows.
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    My Touchpad does exactly what I asked of it: play movies, music and read books. I don't rely on apps stores to buy these things, there are boatloads of free (not illegal) content that keeps me happy. The Touchpad has replaced my Nook Color for most of these tasks, and it was $100 cheaper with a lot more memory!
    terry flores
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    Unfortunately, even for a devoted Palm user going back to the Pilot, you're probably right. And, I guess as soon as I have time to really evaluate the options for a 'Droid.

    I have tried communicating my feelings to HP. They have not even bothered to reply. It's clear they have no idea what their customer base is going through.

    I hope HP understands, though, that when I do 'move on' it will be not only for my phone and some future tablet. I've also been a fairly committed HP printer user. But, I no longer feel that HP can be trusted. There's not much that bothers me more than a liar and a lack of integrity. HP, after all their promises and "...will be available shortly..." comments have failed on all counts. Printers, as long as they spit out paper with the required images are not as unique as phones and tablets. And, there are many credible printer vendors to choose from. So, as I leave the webOS platform behind, I will also leave all of my HP printers, supplies, etc. behind.

    To use your own quote: "Fool me once..." So, it's "Goodbye, HP!" It was an interesting trip, but I'm now taking a different road and NONE will have HP on the label.
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    I've been very happy with my TouchPad and expect to keep using it for quite a while. It does what I want (email, web, some games, stream TV shows, etc.), so I can't think of any real reason to dump it. Sure, it would be great to have all the apps available for Android and iPad, but I've got enough to do most anything I want.
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    LOL x 10.

    Bought mine at sam's club during firesale with two year warranty. Sam's warranty is excellent. I havent even added the highly praised preware yet and I am sold on tablets. Have a few hundred apps on it. Does all that I need. Will buy new tablet in two years, unless I can put a real linux distro on this one.
  • funeral

    As a priest who does funerals and runs a non-profit I would be happy and honored to accept your tax-deductible donation of your old Touchpad; I promise I will give it a proper funeral....after I get all the "life" I can out of it, of course......
  • RE: Requiem for the HP TouchPad: Time to move on

    If everyone who loves WebOs like myself would tweet Meg Whitman CEO of HP@MegWhitman and let her know how loved WebOs and the touch pad is maybe they will decide to keep it on. As far as I know no decision has been made yet.