Sony pushes new tablet designs with two upcoming products

Sony pushes new tablet designs with two upcoming products

Summary: Sony is looking to avoid the crowd of me-too tablets with the newly announced S1 and S2 tablets. The company is using innovative hardware design to stand out from the crowd of Android tablets coming to market.


Sony is looking to avoid the crowd of me-too tablets with the newly announced S1 and S2 tablets. The company has taken the route of innovative hardware design to stand out from the growing crowd of Honeycomb-bearing tablets coming to market. The S1 has a unique wedge shape containing a 9.4-inch screen that Sony claims makes it more comfortable to hold, while the S2 borrows from the Kyocera Echo smartphone design by using two 5.5-inch displays on a folding hinge that goes from pocketable to full-size.

The company is not providing any pricing information, a key fact that can determine acceptance in the market. The two new tablets will not appear until later this year, either, which will see it land amdist a veritable sea of Android tablets.

It is refreshing to see Sony develop two new designs for its tablets, as unique is not a description that applies to most products in the pipeline. Other companies have taken the route of producing tablets with accessories that turn the slates into notebooks in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Hopefully Sony's effort will stimulate other companies to push the envelope.

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  • I agree... Pushing the envelope is KEY:)

    Now I'm not saying in this case Sony has hit my button but I do find it interesting and can't wait to see how the public reacts to these tablets. I'm not so much of an egotist to think that what I find to be a good product is what everyone else should find as a good product. So I'll be watching this line and waiting to see how the buying public reacts.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • At least Sony has some dignity, contrary to Samsung, which mimicked in ..

      @James Quinn: ... some of their good nearly everything from Apple, even the package (for both Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab). They only changed some minor things in the design so their product would not automatically fall into "Counterfeit"/forged products category. That area is different from "trade dress" laws under which Apple currently sues Samsung, which considers products which were specifically done to be "very similar" and thus lure buyers this dishonest way.
  • the real news is no Microsft OS

    Sony was always tight with MS. This is a switch.

    The other news is that Sony is a consumer products company. So they will focus on the User Experience and probably do it better than others who are just product manufacturers.
    Malcolm in St Louis
    • microsoft OS? none are touch-centric, yet tablet ready

      Really, that's why MS isn't in the light consumer tablet game. People want a tablet they'll be poking and using their fingers with.

      Personally, I like the idea of multi-mode, convertible to a full laptop, useable with finger OR stylus (as accuracy is sometimes quite desireable)

      I think if adobe released a tablet that was optimized for artists/photoshop, I think they'd have a major winner on their hands.
    • What's interesting is your post

      @Malcolm in St Louis
      In what way are they "tight" with MS? Because their PS works so well with XBox? That they are planing a WP7 this year? That they sell their computers with Windows 7

      So how is this a switch? Because Windows 7 isn't a light weight tablet OS? Because MS said no WP7 Tablets?

      Not seeing this "switch" you're refering to.
      Will Farrell
      • RE: Sony pushes new tablet designs with two upcoming products

        @Will Farrell
        I think you're spiel just answered your own question(s).
      • ScorpioBlue, how so?

        @Will Farrell <br>All I said was that except for game consoles, Sony sells MS products. The fact that MS doesn't have a dumbed down OS for tablets (as they aren't letting WP7 to be used for tablets) Sony went with Android, sort of "it's this or nothing".<br><br>So how does that show a "a switch" or "tight with MS"?<br><br>It doesn't. Malcolm in St Louis was implying something that didn't exist, nothing more.

        Or do you think that since they couldn't run Windows on a tablet they wouldn't make a tablet? <br><br>Clear enough for you now?
        Will Farrell
      • RE: Sony pushes new tablet designs with two upcoming products

        @Will Farrell
        My, you are a jumpy fellow, aren't you...

        And if you can't see that you answered your own questions a second time, then I can't help you.

        I will say this: the fact that Sony is going with a non-MS/non-Sony software platform as it's base, is something that isn't seen too often. Unless you know of numerous other examples. No?
  • So say trying to be diferent then copy 2 others??

    I find it weird how it was said they are trying to avoid the rush and be different but then the s1 is wedged designed which the xoom already is as it is fatter then skinner and the s2 which will be a huge failure is based of the stupid kyrocera phone which I can't see more then ahandfull of people wanting as its a big pain in the butt, ugly and uncomfortable to use. The fact is its a sony and other then the psp sony makes garbage computers and electronics with horrid tech supports but wants top dollar when a tv company like vizio is a much better company then sony is now.
  • Sony

    I get it and I'm getting the S2. The clamshell design makes it double as a netbook, with one screen used as a virtual keyboard. With other tablets, you look down on the screen as you type, which is not ergonomic--it's much better to have the screen face you like a laptop or netbook. Plus, the two-screen setup is a simple way to sequester different work spaces--sort of like having two physical windows.
    Everyone is so used to the sleek minimalist look that they forget that TRUE FUNCTIONALITY often means moving parts or non-geometrical designs. Sony gets it.