The best Android phone is... I don't know

The best Android phone is... I don't know

Summary: The selection of Android phones is large and is full of good smartphones that would make anyone happy. So why can't I pick one as the best?

TOPICS: Mobility, Telcos

The Android smartphone playing field is positively huge, with quite a few handsets on the market with virtually every global carrier. The phones are by and large powerful handheld computers in addition to being good phones. The good selection in the market is a major reason why Android just keeps growing. This has a slightly negative effect, in that it is not easy to figure out which are the best of the lot.

Most smartphones, Android and otherwise, have good touchscreens powered by stout processors that keep things moving along nicely. Cameras on phones are largely quite good, and all of this utility is packed in handsets that are thin and light, making them easy to use.

When I look around at the vast Android landscape, I keep coming back to which phone has the killer feature that others lack. I don't see one, as most Android phones are full-featured. While there is a lot of choice in Android phones, a good thing, I keep waiting for one phone to step up with that killer feature that sets it apart from the crowd.

My Nexus S 4G has NFC enabled with Google Wallet, which is not on many phones. It's not a killer feature for me, though, as I haven't even used it yet. I haven't been anywhere that accepts Google Wallet for payments because not many businesses accept it yet. While a nice unique feature, it's not a killer one for me.

I am not complaining as the selection of Android phones is outstanding. There are great Android phones with fast processors, big screens, and good cameras. But the geek in me wants a unique new feature that makes me want to go out and buy the phone that debuts with it. The desire for a special feature is going unsatisfied, and has for a while.

That's what makes it impossible for me to name one Android phone as the best. There are a lot of good ones, but not one I would put at the top of my list.

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Topics: Mobility, Telcos

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  • If you wait another month

    you can get the Nexus Prime, or whatever they really call it.

    It will have ICS, and good specs.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

      @Michael Alan Goff I would love to see the phone on Verizon but for some reason the Nexus Line never makes it to Verizon.
    • James did not necessary has to have Android phone, iPhone 4S will do the ..

      @Michael Alan Goff: ... trick:

      LTE provides "5-12 Mbps" download speeds, so iPhone 4S 14 Mpbs is on par.

      For now, iPhone 4S is times faster in graphics and many times faster in vector/multimedia floating point calculations than any other smartphone currently on sale.

      The camera is by far the best too (with additional lens, with IR filter, with image signal processor, times quicker operation, hardware based/gyroscope video stabilization) among any smartphone (though dedicated cameraphones may compete).

      The display is times more sharp than the likes of Samsung Galaxy S 2, and the battery life is better.

      Siri, Airplay, iCloud, the largest media and applications library.

      And the phone is not a huge brick, still can be used conveniently for actual phone part of "smartphone" concept, and it is not plasticky.
      • Stop

        We know you love the iPhone.
        We get it.
        Put the 4 or 4S alongside a Galaxy SII and compare displays - the iPhone loses.. Sorry.
        Now the GPU is nice but there is nothing out thereto take advantage of it.. And on a 3.5" screen? Sorry, seriously underwowwed..
        Siri? Let's see how it plays out..
        iClod - lamest of the current loud offerings
        AirPlay... Never used it
        As for the rest... Let's see what it might do
        Sigh... Fanboys :|
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know


        Just to let you know, speed tests in Australia on Telstra's recently activated 1800mhz LTE network have clocked the download speed of LTE at roughly 30Mbps in real life.

        The SGS2 (i9100) on a HSPA+ network can supply 21Mbps theoretically and roughly 7 Mbps in real life.

        The Iphone 4s has support for HSPA+ networks with a maximum theoretical speed of 14.4 Mbps which will equate roughly to 5 Mbps in real life.

        This is all considering a a good network connection etc. etc (so not at&t who are the only ones that can supply HSPA+ speeds to your Iphone 4s in the US).

        Since when can you consider the Iphone 4s' speeds "on par"

        (Oh no... feeding trolls is bad isn't it... just... couldn't... resist).
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @DeRSSS no way psycho...

        No 3G phone compares to LTE, I have had both including the HSPA+.

        The camera hadn't been tested yet and the Droid Charge has a stabilized Camera whose image quality will likely match the 4s output but who buys a phone for the camera? Oh and it is a 5 element lens which explains the complexity of the design but 5 elements were standard in the 1970's.

        Umm, my wife's super amoled looks as sharp as the iphone display with less resolution! Do you know why that is? Because pixel density is only one part of image quality.

        Seidio likely makes a 3500 Mah battery for any Android Phone, can you say that about the weak battery life of the iPhone?

        Siri vs Android Dictation? Which is more practical? Android Dictation.

        Android has always used the cloud.

        Airplay requires Apple TV, the Android Solutions work with existing devices!

        Amazon has as big or bigger Media Library.

        Apps are all moving to Android and some are dropping iOS because of policy.

        My Droid X2 runs similar performance to the iPhone 4s and is considered one of the best voice quality devices on the market. It is thinner, metal, has a larger screen with similar resolution better viewing angle than the iPhone 4.
      • The 4S might do everything he needs


        But this is an Android-related blog post, asking about the best one.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        Ram U
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @Petter Perry <br><br><b>Apps are all moving to Android and some are dropping iOS because of policy.</b><br><br>Where did you pull that from? Apple have well over 500,000 apps in the store, with the largest developer community on any platform. Android is 300,000 apps shy of where iOS is, now. Keep in mind Android Market launched on October 2008, just 3 months after Apple's App Store launched in July that same year. With the hundreds of different Android handsets out there, 3 years later you would think overtaking iOS in app count would be an easy tasks. Apparently not.<br><br><b>Amazon has as big or bigger Media Library.</b><br><br>Again, where did you pull that from? There's a reason Apple has the #1 store.<br><br><b>Airplay requires Apple TV, the Android Solutions work with existing devices! </b><br><br>Airplay doesn't require Apple TV. If you have an iOS device and iTunes installed on a PC or laptop (and who doesn't), you can take advantage of Airplay. Airplay allows you to turn you PC into a media hub. Stream all your content that's on your PC wirelessly to you iOS device. Or connect the laptop to a monitor or big screen TV with HDMI and control your media all from you iOS device, wirelessly. With Home Sharing, you can even pull other media from other computers around the house without leaving the bed. Play it on your idevice or send it to any Airplay enabled device. There's all types of Airplay accessories in the market (alarm clock, speakers etc). The $99 Apple TV makes it a more seamless experience but not required to take advantage of Airplay.
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @DeRSSS Now we know that you know how to copy and paste. You posted the exact same comment on the post about the 4S. This discussion was the best Android phone. You are welcome to like your iPhone, but not all of us share your views.

        As to best Android phone, I suspect that as long as carriers contract with phone makers it is going to hard to find a single best phone, even if we all had the same needs.

        One of the joys of the Android platform is that I can get my needs met by more than one vendor and more than one carrier and that they can cater to a fairly wide range of wants and needs.
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @DeRSSS Its got fast GPU tech, but really thats not very useful. There is nothing too demanding on either platform, and nothing will really be coded to take advantage of it because that will mean that apps dont have backwards compatibility. Android phones aren't huge bricks either usually. The AMOLED screens on some of the Samsung phones (like the Galaxy S II) looks way nicer than the screen on any iPhone that I have ever seen. You have to experience it in person to realize how nice it is.
  • The best Android phone is

    Always the one they announce a week after I have purchased a new phone.
    • LMAO!

    • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

      Ram U
    • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

      Short and sweet! +1 :)
    • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

      @sismoc Very Good LOL! and sadly true :-(
  • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

    I don't see how the Samsung Galaxy S 2 phones aren't the best smartphones on the market right now.
    • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know


      Shouldn't these be called Android iPhones. Had there been no iPhone, these wouldn't exist.
      roger that
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @roger that
        Just get to the point. You want to put Jobs after every product in the computer industry.
      • RE: The best Android phone is... I don't know

        @roger that Nah, total touch screen devices with multi touch existed before the iPhone. Both Palm and Windows would have evolved.

        The iPhone drove the market to move faster but eventually we would have gotten there.