ThinkPad X1 Carbon: When an Ultrabook is not an Ultrabook

ThinkPad X1 Carbon: When an Ultrabook is not an Ultrabook

Summary: Don't put an Ultrabook sticker on this new notebook from Lenovo. It's a ThinkPad, and that carries more marketing weight.


Lenovo has refreshed its thin ThinkPad, making it the thinnest and lightest ThinkPad ever produced. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is about as thin as two iPhones, yet the carbon fiber cage keeps it durable as expected from the ThinkPad line. The temptation is there to hang the Ultrabook moniker on the X1 Carbon, but that would be a mistake.

The new ThinkPad has the latest components inside, but at 3 pounds is as thin and light as those Ultrabooks storming the market. The high-resolution screen (1600x900) is a good fit for the 14-inch display, and the Lenovo Rapid Charge technology perfect for the road warrior. That provides an 80 percent charge in only 30 minutes, which is a great feature for a thin and light notebook.

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No pricing is available yet for the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, so that alone may put it out of the Ultrabook range of specifications. Even if that isn't the case, to market the X1 Carbon as an Ultrabook would be a tragic mistake.

The Ultrabook designation is strictly a marketing term designed to invoke the image of a thin and light notebook. The fact is the ThinkPad brand is a well-known as any in the PC world, and that carries far more clout in the market than Ultrabook.

So don't push this new ThinkPad as an Ultrabook and you'll be fine, Lenovo. It is a ThinkPad after all.

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  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon: When an Ultrabook is not an Ultrabook

    Yuck, still has the same ugly Lenovo design. There is just something about their laptops that make it displeasing to the eye.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • you are joking

      Ask any corporate user who used Thinkpad and you will know why it rules most of business world. It is solid, durable and professional looking but very user friendly piece of hardware instead of plasticky shiny pieces produced by their competitors.
      • This is a beautiful piece of hardware.

        The X1 has my vote!
    • They are ugly

      I have to agree the ibm laptops tend to be pretty ugly and in my years of repair and refurbishment tend to have many issue related to the keyboard with integrated thumbstick mouse. They always break. The lenova branded ones are pretty nice and look great. Im not liking the ultra thin notebooks or netbooks as they have that flimsy mac airbook feel to them and without a media drive just dont have what i need in day to day useage.
      • Couldn't help yourself

        Could you? Article doesn't have anything to do with Apple yet you have to try and take a shot at them with the "flimsy mac airbook" comment which of course is BS and you know it.

    Seriously... I hate articles like this because they don't tell me anything I can actually use. "Lenovo released a new laptop!" You can see the shocked expression on my face.
  • Come now James

    Obviously it'll be both. After all, Lenovo already has laptops in the Ultrabook market. Fact is, hardly anybody actually uses the term "Ultrabook" in the name. Or do their Ideapads stop being Ideapads because they're being marketed as Ultrabooks?
  • One word - Fugly

    HP's new Elitebook lineup looks so much sexier, Lenovo's designs are downright miserable. And don't even get me started again on the "thin is cool" argument - I would take an Elitebook 2170p over this machine any day.
    • You have got to be joking...

      I don't much care for sexy in a notebook but seriously... I just looked at the new Elitebook lineup and you call that sexy?
  • looks good to me

    I have to respectfully disagree. Thinkpads have always had a timeless beauty and the X1 is no exception. This is the kind of computer that the Terminator might carry- no flash and all business.
  • When did geeks become such fashion queens?

    It seems every time a new Lenovo laptop is discussed, there are a certain number of posts devoted to "it's ugly". Do you all making such stupid remarks seriously buy a laptop based on the glowing fruit logo or alien head on the back, or other such tripe?
    • I was wondering the same thing.

      All we ever hear is that only people that worry about current fashion buy a particular brand, try to bash that brand, now all we hear are comments about something being ugly or not.
  • James....

    In another article you were discussing tablets and BYOD as the future. Can you not see in this article that there just isn't a case for that? Why have a tablet when you can have an ultra thin machine that does what you want with more power?

    HP has just released their thin notebooks with $G of ram and a 500G HD using I5 CPU's starting at $699. Doesn't this make more sense?
    • There are reasons

      If I had to have only one device and it was between a laptop/ultrabook or a tablet I would go with the laptop/ultrabook. That is not the case though so I can see many occasions where I would rather have a tablet.
  • Premature education

    Thought I'd learn a few things about this since it's already been "introduced" in other articles. Wast of valuable time.

    Nice notebook, but not a consideration until it gets a review. Next time, something worth reading, please.