Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

Summary: RIM's PlayBook has been out for a while now, yet there is still no Kindle app available. One has to wonder if Amazon is rethinking that release given the expected appearance of its own tablet soon.


Last year Amazon and RIM were all excited that the Kindle app was coming for the then unreleased BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The announcement was no surprise as Amazon has produced the app for every platform running phones and tablets, including BlackBerry phones. The Amazon press release didn't divulge a release date for the Kindle app as RIM hadn't confirmed a release date for the PlayBook when it was made. RIM's tablet has been out for a while now, yet there is still no Kindle app available. One has to wonder if Amazon is perhaps rethinking that release given the expected appearance of its own tablet soon.

PlayBook owners have been patiently waiting for the Kindle app since receiving their tablets. Each software update by RIM has been followed closely by owners hoping that a Kindle app would be involved in the process in some way. The Amazon Kindle user base is huge, and PlayBook owners are firmly in that group. To date Amazon has not released the Kindle app for the PlayBook, and is mum on when that might happen.

One PlayBook owner reached out to Amazon directly to ask when the Kindle app would be available. The response from the Amazon rep was encouraging:

Kindle for BlackBerry Playbook is not yet available, but stay tuned. You can view our Kindle apps currently available and discover when we’ve released Kindle for BlackBerry Playbook by following the link below:


This is not exactly firm information but at least it didn't state it was canceled. When you visit the link given by Amazon one thing is clear: the PlayBook is not mentioned anywhere. There is not even a "coming soon" message, nothing.

A more recent Amazon press release mentions in passing that Kindle ebooks would be accessible "soon on HP TouchPads and BlackBerry PlayBooks" so all hope is not lost. Let's hope "soon" means just that, as PlayBook owners are getting anxious. Amazon has been good at releasing Kindle apps for all platforms as it makes good business sense to do so for selling ebooks. It does seem strange that the company has gone quiet about the PlayBook version, since it was announced so long ago. PlayBook owners may get loud if a Kindle app appears on the TouchPad before it does for the PlayBook.

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  • Don't care for 2 reasons

    1. I have the Kindle app for all my iOS devices.

    2. I don't use Kindle because iBooks is better.
    • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

      @woulddie4apple People are going to laugh at you for #2. The only thing iBooks has going for it is that it looks like, well, a book. But other than showing off that you can turn half a page and wave it back and forth, it doesn't really offer much.
    • iBooks is a joke

      when compared to Kindle.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?


      Shrug. I don't prefer either. Both Kindle and iBooks are not very good for tables and charts. I truly wish both would give you basically a PDF file, but with all the Kindle or iBooks features.
  • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

    Stop feeding into this Apple Troll! That's all he is. Most of his comments get flagged anyway for being down right stupid. I swear he must be Steve Job's pet gimp or something.

    As for the article: LOL@ RIM doing anything remotely right, and any reputable company or app developer wanting to waste time and money developing anything for a doomed OS.
  • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

    id actually rather have the nook app for my playbook. i bought my husband a nook and would rather have the same purchase methods.
  • Amazon's Actions and InAction

    What concerns me is Amazon announcing it will release a PlayBook Kindlle app and then not doing so or providing any information.
  • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

    The one I miss most is the Wall Street Journal for any platform other than iOS. Despite Mossberg gushing all over the Xoom as the place to read the WSJ they've never shipped a tablet app for any platform other than the iPad. No Playbook, no Honeycomb.

    My bet: no native developer kit == no DRM apps like Kindle and WSJ. You have to hand it to HP for getting the Kindle app built and bundled on the TouchPad from day 1.
  • RE: Where is the Kindle app for the PlayBook?

    Right now the Playbook QNX or Blackberry Tablet OS has two decent SDKs for higher level development, but I imagine many, many developers are waiting for the release of the native SDK before developing or releasing an app for the device. If Amazon managed to put together a Kindle reader in using Flexx or Flash Builder or something they'd meet current demand, but not really be prepared to compete with the next wave of apps for the Playbook developed with the native SDK.

    The Playbook is an awesome device. By far the best tablet on the market right now if you can live with the smaller form factor. I'm not sure whether QNX would provide an advantage on single core processors in phones and such, but on the dual core in the PB it multitasks incredibly well -- 15 or 20 flash apps and browser screens open and running (not task-switching like iOS) with almost no slow down. The web browser is great and the GUI is nearly perfect. Having said that, until (and maybe even when) there's a native SDK released to developers, I can't see the device competing in the app wars with Apple or Google's operating systems. If Amazon is trying to develop a real, hardcore Kindle app for the playbook right now, one of the reasons for the delay may be that they can't figure out how to do it. It's not like iOS or Android where they can just order one of a hundred different books for developers explaining the APIs and the ins-and-outs of development...