Why I will buy a new iPad

Why I will buy a new iPad

Summary: No matter what Apple stuffs inside the next generation iPad, I will buy one like millions of you.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad, Mobility

It is iDay, the day Apple shares with the world its next edition of the madly popular iPad. As usual there are rumors covering every aspect of what the new iPad will have and do, even what it might be called. While there is no way to know for certain what Apple has in store for the next generation iPad, one thing is without question -- I will be buying one.

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Maybe I won't grab one as soon as they go on sale, I have a perfectly good iPad 2 that isn't going to be any less good after the new model is out. I will get one, though, and for one reason. The new iPad will be better than the iPad 2. This is the formula that Apple has followed with its top-selling products and it is a given the new iPad will follow it. Whether but the new model will have enough over the iPad 2 to justify the price may be a personal decistion, it is without question it will be better in significant ways.

You would think that all OEMs would make sure its refreshed models outshine the ones they replace, but this isn't the case more often than you might think. I have purchased a refreshed laptop more than once, only to find the OEM changed something that makes the new one worse than the old. Whether design changes or software modifications, complex gadgets don't always get better with iteration.

That's where Apple shines over its competition, in always offering more value and more capability with each new iteration. That makes the decision to upgrade an easy one for customers, and good for Apple's bottom line.


Topics: Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • Hmm

    Jim, I could have guessed you would without this article!
  • This Guy

    I will by the new iPad because I own stock in Apple. I will tell all of you to because it will benefit me financially.
    • nice

      you and most of cnet
      • Naw the get em free

        Buy? Buy! Not likely he just earned his free one.

        This comment brought to you by Apple iPad X.
    • Awesome...

      That's what I thought as well, you beat me to it.

    • Me too

      Same here. Benefits me (new iPad) and my stock (higher sales). Win win situation.
    • Apple stock

      FINALLY somebody with a logical reason to buy Apple's products!
    • Not Me

      I bought an HP Think Pad for $150.00 (Craigs List), yet I will tell all of you to buy iPads because I also have stock in Apple.
      • ?

        You mean HP Touchpad?
    • Apple Stock

      AAPL is down 4 points today at 1400 CST
    • Apple stock

      @MongooseProXC it's good that you have faith in them. Unlike certain other stagnant junk (that shall go nameless) out there.
  • Priorities ?

    Wow, with all the devastation going on in the U.S. (tornados, recession, etc...) for someone who has a perfectly good iPad 2 to spend the money on a new device seems a bit excessive. Obviously I understand this is what you do for a living and it is within your rights to buy a new device, but not sure what the priorities are any more for a lot of people out there. But we do live in a "I got mine" sort of world these days.
    • So if you can afford a nice house in a gated community

      You should settle for section 8 in the ghetto?
      • Yes?

        People who live in gated communities [i]are[/i] definitely part of the problem.
        x I'm tc
      • Re: jdakula

        there is always between the haves and the have nots. In current USA mentality though.. the welfare state, all the have nots have been taught they are entitled to have just because they are alive and breathing, and people who actually work harder than them should give freely everything they have to others. Sorry to burst your bubble... but its not true. Its great to help out those who NEED help, but not those who just want help, so purposefully put or keep themselves in a situation that "requires" help.
      • Really?

        [i]"People who live in gated communities are definitely part of the problem."[/i]

        Those who spend their time judging others are also part of the problem.
      • Oh REALLY?

        So I should live in the ghetto and worry about breakins and robbery than live in a gated community with security and safety?

        Sorry, I can't help it I worked my way up the chain of my career and can afford it.
      • @jdakula - wow don't you have a

        some stupid "occupy" to go to. Grow up sheesh
      • Really?

        A discussion about ghetto life in a blog about iPads?
      • Re:doh123 - THANK YOU!.

        Nailed it on the head. The "He has one then I deserve one" mentality is bad very bad. Just ask a lot of welfare states how that works out for them. When the few pay for the many and the many expect the traits of the few - you now have a mess on your hands! A BIG mess.