Apple 's iPhone - Wow!

Apple 's iPhone - Wow!

Summary: If the iPhone doesn't become a bigger success than the iPod, then really, something's gone badly wrongwith the world.


I want one

This really is breakthrough packaging: bringing together MacOS X - including Safari on a phone! - with telecom and entertainment - and all for $499 or $599 depending on whether you want 4GB or 8GB of storage. The screen looks great, the touch interface is just what I wanted, and the clean design reflects the best of Apple.

If this thing doesn't become a bigger success than the iPod, then really, something's gone badly wrong with the world.

Way to go Apple!

But, you know, I can't help but wonder about two issues (especially given that my next three daily blogs, written last Sunday look a little down on Apple):

First, is Apple Inc. still a computer company?

I think it is; in fact, I've said for some time that the playphone would replace the PC for communications and entertainment as soon as someone made a good one - and this is probably a good one.

Second: what's the processor in the thing?

Apple's tech specs page for it says everything else, but not that.

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  • Only 500 bucks!

    You've got to be kidding me?

    In the world of phone company subsidized phones, I don't see how Apple can succeed with this unless they allow phone companies to brand them and "give" then to their customers.

    I recently got a Blackberry Pearl (and bought a 2GB flash memory card for $30) which can do anything this iPhone can. The big difference I see is that is cost me next to nothing.

    I can listen to my music collection, watch videos, surf the net work Opera and check all of my email accounts using the Pearl, and it's been a good phone too.
    • no way

      you're kidding yourself. when you surf the web, does it look anything at all like the iphone? does it have the voice mail features? does it have the seamless integration of the os and the hardware? it's ok if you like your pearl, but you're making yourself look bad by saying it can do anything the iphone can do--because even if it can, it certainly can't do them as well.
      • yes way

        [i]"you're kidding yourself. when you surf the web, does it look anything at all like the iphone?"[/i]

        By "look like the iphone", what exactly do you mean?

        [i]"does it have the seamless integration of the os and the hardware?"[/i]

        Well, it's a Blackberry, and it runs [b]Blackberry[/b] OS. What more integration do you want?

        [i]"does it have the voice mail features?[/i]


        Blackberry does everything that the iphone does - just not in the exact same way that the iphone does. I admit the touchscreen interface looks slick, and the email-like voicemail interface is neato, but it also costs about *five times* as much as my Blackberry.

        I question whether people will be willing to pay the price for these features.
        • The same thing ws said aobut the iPod . . .

          look where that went.

          Seriously, though. The Interface is what is going to sell this thing. Remember, Apple is about avant garde, and what's 'cool'. You'll see the big stars carrying this thing first (free ones, perhaps?), and then wholesale adoption by the rest of the country, once apple comes out with a 'mini' or 'nano' version of this . . . Price doesn't come into play when you're talking about Apple.
          • You may be right

            I personally have never understood the appeal of Apple products, but apparently many people do.
    • You got a deal

      Currently on Cingular (at least where I live), the Pearl is $199 with a 2 year contract. Add in a 4GB iPod Nano and you're talking $400.

      The Treo 750 is $399. Yikes, bad news for Palm.
      tic swayback
      • I guess I did

        I beliwve we (my wife and I) paid $99 with t-mobile. We've been customers of theirs for a *long* time though, and they treat us very well.

        I'm just wondering if Apple is going to play the subsidized phone game with wireless providers or if they are going to try to go it alone.
        • Correction

          We got the Pearls for $149, not $99.

          Still a far cry from $500.
    • *Only* 500 bucks!!!

      You bought a Blackberry, which I'm sure is worth everything you paid for it. But I have no doubt the iPhone will also be worth every penny. We aren't talking about a smartphone here. Think "Mac nano". Did you see the keynote? Or any of the iPhone demo? There is *nothing* like it. It has a multi-touch screen! NYU has been doing some cool stuff with multi-touch - in a lab, on a table the size of your desk. The iPhone is running a zoomable interface version of Safari! Zoomable interfaces have been the subject of quite a bit of cool academic research as well. The iPhone is to the Blackberry as (the *proposed*) "Longhorn" is to Windows 3.11
      • Yeah, "only".

        [i]"The iPhone is to the Blackberry as (the *proposed*) "Longhorn" is to Windows 3.11"[/i]

        That's a bit of a stretch IMO. The iphone is nicer - yes I did see the demo, and the interface looks pretty slick. The problem I see is the price. It will most likely not be a big seller until the price comes down - much like the ipod, which didn't sell well when it first came out.
        • Pricing

          Hey!! I have this doubt about pricing from the time steeve anounced the price. Is $499 the price of the Unit.. and what will be the monthly subscription fee of cingular?? that should be high with EDGE Web Access and if they are going to charge based on the data trasnfer, complete internet/web browing with safari and google maps is like sucking money.
    • Keep in mind

      When the RAZR debuted, it cost $499.
      tic swayback
  • The Ghost of Newton

    They COULD have had this 10 years ago - wait, they did - except for the form factor and phoning ability . . . How about handwriting and voice recognition?
    Roger Ramjet
    • how are you going to do hand writing ....

      ... with your finger on a 3 inch screen? The Newton was nothing like this device.
  • An email from deep in the core

    Says the processor is a PPC!

    Specifically, that it's an IBM 460S synthesizable core - integrated by Samsung in a custom SoC.

    If true, it's great news.
    • If it's true ...

      ... then this will be the funniest thing to happen, ever!
  • silence

    Microsoft was the first company that saw the convergence of all devices into a phone. So with Apple copying Microsoft's idea, as expected total silence about the copying.
    • Seriously?

  • Yup ...

    ... seriously. But as is often the case, it's down to Apple to take every day technology and package it into something that gets folk excited about technology again.

    It's not for me, but I reckon it'll be a huge hit.