Things are looking up!

Things are looking up!

Summary: Just last week American voters did the right thing - and pretty soon you may have a new job, or a better one. Great! but remember, change brings both opportunity and risk - so do the right thing: don't just celebrate, study.


As regular readers know I'm a big fan of the tea party and deeply concerned that the people in control of the Democratic party prior to the recent election hate everything good America has stood for over the years. Now, things are looking up: Pelosi is out; Obama arguably headed for impeachment and removal; there's a sane majority in the house committed to curbing the worst excesses; enough balance in the senate to prevent more hyperpartisan judicial appointments and anti-science adventures like carbon taxes; and the Obamacon's net neutrality proposals are never going to make it through the house.

Basically, the American constitutional system of checks and balances has been restored, sane democrats have a chance to take their party back, and only things holding back recovery are the debt and policy hangovers from four years of Pelosi -two of them unchecked in the Senate or Whitehouse.


These are huge problems requiring principled and courageous solutions - but if the new majority in Washington gives the Federal Reserve enough cover from Whitehouse pressure to stop the QE2 attack on the currency, we should see confidence recover and the recent minor jobs recovery, now fueled by holiday retailing and electoral anticipation, turn into something much more real and lasting.

If this happens I'm predicting a kind of bull whip effect on private sector IT employment - specifically

  1. that, outside state and local agencies where cutbacks will drive rapid change, we'll see an explosion in obsolete technology hiring as many employers hit the limits of what existing staff can do with the technology they've maintained during the recession. Basically, what these guys are going to do is respond to the uncertainty still present in the political scene by hiring people they can easily lay off if prospects for 2012 start to dim.


  2. but that growing confidence and a few examples of public sector success in doing more with less, will gradually lead to a boom in replacement technology buying - all of it needing need fewer, but better qualified, IT people per revenue dollar.

Now if this happens, and of course nothing in politics is ever a sure thing, the newly rehired will be at a natural disadvantage in terms of keeping their jobs during the rethinking and re-architecting stage that has to follow.

Hence this bit of advice: watch the American political scene and their national economic numbers: if you see the bull whip cracking, don't just take advantage of the new dollars coming your way to buy a new car or 3D TV: invest heavily in personal growth. Become an expert in whatever your users care about; dig deep into any non buzzy technology - particularly HTML5, Unix, Appliance/Smart display computing, and large scale bundled applications - you find interesting; and, above all, use your job to push your own boundaries on taking responsibility for user service.


survey software

Basically the bottom line on the bull whip is the usual one: many people hired in response to an incomplete economic signal, followed - either way - by a rapid winnowing process: one in which the winners will be the people best prepared to meet the new opportunities half way.


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  • Unix and Tea Party nutjob...

    Democrats don't believe women should have to pay for their own rape kits.
    Democrats don't believe we should apologize to BP.
    Democrats don't believe providing aid to 9/11 rescue workers is a "slush fund."
    Democrats didn't vote to make it easier for Halliburton employees to RAPE THEIR FELLOW EMPLOYEES.
    Democrats didn't DOUBLE the U.S. debt in 8 years.
    Democrats didn't start an unnecessary war.
    Democrats don't go on national tv and trash the stimulus while praising it at ribbon ceremonies in their districts.
    Democrats try to pass a few regulations so Republicans don't put more arsenic in our drinking water.
    Democrats don't give nice platitudes to personal liberty, and then say you have to carry your rapists child.

    Yes, these are all things that the current Democratic leaders hate about America. F U you self-righteous prick.

    You know when America was good? It was before Ronald Reagan came along and taught everyone (including Timothy McVeigh) to hate the government. Unions were strong, wages were high, and the jobs were here. Corporate officers had a shred of integrity because they were human beings who cared about more than just profits. Oh, and yah, five Republican nominated judges hadn't made it legal for Syrians, North Koreans, and Iranians to buy U.S. elections. Thanks for that.

    Where were you complaining about federal deficits for 8 years?

    I'd say stick with IT, but you suck at that too.
    • RE: Things are looking up!

      lol... you are totally clueless... and living in a fantasy world believing that stuff.
      • RE: Things are looking up!

        You think so? Which one do you doubt, I'll back up every single one of them, often with video. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

        Rape kits:

        Apology to BP:

        Slush fund (all but ELEVEN REPUBLICANS)

        Haliburton Rape (Republicans seem to love rape):

        National Debt:

        Democrats didn't start an unnecessary war:

        Democrats don't go on national tv and trash the stimulus while praising it at ribbon ceremonies in their districts:

        Democrats try to pass a few regulations so Republicans don't put more arsenic in our drinking water:

        Democrats don't give nice platitudes to personal liberty, and then say you have to carry your rapists child:

        Sorry, forgot to mention, they don't give a shit if the mother is going to die.

        So, there are the FACTS. Now just who is living in the fantasy world?
    • Sore loser


      Maybe if you quit pounding your head with that fist and turned to pounding sand you might see the world more clearly. Until then you'll simply be seen as a delusional hater.
      • Don't like the facts?


        I supplied references for all mine. Let's see the author of this blog provide CREDIBLE support for his impeachment bs. He probably doesn't even think the president is a U.S. citizen.
    • Fascinating

      You pick a person or incident in each case and then spread the behavior over the entire polictical party.

      Going by your logic, and referencing your post Democrats like you are lying, theiving, rapists, in need of psychiatrical care for a deep delusional state.

      I am only using the same locic you have applied.
      Tim Cook
      • RE: Things are looking up!

        @Mister Spock

        With rape(and just anti-women in general), there is a pretty clear pattern. I also could have mentioned the Lilly Ledbetter act which the Republicans universally opposed With abortion, it's the party platform. With BP and Halliburton, there is another endless pattern of Republicans sucking up to corporations that are engaging in activities that are not in the public interest (natural gas drilling is the next disaster) With national debt, it's an undeniable pattern, Republicans spend MORE than Democrats irresponsibly. The stimulus is a THEME of their party. It happens over and over, just non-stop lies. The 9/11 vote was the most disgusting thing imaginable, its how Al Qaeda would have voted, basically finishing the job that they started. Republicans these days hate virtually all regulations, arsenic is ONE example. Even if it wasn't, I guess you have no problem with someone trying to MURDER you, as long as they only do it once? I guess you're just so desperate to make apologies you didn't even bother to pause and think about that. You're fine with someone telling you to drink POISON so someone else can make a bit more money. How very generous of you.
    • QED

      If anyone wondered what I meant in saying that the democrats need to take control of their party back from the nut cases currently in charge - they should read this guy's rants.

      They're illiterate, ill-informed, hate filled, devoted to the ad hominem attack on perceived enemies - and entirely characteristic of the stuff you see every day on sites like huffington and moveon - sites dedicated to the attack on American values carried out by the Obamacons and quite anti-thetical to traditional democratic values.
      • "quite anti-thetical to traditional democratic values"


        So true. JFK would be a Republican by today's standards.

        The cynical leftist would just call JFK unevolved.
      • RE: Things are looking up!

        @murph_z <br><br>There are other places to get your information than Fox. Try it. Open your mind.
      • Quite a pointless leap


        Don't hurt yourself.
      • RE: Things are looking up!


        Illiterate Murph? Man, you are a moron, try getting yourself a dictionary.

        Hate filled? Yes, for you and idiots like you. But instead of attacking me. DISPROVE THEM. Take them one at time. Go for it.

        Devoted to ad hominem attack? First you say the president could be impeached (basically an ad hominem attack) and then you imply the current Democratic leaders are insane. How about you provide some FACTS like I have. You know, like how ANY reputable journalist would.

        Attack on American values? Which values are those? Which ones are they attacking? Provide EXAMPLES. Or are you just another brain dead Fox viewer who just gets all his hatred spoon fed to you. You don't think I could get other references for the FACTS I referenced to in the Huffington Post links. It's a FACT that women had to pay for their own rape kits. If you don't think so DISPROVE it with FACTS. You are truly pathetic.
      • You've described your own posts.


        "...illiterate, ill-informed, hate filled, devoted to the ad hominem attack on perceived enemies ..."

        Maybe add pretentious and pseudo-intellectual. I noticed you had no substantive counter-argument to any of the posted information, just ad hominem attacks. Here's a hint: If you're going to use big words, find out what they mean first.

        Your comment about impeachment shows your true colors: a delusional extremist.

        Now answer these questions:

        Under which President was the last balanced budget?

        How much did the Bush tax cuts add to the deficit?

        What were the rates of economic growth in the eight years preceding and the eight years following the Bush tax cuts?

        What was the cost of going into Iraq?

        How many years did it take for the US to break even on job creation after the 2001 downturn?
        Lester Young
      • You should be ashamed...


        To finding some merit in taking claim to those kind of values as American values. Not all Americans, not even most feel like you. Shameful.
      • RE: Things are looking up!

        @murph_z It's funny that you have this aggressive behavior you point out on your enemies.
      • RE: Things are looking up!

        @murph_z <br><br>Projection Rudy. Here you are a Canadian with a pseudonym enjoying the benefits of Canada while you support the illiterates and hate mongers of Fox News.<br><br>Why not grow a pair Rudy, use your real name and move to the States.
    • Okay... I can go with this

      Republicans don't think that it's okay to intimidate voters.
      Republicans didn't accumulate the most debt in the 2 yr period.
      Republicans didn't tout a plan that would cause your energy bills to "necessarily skyrocket".
      Republicans didn't vote for a bill that would provide Viagra to sexual predators.
      Republicans don't support late-term abortion.
      Republicans believe that everyone is afforded equal opportunity to succeed... not equal success.
      Republicans don't believe that the successful people are the bad guys and the unsuccessful are just being trampled on.
      Republicans don't tout a medical bill that will cut 500 BILLION dollars from medicare while saying it will help people on medicare.

      Do I need to continue?

      Do all Democrats think this? No. But since you seem to be unable to see the difference between one person and a party I will too.

      Also, Democrats supported the war too. If they didn't, we would have been out in 2006 when they took congress.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Intimidate voters!?! Huh!?!

        Are you talking about the supposed two black panthers? Were they not standing at a polling place that was primarily a black area? So while you might be frightened seeing two black guys I tend to doubt other would be not even me and I'm from Maine. Still it was the Justice Department under GW Bush who decided NOT to pursue the case not the Obama administration. Did anyone say that these guys said anything threatening to anyone?

        Debt. Sigh. First of all TARP was under GW Bush. Second of all the VAST majority of economists state plainly that when you have a massive economy based on the consumer when the consumer STOPS spending someone has to or the whole thing goes down the toilet. I'm not a fan of the recession but I can assure you that a depression would have been MUCH worse for EVERYONE.

        Yeah says the OIL and COAL companies... Now they don't have a dog in that fight now do they?

        Republicans haven't voted for anything even bills that they had a hand in creating. Don't know anything about the Viagra thing but it sounds funny. Still i"m betting that if you presented the facts of the formation of that bill and who placed what amendments onto said bill the story would be far more telling.

        No Republicans do NOT. They want to protect and enrich the already wealthy. The top 2% of the countries population has 85% of it's wealth leaving the remaining 15 for the rest of us unfortunetly that is not good enough for the Republicans and most of their moves are to increase that number for the top 2% leaving scraps for the rest of us. The point to keep in mind is that even our nations wealth is finite there is only so much to go around and if you horde it at the very top then it is unhealthy and destructive. The funny think is you are not going to be rich but you are certain to make the rich richer by your odd disconnect with your reality.

        Being a success does not make a person bad anymore than being unsuccessful makes one a leach on society.

        500 Billion I think you should check that number don't you? Oh and the democrats closed the medicare donut hole in Health Care REform so yes they did help the elderly.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • One more

        Republicans, not one, voted for the health care disaster.
      • James


        Check your facts...