Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

Summary: Google's Chrome Web browser's interface is getting a modest, but significant, makeover to make it more usable.

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Chrome 14 is great, but the forthcoming Chrome 15 looks like it will be even better. This release, which is now in beta, boasts three new tab pages. These will make it easier to get to your Chrome apps, most visited sites, and bookmarks.

The new Chrome 15 tab pages appear in three different sections on the bottom of all Web pages. You can flip between these different sections by clicking the section labels at the bottom of the page or by using the arrows at the side of the page. When you open a new tab, Chrome will default to opening the last tab page you had on.

It's a simple change, but it's one I'm already finding very useful. In particular, I appreciate having one click access to my bookmarks. The one change Chrome made to the traditional Web browser that I hadn't liked was the way it placed bookmarks under the wrench. This made going to a bookmarked site, if it wasn't one of my top sites, a three-step operation. Now, even without a bookmark bar, I just have to make one click and I'm able to browse my bookmarks. For me, this is a real change for the better.

Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast. (Gallery)

Not everyone likes this change. A lot of people want a floating bookmark bar, but I don't see it myself. Google 15 still lets you have a fixed bookmark bar, so I don't get what all the fuss is about. That said, I think Google needs to improve the bookmark tab's looks. Still, I've no doubt that Google will clean this up. This looks exactly like the kind of cosmetic problem that you expect to see in a beta release.

The new tab pages also let you re-arrange apps on a page by dragging and dropping them. An even better feature, if you have a lot of Chrome apps, is that you can now create a new apps section by dragging an app to the bottom of the page until a new apps section appears. You can then name the section to something that works for you--Games for Chrome Games; Work for Google Docs and Google Mail; Entertainment for Google Music and YouTube and so on.

In addition, the JavaScript Fullscreen application programming interface (API) is now enabled by default. This means just what it says. You'll be able to run some JavaScript applications as full-screen applications.

Finally, the Omnibox History, a history of everything entered into the Address/Search bar, can now be synced between Chrome browser instances with Google Sync This will let you sync your Chrome search history across multiple PCs and other devices.

The bottom-line is that the Chrome Web browser is continuing, ala Chrome OS, to become an easy-to-user interface for anything that you might want to do on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. I'm going to be watching it closely to see where it goes from here.

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Topics: Browser, Apps, Google

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  • Firefox Is The Most Secure Browser

    I used Google 15.x Beta for a while and my computer got infected with all kinds of Malware. IE 9 is just as bad. With Firefox rarely does my computer ever get infected.

    This is the truth. I have given both Google and IE 9 a chance to show what they can do and what they can do is let Malware get on your computer.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos I think your problem exists between the chair and the keyboard
      • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover


        I have to agree. I've never gotten malware from using Chrome or IE9.

        @Nesivos, I would take a look at your browsing habits. I have a feeling they may not be the best.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

        @superlinkx I also agree. IE9 has been proven to be extremely good at highlighting unsafe downloads and providing solid browser security.
      • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

        @superlinkx I agree as well. I've used IE 7-9, Firefox, and Chrome each for a significant amount of time. Infections reported? Zero.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos Right, I think you're downloading wares and torrents that are infected and you're blaming the browser.
      • Exactly. He has a DAU problem

        @Peter Perry He is a Dumb Azz User and blames his incompetence on the browser.

        It doesn't matter what browser you use, there is no way of preventing an infection when the person between the chair and the keyboard is a DAU.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      Chrome is more secure than Firefox. There's no sandbox in Firefox which makes exploiting security holes much easier.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos Troll Ignore!
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos That's a user error. Don't blame the manufacturer for your ignorance.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos This is a good ole ID10T related issue. I get about 30 of these a day from my end users.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

      @Nesivos, that must be why a report came out a couple of years ago that said that Firefox had the most attacks of any browser.....
  • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

    Like the Roadrunner, always out front. Go Chrome!
    - Glenn Davis Doctor G
  • Google TV 2nd edition expect to have full Chrome Browser

    so is this update suites also Google TV ?
  • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover

    Choice brought to you by Google.

    Chrome continues to evolve.
  • What has happened in your life that...

    ...still makes you want to use Windows XP? Even if only in a VM.
    • For a lot of people, XP just works as needed.

      @iravgupta There is no compelling reason to spend money on something that will give you zero benefits over what you already have. If all you do is browse the web and check your email (on-line), then there is no real reason to waste money upgrading to something you don't need.
  • ...and so it begins

    I distinctly remember the original Chrome Dev' Team talking about a light-weight interface and engine. As predicted, they realized that had the caveat of offering only ordinary addon / extensibility functionality.<br><br>So what do Google do? Simple! They begin to evolve the browser into something that has more usability and functionality .. sound familiar (e.g. think IE and FF). So as the application development cycle goes, eventually we'll see how Chrome with *actual* useful functionality through addons & extensions performs versus the already "long evolved" browers - like IE and FF. I'm also betting those benchmarks and performance edges Chrome has had in the last couple of years will close as they add further functionality.<br><br>I'm going to stay with FF as my main browser .. because now the <i>real browser competition</i> begins.

    They change some little things on the crappy new tab page and you call it a completely makeover?
    • RE: Google Chrome Web Browser to get a makeover


      i prefer the old behaviour i have all in one page without switching