What works, and what doesn't work, with IPv6

What works, and what doesn't work, with IPv6

Summary: Want to help figure out what works, what doesn't work, and what says it work but doesn't, with IPv6 and tomorrow's Internet? RIPE wants to hear from you.

TOPICS: Telcos, Networking

As you may know, a lot of SOHO/consumer network gear doesn't support IPv6 yet. At the same time, some vendors claims that their Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) works with IPv6, but it's compatibility is, shall we say, a little questionable. Now, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre, the technical arm of RIPE, the Internet's Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, is conducting a global survey to see what's what with the devices people are using today and IPv6 compatibility.

They've done this survey before--IPv6 CPE Survey - Updated (January 2011)--but they'd like to make it more complete and useful.

Specifically, RIPE say that "we would like to receive more feedback on the IPv6 capabilities of currently available CPE. This will make the evaluations of the CPEs and the information we publish in the IPv6 CPE matrix more useful."

The new RIPE IPv6 survey, which RIPE describes as a "proper" will provide them "with some more statistical background on the techniques which are supported and more importantly we hope this will also provide some insight which [equipment] are the most used.

You don't have to be a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) to take this survey. They've "tried to make it not too technical or require information that can only be retrieved from the service provider side of the connection. A knowledgeable end user should be able to complete the survey. That way we are hoping to extend the target audience and the number of replies."

I've taken it, and while it certainly helps if you know your way around networking, I think anyone who manages even a home network shouldn't have much trouble with it. The survey focuses on 3 basic questions: What does the system claim to be capable of? Which of these options are you using at the moment? How good or easy to use are those features? That's it.

RIPE does ask that "If you are running lab tests with different protocols, we kindly ask you to fill in the survey multiple times. This allows us to tie the user experience to the feature set that is in use."

The plan is they'll update the survey's results over time and update the survey to improve it as time goes on. RIPE also asks that if you change your network equipment--with say a new router firmware update--that you retake the survey.

If you're interested in IPv6 and you're already fiddling with it, I highly recommend you take this survey and keep an eye on the results. I will be.

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Topics: Telcos, Networking

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  • RE: What works, and what doesn't work, with IPv6

    I am IPv6 ready, and will not see any problems.
  • RE: What works, and what doesn't work, with IPv6

    When I set IPv6 active in Linux Mint, I can no longer acquire a connection. Both Wired and Wi-Fi no longer can connect to my Router. That's OK because Verizion/ActionTec doesn't support my 10/100/1000 card either!

    Verizon refuses to upgrade me to a newer router that ActionTec makes and most new 3rd Party Routers that support FiOS are still outside my wallet.

    I took the survey in hopes that this will provide leverage where it can be applied on Verizon so they'll wake-up and start caring about their customers needs instead of spending tons of money soliciting me for services <b><u>I already have</u>!!!</b>
    The Rifleman
    • RE: What works, and what doesn't work, with IPv6

      @The Rifleman
      yea, i Agree in upgrade me to a newer router that ActionTec makes and most new 3rd Party Routers that support FiOS are still outside my wallet. Thanks !
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