All about Linux: in one paragraph

All about Linux: in one paragraph

Summary: These people are awfully sane - but I thinkthat paragraph tells you everythingyou need to know about Linux:an army crossing its Rubicon shouting "We can, We do, and It works!"

TOPICS: Hardware
Here's a paragraph that stopped me dead in my tracks. It's from Attacks on and Countermeasures for USB Hardware Token Devices an earnest investigation of PC style USB security cards done a couple of years ago in which the investigators discovered them to be somewhat worse than useless - kind of sad really given the number of people now using them, but irrelevant to the snippet I want to draw to your attention.

Here's what they wrote:


As it happens, the latency times of the device drivers on the Windows operating system are too large to get accurate timing measurements from the USB key. It takes too long for the USB command to reach the key and for its response to get back to the Windows application. Because of this, we developed custom device drivers and kernel module for use with the Linux operating system. These custom components allow for a more directed control of the device thus reducing the time delay between the sending of the USB command and the reception of the command by the USB key.

These people are awfully sane - but I think that paragraph tells you everything you need to know about Linux: an army well across its Rubicon but still shouting "We can, We do, and It works!"

Topic: Hardware

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  • Windsows was made for easily playing solitaire

    Its like they designed a really good looking car and spent tons of effort to make the dashboard pretty and the interior shiny with bells and whistles and buttons for everything but forgot to put any time into the engine, the brakes, drive trane, or suspension. When you use it then all the shiny wears off and your stuck driving to work every day in a car that gets flat tires easily, and needs tune ups on a daily basis.

    Looks sell. Microsoft was made to make money not Operating systems.
  • do you program

    Do you guys program or do you just talk.
    By you guys I mean Dana Blankenhorn, Joe Brockmeier and Paul Murphy. If you guys program what programming do you'll know.
    • Yeah

      Maybe you could provide a link on your blog to your credentials. It would AT LEAST be interesting . . .
      Roger Ramjet
      • I am a system programmer

        I work on multi-platform real-time control system software. It runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows and maybe on others Unix's with a little bit of porting.
        Well Roger, where are your credentials.
        • Real Time on Windows?

          How do you get around the latency of the IRQL changes?
          • Yup

            The mechanism is the same in Linux too.
            IRQL's do have latency's but latency is negligible.
            Even light to travel a small distance has latency.

            Define real time?
            How long does it take in VxWorks or other real time OS's
          • Just wondering

            In a baseball field when the batter has swung and the ball is in the air and the catcher in the outfield has to make a lot of ground to catch.
            In his attempt to catch, the ball hits his glove and falls to the ground,

            according to your assesment the catcher droped the ball because of the latency of light (the time it took for the light to travel from the ball to the catcher was the cause the catcher to drop the ball)

            Just wondering if this is along the lines of your thinking
          • My definition

            My first thought for real time is hard real time with ms or better response time to events guaranteedandif there is latency it is of a known, constant or predictable amount.
          • neither is Linux a real time system

            thats why Windows is not marketed and sold as a real time system.
            Neither is Linux.

            The applications developed inhouse, we indicate the worst case latency.
        • Oops, sorry

          I was AGREEING with you and referring to Dana et al and THEIR credentials. Mine are 17yrs of UNIX - sysadmin, designer, architect and NOW ITIL Problem Management . . . Started first REAL job on 8/8/88 at 8:00 . . .
          Roger Ramjet
          • misunderstood

            Thanks for your credentials. They are pretty impressive.
            I misunderstood your blog.
            I really would like to see the credentials of Dana et al.
  • would linux sell

    If linux was sold for the same price as Windows, do you think they'd be able to sell.
    When Linux is free, Windows still sells even though the charge money for every copy.
    • Novell SuSE Pro, from at least 9.1 was $89..

      So, yes, Linux sells. You can choose to get it free, if you want.

      Nice flambait.. do some research..
      • how many copies

        please specify how many copies does Novell SUSE Pro sells at $89 and how many copies does Windows sell.

        Novell SuSE is so few compared to Windows negligible.
        • The commecnt you made was in regards to free Linux..

          If Novell had an illegally maintained monopoly that bundled and sold it's OS with every PC sale, they would sell a lot more.. I agree..
          • why dont they

            whats preventing Novell SuSE from doing that.

            Nobody wants it, thats why.
          • Because...

            Because Microsoft has a "deal" with PC
            manufacturers that pretty much says "Unless you
            install Windows, and ONLY Windows, you will not
            get the reduced pricing deal that your
            competitors get, and we will charge you a couple
            hundred more bucks for ALL our software. Plus,
            you have to purchase a Windows license for every
            PC you sell, even if it doesn't run Windows."
            Unless you agree, you're not allowed to bundle
            Windows at all.

            Why do you think Apple is able to make the
            only competing OS you can buy pre-installed?
            They use their own hardware.
  • You can probably sum up Linux in one sentence..

    "You can do whatever you want with it."

    (Complying with the GPL, that is.. Microsoft would steal it if the above was without conditions)
    • One sentence

      "Learn to love the command line."


      "It's come a long way, yet still has a lot of ground to make up."

      I *love* linux, but it's just NOT ready for the masses yet.
      Real World
      • But year after year

        it steadily narrows the margin.

        It won't be ready overnight. But slowly but surely it'll get there.
        Michael Kelly