Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

Summary: Anyone notice lately how the Google Chrome logo is beginning to look like a Death Star? Or is it just me?

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For decades Microsoft has lived by Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). Now, in an ironic twist of fate they're being strangled with it, and by a Linux distro.

That's what Chrome OS is, you know. A Linux. Google's strategy has always been to use Chrome against Microsoft's desktop monopoly, and through a series of selective leaks that strategy appears to be coming together.

(Anyone notice lately how the Google Chrome logo is beginning to look like a Death Star? Or is it just me?)

I wonder how Steve Ballmer feels right now, getting hoist on his own petard? I wonder what his developers (developers, developers, developers) are thinking. I sure don't want to be his barista this morning.

  1. Chrome is showing off 100 cool experiments, offline games designed to take away any "cool" Microsoft may have left, and switch the focus of that excitement toward Chrome and HTML5.
  2. Google is showing mock-ups of how Chrome will boot-up, along with key menus. The key word here is fast. While Windows pushed people to buy new hardware, Google is building something that can run on current low-end hardware.
  3. Dell is talking to Google about releasing a Chrome netbook. The company wants to re-boot as a leader in low-cost computing, even moving manufacturing deep into China to avoid living wages near the coast.

Now before the Microsoft fanboys get their browsers in a bunch, I agree with you. Most of this is what we used to call vaporware. They're stories of what might happen, or what could happen. But as LeBron James, Sarah Palin and the kids at TMZ know, those stories are what people want to read.

From the time I joined the tech beat, way back in 1982, Microsoft has been the master of FUD. Selective leaks, demonstrations given to chosen reporters in darkened hotel rooms, off the record comments, they all served to drive the corporate strategy, freezing the competition until something real came out.

That is precisely what Google is engaged in here. And what's the headline from Redmond while all this is going on? Lay-offs.

My view is, they don't go deep enough. And after cutting to the bone, Microsoft should hire some smart, young go-getters in a skunk works aimed at beating Google at what was once Microsoft's own game.

Topic: Google

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  • Skunk works at MS will not work. The best and the brightest want to work

    somewhere else.
    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters


      Wow, trolling at it's best(?)...

      The best and the brightest will work wherever they are shown the most amount of money or find an organization that matches their own strategy for developing software. While there is a lot of idle chit-chat about who it's cooler to work for so you don't look like a sell-out, the real world is usually a different shade of having to pay the bills. I would imagine that MS could find someone to work in that type of operations since they would likely be given a high degree of freedom and a bankroll that is difficult to get elsewhere.
      • Grigory Perelman proves you wrong

        @ZeroSignal <br><br>He's definitely one of the very best and yet you won't be able to lure him with money alone.<br><br>And he's far from being the only one.
        OS Reload
      • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters


        Money is not the top motivator.
      • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

        FUDs the<a href=""><font color="light&amp;height"> about it</font></a> is bank that <a href=""><font color="light&amp;height">website</font></a> attacked from the <a href=""><font color="light&amp;height">site support</font></a> from any soldier <a href=""><font color="light&amp;height">site</font></a> to the light <a href=""><font color="light&amp;height">home page</font></a> is great FUDmasters
    • Well, the past few years have proven

      that the best and brightest would rather work anywhere else instead of Google.
      John Zern
      • Tell those 5,000...

        ...being laid off at Micro$oft that. I'm sure they'll [i]'agree'[/i] with you....
        ahh so
    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters


      Want to CREATE and INVENT
  • Dana, you are blatantly fishing for page hits

    An attention grabbing headline, a few meaningless paragraphs, hit the "publish" button and there you go, a successful zdnet article that will help you put food on the table.

    You've been around long enough to know what works and this works every time.
    OS Reload
    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

      @OS Reload I get much criticism here for being a "socialist." So I'll take your idea that my focus is on responding to the market as a compliment.
      • It was not meant as a criticism

        @DanaBlankenhorn <br><br>and it's not a compliment either.<br><br>It's just an observation, several author here on zdnet are doing the same. I guess all of you need to eat and pay the bills, I'm glad you have learned a few tricks that help you meet those basic needs.
        OS Reload
      • Have you figured out the difference between Java and Javascript yet, Dana?

        W/ all due respect, I wouldn't recommend you to talk like a pundit about platforms and their trends before you are able to get through the A-B-C part.
      • Logo looks like the old Simon electronic game to me.


        I had completely forgot about it (had one when I was a kid) but it appears in the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. A coincidence? I think not.
        terry flores
    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

      @OS Reload

    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

      @OS Reload
      Wow I was wondering where the Micro$oft fanboys were. I think Dana is dead center. Its hard to give up #1 but its being taken away and Windows 7,8,0 won't stop it.
  • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters

    Here's the problem with Chrome and every other Linux Distro. If it does not feed the OEM's Hardware Upgrade/Refresh cycles on their Desk top, and Notebook/Netbook Sales it will never get any traction with them. <br>This has been an unwriten agreement with MS and the OEM's for years!
    • That's true, in part, but...


      that dynamics is losing relevance by the day and to Google it has always been irrelevant. Google does not need to rely on hardware upgrades.

      OEMs are losing to Apple and if they do not play nice with Google they risk losing a valuable ally and turn Google into a competitor in hardware.

      OEMs can no longer rely on Microsoft, Google is their only ally against Apple.
      OS Reload
      • You're both right

        Aboveaveragejoe is correct about the "unspoken agreement" between Microsoft and its OEMs to push the upgrade cycle, and support planned obsolescence. But OS Reload is also right that Apple's success plays a big part in OEMs looking to other ways of making a profit.

        Microsoft has always designed ahead of the hardware, while Google is designing around the cloud. Either Microsoft makes desktops compelling again real soon, or it's into the cloud we go.

        And again AboveAverageJoe is right. There's little long term future for companies like Dell in the cloud. But in the long run, we're all Keynesians.
    • RE: Google out-FUDs the FUDmasters


      I agree the Microsoft OEM price fixing and market excluding cartels are very real and very powerful, as we have seen when Microsoft attacked Linux to exclude its entry into the Netbook market by artificial predatory price fixing at the lower end of the market subsidised by the Microsoft monopoly tax generated by higher price fixing of the same product at the higher end of the market by the Microsoft-OEM cartels.

      The difference here is that phone OEMs are involved here as well, and Microsoft doesn't hasn't much leverage with them, although the patent licensing deal with HTC and others by Microsoft does seem to indicate that Microsoft is trying to gain the leverage necessary with phone OEMs that will be necessary for Microsoft to operate similar cartels within mobile phone manufacturers.
  • there is no FUD here!

    M$ is just toast by Linux and FOSS innovations.
    Linux Geek