Message from a Mac User

Message from a Mac User

Summary: I'm a Mac user - we just double click and things work (of course)..

In infotech consulting everyone wants "insight," but nobody really knows either what that is or how to trigger it. Here's an email exchange that might open a window or two in your mind.

Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 10:18:32 -0400
Subject: Re: only 61MB...
Mime-Version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v553)

I'm a Mac user - we just double click and things work (of course)...

On Thursday, April 21, 2005, at 08:06 AM, Paul Murphy wrote:

> It compressed to only 61MB so I've attached it. To recreate the
> original files and directory, save the file to your home directory,
> and open a command window, then:
> % gunzip ua_sas.tar
> % tar -xvf ua_sas.tar
> This will unpack everything in a subdir called ua_sas_files

A model for the rest of us?


Topic: Apple

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  • If you are trying to infer

    that Linux is more complex than OS/X - then you are being biased. When I click on gunziped tar files in my mail, Mandriva gives me options of how to handle the file - including opening it up in "arc" - which is a Winzip look alike.

    Double-clicking and having the system "just do it for me", smacks of security issues.
    Roger Ramjet
    • Roger

      You know I don't nitpick. But you also know that some mistakes are targets for those who do.

      So, just to save you some future aggravations:

      You infer an idea from what some someone else says.
      You imply an idea by making it a reasonable conclusion for someone else to draw.

      The other person infers the idea you imply.

      So your title should be "If you are trying to imply..."

      Sorry if this attempt to be helpful proves aggravating instead. Not intended at all.
      Anton Philidor
  • I just single-clicked

    I just single-clicked in Windows Explorer and I was browsing inside a zipped file on Windows XP. I could even single-click on files inside the zipped hierarchy to open/execute those files.

    What does that say?

    PS: I have my folder prefs set to single-click instead of double-click.

    PPS: Did I win something?
    • as i can set up an do in Linux, but...

      i can also have it set in KDE on linux to single click and have it do everything for me, but i perfer double clicks.

      But that really doesnt matter, this whole thing is a non issue and kind of silly. The insturctions are given command line so thats its basically universal, and they dont have to ask all about the persons computer, and find out any info, the command line command will work on most *nix installations regardless of distro... I give people command line instructions also... if they know how to do it easier great, but if i have to give instructions to many people im not going to customize instructions for each person.
      • Exactly

        Yes, this whole subject is silly which is why I posted a silly response.

        To post a headline on ZDNet based on a blog that's substance is based on what an Apple fanboy posted is quite stupid. It just feeds the Apple fanboys, who apparently needs all the help in the world to justify their overhyped, overpriced, underperforming purchase.
        • Hmm...blogs = back in Jr High..I get it

          and I thought reality TV was much for learning anything
          • not sure i get this

            they certainly could have come up with something racier than this to get the 'my dad can beat up your dad' mentality of many posters in these forums. i'd much rather read something like "i'm having a very nice experience with my pc/mac/pc-linux/etc. - and speed and stability was what i expected and received" INSTEAD we get "your pc/mac/etc. sucks and never works even though i've never seen your machine and i hate all that is not whatever i'm using" if you're gonna incite - make it fun. peace
  • I don't get it

    In KDE, i can single/double click (depending on my settings) and browse archives as if they were folders, just like I can in XP can do with Zip/Cab files. Extracting them is a two step process. Open them with Ark, decompress. Or I can also open them as a folder and copy the files to another location.

    Of course, I have the option of doing 'tar xvf ./foo.tar.gz' (in FreeBSD the extra CL step is not needed as tar will unzip for you too) from a terminal windows, or outside of X.

    So besides showing his obvious ignorance of other platforms, what is this Mac user saying?