OpenSolaris released, aimed at storage market

OpenSolaris released, aimed at storage market

Summary: Sun is officially launching OpenSolaris at its Community One developer conference this morning today in San Francisco.

TOPICS: Storage

Open Solaris logoSun is officially launching OpenSolaris at its Community One developer conference this morning today in San Francisco.

A version for x86 machines, 686 MBytes in size, is already available for download from here.

Technically only pre-release versions were available before now. The Solaris code base itself has been open since 2005. Now you can get a quick download-and-install of the whole OpenSolaris operating system.

The release party will also include a panel on building Web communities featuring our own Matt Asay.

OpenSolaris may make its first big splash in Web storage. Sun says developers can create an OpenSolaris storage server in 10 minutes with its software. I can't get a new iPod out of the package in that time.

Sun's open source moves have been controversial, here as elsewhere, with some warning that OpenSolaris is a "trojan horse" that will keep those who use it from ever going back to Linux. Or it could be complementary.

Which do you think is right?[poll id=78]

Topic: Storage

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  • They have alienated the community enough.

    Sun has alienated the open solaris community to such an extent I don't expect anything great to happen now. There is a real lack of developers and even getting the right tools working is a huge headache. Sun is really in their own world with respect to open solaris.

    They've driven away too many good developers for them to ever expect open solaris to be a player in the market, leave alone a "contender" to BSD and Linux.
  • Live CD???

    I downloaded the openSolaris LiveCD after reading about it. Would it have been that hard to have it boot up into a desktop? I tried freesbieBSD and there was no hint that I had to run the command "startx" on the CLI. I found that command in a forum looking for something else. Next time someone says that LinuxOS is too geekie, I'll suggest they try openSolaris or a BSD. How do they expect someone to try their products if they don't even give a clue on the webpage on how to start it?
    • Yes, Live CD

      I hade no problem starting it with X and all right from the CD rom on my laptop HP pavilion dz8000.
      As they use Xorg, I should not be much harder than starting any Linux live CD.

      What hardware do you have?
  • re "trojan horse"

    Exactly what is wrong with people trying OpenSolaris
    out and "not going back to Linux"? It just means they
    found the latter better...

    Does not using Linux make someone an infidel? LMAO!