Oracle purging community council

Oracle purging community council

Summary: If the meetings of last week's community council meeting, posted by dissident members, is to be believed, is no longer a community endeavor, but entirely a corporate project.


Oracle employees are purging the community council of people who support the competing LibreOffice and The Document Foundation.

LibreOffice is a fork of Oracle's

In the log of a community council meeting held last Thursday, linked to from member Cor Nouws at UberVu, Oracle community manager Louis Suarez-Potts put the question plainly, describing the problem as a conflict of interest.

"You now represent The Document Foundation (TDF) and LibreOffice," he told TDF steering committee member Christoph Noack. "These are distinct from For you to represent (OOo) in the Community Council (CC) is therefore quite confusing."

Brazilian Olivier Hallot, another member of the TDF steering committee, tried to intervene. "Our presence in OpenOffice Community (OOC) is a good opportunity to keep door open to both projects," he wrote.

Later in the transcript, he admitted "I only see Cor Nouws, Christoph Noack and Olivier Hallot as the community members and all other are now Oracle employees so I take it as Oracle wants us to get out."

In the transcript Matthias Huetsch, a former Sun employee now with Oracle, backed up Suarez-Potts. "You have chosen to leave, so we wish you good luck, but please leave; and that has nothing to do with Oracle; that is my personal opinion."

Suarez-Potts then set a deadline of today for an answer to the resignation demand, writing "We are giving the TDF members the time to understand the weight of their action and to act gracefully."

Assuming the community council members comply, and the situation is as Hallot described it in the transcript, then as of today the community council is a collection of Oracle employees masquerading as a community.

And if that's the case, then is no longer a community endeavor, but entirely a corporate project. Anyone thinking of contributing to the code base should probably keep that in mind.

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  • Sounds like the fork will stick. In any case, LibreOffice is just a

    transition tool. Not many of us will be using bloated office suites 5 years from now. I get fewer and fewer MS Office attachments as time goes on.
    • Not surprised

      @DonnieBoy, isn't your company (Google) converting entirely to Google Docs? You also got royally spanked by the Chinese because you were running an old, outdated OS on your internal PCs, so I assume you are also converting over to Chrome. Isn't it to be expected that in your office you will see a decline in MS Office attachments?

      Meanwhile the rest of the world continues to move right along producing our quaint old 8.5"X11" documents with our bloated Office suite and its baroque feature set. It must really chap your hide that OO is fading and Office 2010 is getting great reviews.
      • Work upgraded me to W7 and Office 2010 today...

        OH MAN! It's so fast! Same hardware. GLORIOUSLY beautiful! Incredible workflow improvements that translate into time savings already!

        Office 2010 is sleek and nimble. Everything is easy to find. The Office apps open faster and are more responsive.

        OneNote made documenting an install process a breeze... what is OO.o's OneNote competitor? I forget...
      • RE: Oracle purging community council

        @ericesque they must have upgraded your PC as well, because as soon as I put office 2010 on my PC I noticed it was much slower to load that office XP, and nothing is easy to find, in fact I cant find anything I want, its all too busy, and if the ribbon so good then why did a study find that productivity in excel dropped 20% from office 03 to office 07?
      • Source?

        @nickdangerthirdi Care to post a link to your study?
    • Unfourtanly, you are the only one that believes that

      DonnieBoy. I find I receive more and more Office 2007 and 2010 attachments, so you are either in error, or not being truthful, once again.
      Tim Cook
      • RE: Oracle purging community council

        @Mister Spock ... or people are ignoring him at work too ;)
    • Really?


      I still get the same amount of MS Office attachments as I have in the past. It's all the school uses.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • Office Suites have many years to go yet.

    (For companies, that is - not necessarily for personal users). So the future of ODF tools and OO derivatives is a big issue. I'd like to see Oracle lose this battle - Don't like their attitude recently!
  • RE: Oracle purging community council

    Either way there isn't much hope for either of these projects.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Oracle purging community council

      @Loverock Davidson
      Kind of like Firefox, you do use at home correct.

      Don't worry lovey neither OpenOffice or LibreOffice will hurt your Love of MS.

      I hear both work just fine.

      Riding with Penguins in a World of Glass and Fruit.

    • RE: Oracle purging community council

      @Loverock Davidson

      About as much hope as a Microsoft Executive making it to retirement ... right Ozzie ?
  • Huge difference

    There's one HUGE difference between OpenOffice and Libre Office--Libre Office isn't going to be advertised with every installation or update of Java!
  • RE: Oracle purging community council

    Oracle's actions are the sort of things you'd expect from people who would buy works of art with which to wipe their butts. Smooth move, Oracle.

    Oh, well, no problem. This is what forks are for. is dead. Long live LibreOffice.

    I've made the switch, though it's beta. From the LibreOffice download page ( "Be advised that the current beta might replace your installation."

    • RE: Oracle purging community council

      @dave.leigh@... Would not surprise me if Oracle's next move is to sue TDF and the fork for violating copyright. Since it owns copyright on the code it may try to prevent a fork from succeeding.
      • RE: Oracle purging community council

        @DanaBlankenhorn It wouldn't surprise me, either. However, since is covered by the LGPL, such an action may instruct Oracle in the difference between Copyright and Copyleft. IOW, they can TRY....
  • RE: Oracle purging community council

    screw oracle and anything they have tainted. I'll never install another piece of software they are involved in. They have betrayed everyone.

    Oh, and you can keep that bloated pos MS Office. Thanks for moving everything again...nice for productivity. Never use another version of that crap either.
    • RE: Oracle purging community council

      @timspublic1@... So, you won't use Since LibreOffice is based on OpenOffice, I'll assume you won't use that either (it still has ties to Oracle).

      You're not using that "bloated pos MS Office" either.

      Do you use vim to do all your word processing?
      • LOL

        @QuimaxW "Do you use vim to do all your word processing?" Great laugh, thanks. Now if I could only find out how to configure margins in Vim?
  • oracle play a dangerous game

    Next thing you know they neither end up with a army of open source guys waging a war again them and rallying a large % of open source community against them or they will face a complete hatered by the general public .... nice move oracle nice pr ....

    like the old saying live by the sword and die by the sword .