Red Hat scoffs at VMware's open cloud claims

Red Hat scoffs at VMware's open cloud claims

Summary: Red Hat's Cloud VP Scott Crenshaw dismissed Vmware's claims of cloud openness and said that its own DeltaCloud -- which will be included in the company's forthcoming CloudForms platform -- has been elevated to a top level project at Apache


Red Hat maintains that VMware's claims of openness in the cloud are bogus.

During a webcast today, Scott Crenshaw, Vice President and General Manager of Red Hat's Cloud Business Unit, said he's glad to see VMware working with partners to develop its cloud business but insisted that VMware's is a lock-in solution.

"VMware will be open the day they open source vSphere ... everything else is window dressing," said Crenshaw, saying that VMware is taking what is a closed proprietary solution and trying to make it more open through standards and partnerships. "They're taking baby steps but I wouldnt call it open."

vSphere is VMware's virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures.

The Red Hat exec made his comments shortly after EMC-VMware and partner Atos announced an open cloud computing alliance called Canopy. During a press conference about Canopy on Wednesday, one Atos exec acknowledged the reference to open cloud computing related to Java and the use of other frameworks -- not open source.

Meanwhile, Red Hat, which is working on its own platform for building cloud infrastructures, announced that its DeltaCloud REST API project has been elevated to one of Apache's top level open source projects -- up from the incubator level.

Yes, Red Hat's CloudForms -- that company's virtualization plaform for building a cloud infrastructure -- includes the DeltaCloud API. It is still in beta testing.

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  • RE: Red Hat scoffs at VMware's open cloud claims

    Kudos to Red Hat.
  • You Go Red Hat!

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  • And in other news...

    VMware investors scoff at Red Hat's income statement... all the way to the bank..
    • RE: And in other news...

      @daftkey Neither VMWare nor Red Hat offer dividends. That leaves their stock and the likelihood of long-term growth. Red Hat is more diversified than is VMWare and has nowhere to go but up in the virtualization market. While VMWare is currently king of the hill in the virtualization market, they are looking down at Red Hat (KVM), Citrix Systems (Xen), IBM (with their mainframe virtualization) and Microsoft (Hyper-V). And virtually all of these virtualization solutions, including VMWare's, will be running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a good bit of their installed base.

      Scoffing at Red Hat? Really?
      Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Touche....

        @Rabid Howler Monkey

        Good points... all of them.. :)
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