Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

Summary: Canonical’s Ubuntu 7.10 hit the web today with substantial desktop and server improvements making it more suitable for businesses.


Canonical’s Ubuntu 7.10 hit the web today with substantial desktop and server improvements making it more suitable for businesses.

The UK Linux distributor is most known for its groovy consumer desktop and the latest rev, with 3-D effects, enhanced user interface and multi-monitor support, is no disappointment.

But the update also incorporates features of interest to business users including desktop search, improved plug and play for printers, automatic install of Broadcom cards and better Windows compatibility in the form of the ability to read and write to files on a separate Windows partition, including NTFS files.

The server, also released Thursday, addresses three big areas challenging even the more established OS vendors: security, virtualization and power.

The server, for example, offers enhanced security through AppArmor, a virtualized kernel optimized for para-virtualization (including support for VMI) and a tickless kernel to reduce power consumption.

Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition also offers improved messaging and printing support, quick start profiles, and features that improve its compatibility with Windows, such as including LDAP client authentication and enhanced Samba compatibility for clients including Vista. The server is optimized for x86, AMD 64, EM64T and Sparc architectures.

Mindful of business cycles, Canonical notes that Ubuntu 7.10 will be maintained for 18 months on both the desktop and on the server. The Debian-based distribution was first released three years ago.

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  • Try without the pain...

    FWIW, folks who want to take a spin with Ubuntu but don't want to make a full install 'commitment' can opt to download a prepackaged VM 'release candidate version' vmx of Ubuntu 7.10 from VMware in their appliances section.

    (Runs on VMware Server for Windows or Linux, which is FREE.)

    If you decide throw the VM away and you have your disk space back.

    OK then. Happy Motoring to the Ubuntu Folks! Enjoy! :)
    D T Schmitz
  • Ubunty 7.10 - Almost Open for Business!

    The only problem I (continue to) have is with the Microsoft Exchange integration. It just hangs when I delete a message. That's NOT good. It's faster to read them on Evolution and delete them in OWA!

    If I had one wish for 7.10, this was it.
    -- Olderdan
  • RE: Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

    I have Ubuntu 6.06 and was wondering if I install this is there an update available to go to the 7.10 of do I have to have the 7.10 CD Tks and could you respond to my email djmarcel@mchsi.com
    • To: djmarcel@mchsi.com

      From: noob support
      To: djmarcel@mchsi.com
      Time: 2007-01-20 13:40
      Subj:RE: Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

      Here's a good link for you: http://www.google.com/
    • Try checking your update manager

      I had 7.04 and Friday morning, my update manager had a new button to update mine to 7.10. It worked perfectly
      • My update

        I used the upgrade option from 7.04 to 7.10. The had two issues. I had added some third-party package manager locations. The upgrade would fail until they were removed. When the upgrade was completed the Grub no longer had my Windows XP boot option. I had to edit the menu.lst file to recreate that boot option.

        Prior to 7.10 I could not get my display to work at my monitor's default resolution. I also could not turn on visual effects. Both problems are resolved in 7.10.

        Now if I can get Lotro to work through Wine I can stop using Windows XP, except for Remote Connection to work.
  • RE: Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

    LOVE IT!
    I first encountered Ubuntu about 12 months ago, as a disgruntled M$ user looking for a viable alternative.
    I've become a Ubuntu enthusiast. Rock solid, stable, fast and simple to set up and use. What more could a user want? Oh, OK, pretty and flexible, too.

  • RE: Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business

    Greatest thing since ... you name it. This has now become a real alternative to Windows. Almost all the file formats from windows programs are fully covered by equally good and FREE software under Linux and the Ubuntu distribution is fabulously easy to install. Windows lovers will like the Kubuntu variant with the KDE desktop manager because of the familiar feel.