'Dude'! The Mac Duo is almost $1000 more!

'Dude'! The Mac Duo is almost $1000 more!

Summary: [Updated 2:00PM] Ok I know it's been a while since the Dell dude was booked for Mary Jane, but I just couldn't resist the title when I did a little comparison shopping for a PC Duo.  I found a nice little coupon code (6C$03$J1734MS?


[Updated 2:00PM] Ok I know it's been a while since the Dell dude was booked for Mary Jane, but I just couldn't resist the title when I did a little comparison shopping for a PC Duo.  I found a nice little coupon code (6C$03$J1734MS?) worth $650 (when final price is more than $2,000) off a new Core Duo 1.83 GHz notebook from Dell but couldn't find any coupons for the Mac 1.83 GHz Core Duo.  Since this is a typical coupon you'll find every few weeks for Dell and it's rare to find any kind of coupon for the Mac let alone one this large, I felt this was a fair comparison because it's what consumers would generally pay in the real world.  If someone does find a Mac coupon, let me know and I'd be happy to update the pricing on the Mac.  One of our readers did point out that it is possible to get 5% coupons for Macs, so I've updated the Mac pricing.  This changes the discounted price difference to $942.  Others mentioned the 10% student discounts for Apple, but I didn't use that since not everyone is qualified to use it whereas the Dell coupon is open to anyone.

Here are the specifications laid out below:

Dell Core DuoMac Core Duo
1.83GHz Intel Core Duo1.83GHz Intel Core Duo
17" XGA+ TFT*15.4" 1440x900 TFT
NVidia GeForce Go 7800 256 MB*ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB
100GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard100GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard
Intel 802.11 a/b/gIntel 802.11 a/b/g
$1,432* (with $650 off)$2,374 (with 5% off)


Apple lovers will always feel that the extra money is well spent and they will always believe they have the superior product.  PC shoppers with more realistic budgets will always prefer the cheaper product (with mostly superior specifications) that can run all of their existing software.  The difference is that the latter will always outnumber the former by more than 10 to 1.  Apple has always managed to charge a premium for their hardware because of superior branding and a diehard fan base, but they will always be priced out of the main stream.

A lot has changed in the last year with Apple Macintoshes running on an Intel Pentium M platform (which I predicted), but the more things change the more they stay the same.

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  • Don't feed the troll.

    • Just the facts which you can't dispute

      Where are the inflammatory remarks? All we're talking about here is cold hard facts which you don't dispute so who?s trolling here?
      • Watch Me....

        Here is something you can despute.
        We are talking Dell here, not exactly top of the line when it comes to their hardware. And their XPS systems are generally rebadged hardware.

        You also have to understand the laws of supply and demand. Dell is in a highly competitive market and because of such, demands a razor thin profit margin. Apple on the other-hand has no real competition and for this reason, doesn't feel the need to be competitive. If we want to compare Apples to Apples, no pun intended.
        If you were talking shopping, Dell is the Wal-mart, while Apple is Macy's. If you want to talk cars; Dell is the Kia, while Apple is the Lexus.

        The fact is, you can get far more features on a Kia, or far more products at the Wal-mart, but the price is far cheaper as well. Apple asks for a premium out of their products, and for this reason, I feel we should expect more out of them. Prestidge if anything when you see that Apple Logo.

        So.. if you want to look all cheap and such with your Dell, feel free. I think I will be styling with my Mac Duo.
        • Here is the important part

          Take a look at the last three Consumer Reports for customer sastification for consumer PC's. Apple scores FAR better than Dell in all categories (Support, Reliability,...) except price. I don't understand why George Ou wouldn't be interested in also representing information like this in his comparison.
          Benton Rich
          • Here is your answer...

            Sensational Journalism.
            He wants to find something to argue about and push it forward creating an enemy of the people.

            He can use something as simple and mindless as price of Apple vs Dell. With that, all the Mac fans are up in arms about, how could you bash our precious Macs. The argument is even more convincing now that the hardware is becoming more that of a PC.

            He does the same to get the fans of Linux up in arms when he compares boot times and such compared to Windows. Fact is, Windows is an out of Box product and Linux is a very robust tinker-toy. When I was a kid, I had the choice between GI Joes or Construx.. Guess which one drove my creativity further.

            The point is George is just out to create an arguement in the forum and hopefully convince some one to see his point of view as he sees it.

            Consider him a glorified preacher if you shall.. His god, who really knows, but do you buy what he sells. The point is, few of us seem to.
          • Ou is a troll!

        • I don't care about support

          So long as they replace any bad parts, I'm good. I don't care about software support because Dell loads too much junk anyways and I always reformat the drive when I get it. You're right that there is a support advantage, but people need to decide if it's worth the price difference. You might feel it's worth it, I don't.
          • I understand

            I'm always on the road and can not afford to have my laptop down.
            My job depends upon it so reliability/support is super critical.
            Benton Rich
          • Did I say anything about Support?

            I don't think I did, and I reread my post just to make sure.

            I said that the Apple was a more prestigious model.

            People expect more out of an Apple than they do a Dell. People who by Dell, generally buy cheap products. While people such as myself who are PC enthusiasts spend the extra case to build their own system. Granted, I can't go out and build my own laptop as easily, but I would love to try some time.

            As for Dell loading too much junk, that's correct. First thing I do when I get a PC from them is wipe it clean and start over. When some one asks why my workplace uses a more expensive local vendor verses IBM or Dell or some other massive vendor, I tell them that I don't have to reload a system at every purchase and being out in a rural area, Dell or IBM or Gateway don't always care to deliver on support.
          • But is it $1000 more prestigious?

            That's around 60% of the total cost of the PC! I can buy three PCs to 2 of the Apples! No wonder they can't compete in the business world.
            By the way, in the REAL cheap PC world, we don't consider Dell cheap! It does sell some bargain basement models, but as soon as you ask for any improvements, their prices start feeling more like Apple's! You want cheap, go to a Systemax, eMachines, Wintergreen or Microtel; grab an HP at Walmart, or better yet, build it yourself with refurb parts! And support? Why would you pay for it at all? Unlike Apple, you can actually FIX your PC if you need to, by yourself. Yeah, I know laptops are a little tougher, and I must say I've had the WORST problems with Dell on support, but I sort of like Acer better anyway, and I keep getting good prices out of them. Don't know about their support, never needed it!
            But I am with on the pre-load, wipe that Dell crap and don't look back.
          • $1,000 for an OS?

            When Apple changed to Intel, they opened themselves up to these kind of comparisons. From what I can gather, the 2 computer are basicly the same hardware. So why the difference of $1,000?
            The only difference is the OS? So now the question is...Is the OS worth a $1,000?
            Not in my book. I`d rather learn Linux before I pay that kind of price for software.
          • Well I dont want cheep

            I want the performance for my dollar and apple; well they fall a little short of the tree. I want a super high performance machine with the best graphics I can buy for the money. Still an apple can't a beat PC. For the same price - My AMD chip PC will carve the peal off of an apple and eat it for dinner. So tell me where is the prestige in that?
          • I would have to agree

            But look at the Ferrari model of the Acer. Higher priced with red looks and specs that match.

            But is it worth what you pay for it?

            Also keep in mind Apple's Mac Duo falls under their more expensive Pro lineup. Whereas the Inspiron falls under the Home User lineup. Again something that George failed to point out.
            If Mac released a iBook Duo, then we would be comparing Apples to Apples.

            Now granted, Dell does have some good deals, and you really have to shop to find them, but they are there. Apple, this is not the case. Hunt all over and you might find $10 dollars difference in price.
          • Not just the OS...

            but OSX certainly helps and is ,IMO ,a big Mac advantage.

            Does the Dell (as configured for this comparison) come with...

            - Firewire
            - optical digital/analog I/O
            - built in mic & web cam
            - illuminated keyboard
            - scrolling trackpad
            - "drop protection" technology (not sure if the Intel Macs have this... previous Powerbooks did)

            If not, there's at least some of that $1000.

            As mentioned by others, Apple's scores higher/highest in customer satisfaction surveys (especially) vs recent Dell results. A big plus for home (average... not tech) users.

            software = definite Mac advantage...
            iLife (plus other Apple apps) and OS X make it no contest (ie, no virus magnet and malware Windows to worry about? don't forget to add $ for security, like the extra $50 MS is planning to charge to protect users against MS's own incompetence and sloppy coding)

            IMO, you get what you pay for... advantage Mac.
          • You get what you pay for

            And I know this from experience. I bought a CTX laptop some years ago. Try to get parts for it, especially on Ebay. I have a Compaq I can get anything for it, motherboards, hard drives, batteries. I have a spare screen and upgraded the cpu. The CTX I can't even get a battery unless I want to pay list price. You'll find out when it breaks what you paid for. And maybe you think Chevy or Ford is no good because Kia is way cheaper too.

          • The Apple advantage

            Well, I haven't checked out the spec's on the Dell, but I wonder
            does it offer a touch pad with two finger scrolling? Or built-in
            accelerometers that automatically protect the hard drive...and
            your mission critical data...in the event of a fall? Or a Mag-Safe
            power adapter that protects your laptop from being yanked onto
            the floor by an errant child? Does the Dell offer Dual Display
            and video mirroring? Or support for its own display AND a 30"
            cinema display...both at max resolution? How about analog and
            optical digital audio in and out? Backlit keyboard? Built-in
            iSight camera for on-the-go video conferencing? And what of
            Apple's iLife suite of applications? Is Dell giving you a suite of
            applications that can match the features and seamless
            integration of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and
            iWeb? How about iChatAV, which allows you to video conference
            with four people at one time...with NTSC quality video? And how
            about comparing the features, simplicity, stability, security and
            ease of use of OS X vs. Windows XP? Apple does charge a
            premium for their products, and those who use them obviously
            feel that they are still a bargain at that price, because they buy
            them. Apple designs their own hardware, operating system and
            software to work as a single, coherent entity. Dell assmbles bits
            and pieces from dozens of other manufacturers...at razor thin
            margins...at a lower cost than most of their competitors. For
            those who can't afford or don't need all that the MacBook Pro
            offers, Apple provides the MacBook, which will be here very
            soon. Hardwarewise, it will offer 90% of the speed and features
            of the Pro, but at half the cost. Why 90%? Because those who
            buy the MacBook won't be the pro's who make their living using
            app's like Final Cut HD, Motion, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and
            all of the super-demanding graphics, video and 3D app's.
            Running the rest of the stuff that we all use on an everyday
            basis, the MacBook will feel almost as fast as thes Pro...and it
            will have exactly the same advantages as the Pro in terms of is
            OS and its Apple-designed software applications. And at $999,
            isn't the MacBook a little cheaper than your Dell?
          • HUH?????

            "People who by (sic) Dell, generally (sic) buy cheap products."

            "First thing I do when I get a PC from them...."

            First you complain that Dell is "cheap", but then you go and buy their product anyway!

            "...asks why my workplace uses a more expensive local vendor", "...being out in a rural area, Dell or IBM or Gateway don't always care to deliver on support."

            I wonder what happens when you're out on the road a great distance from your expensive "local" vendor, their support is fantastic because they can go anywhere on the planet to help solve your hardware/software problems.
          • If you need support,,, means your dumb..

            Micro computers have been around for 25+ years, If you still need help using them, your dumb as a rock!
          • There is also the ease of

            use issue you and many other always overlook with the Macs. You can prostelize all you want about how easy a Windows machine is... bet you 10 to a doughnut the Mac is more intuitive and far easier to use and maintain.

            Example, remove a program/application from Windows, you still have to go out and clean up what mess was left behind. On a Mac, drag it to the trash and it's gone. No mess left over.

            It's things like this that make the Mac worth the premium that is paid. Next is the fact that the Mac is light years ahead of Windows, even the new Vista is already out dated by the Mac.

            Fact is George, Microsoft is a not worth the high price of money, time and aggravation. Every person I have moved from Windows to Mac asks pretty much the same thing (parapphrased of course) "What the hell was I thinking!? Computing as is should be!" So that alone is worth the premium paid.
            Linux User 147560
          • Intuitive to who?

            As A PC user who is always asked to teach our Mac users how to do things, I must say that the "intuitive argument" is baloney. If it were so darned intuitive, I could actually right click, and scroll with a wheel like God intended; why else would we have a middle finger? (LOL) Intuitive is not a good description of either platform, everything about them is learned, and whatever you learned on is the easier.
            Easier to use, I disagree; easier to maintain, yeah, OK I'll give you that one, since you basically use a Mac til a new OS comes out then buy the new machine to match the OS, I guess it would be easier to maintain...oh, you mean the virus thing...yeah, I'll give you that too. Although I still argue that as soon as Apple hits 60% of the market, there will be a TON of Mac viruses out there! You wait and see!
            Is that worth the premium? Not to me. And by the way, every Mac user I have taught to use Windows and moved to PC says, "What the hell was I paying that much for?"