Samsung multi-function printers scan direct to USB

Samsung multi-function printers scan direct to USB

Summary: Unfortunately, one of the least used features on all-in-one multi-function printers and heavy duty copier/scanner/printer machines is the scan function because it's simply too complicated.  If you're lucky, IT will set up your email account as a preconfigured setting and they'll teach you how to scan a document to your email inbox.


Unfortunately, one of the least used features on all-in-one multi-function printers and heavy duty copier/scanner/printer machines is the scan function because it's simply too complicated.  If you're lucky, IT will set up your email account as a preconfigured setting and they'll teach you how to scan a document to your email inbox.  If you're geeky enough to go and figure out how to key in your own email, then you might be one of the other two people in the building that uses the scan functionality.  But most people simply keep paper copies and do everything the way they've always done it by making more copies and storing them in a file cabinet if they're organized enough.  Well Samsung might actually change this with their direct to USB multi-function printers.

One of the features I've searched long and hard for is a scan-to-USB feature.  I've asked representatives from Xerox and every other copier company that offers multi-function copiers with little luck.  I've asked HP for this feature and no luck there either.  But last week as I went through Samsung's CES booth, I thought I'd check out their color multifunction printers and I notice a nice little USB port in the front of them.  The Samsung representative explained that the USB port can act as a print source or scan destination and I thought FINALLY we've made scanning easy.

The color multi-function printers in question are the Samsung CLX-3160 (pictured left) and the yet-to-be-released CLX-6200.  Both devices can print an assortment of document types such as PDF, JPEG, TXT, etc directly from USB memory.  Both devices can also scan documents and save them directly to the USB memory.  This means that instead of trying to figure out how to configure an email destination which is difficult without a qwerty keyboard or figure out how to dump to a scan to a network file share, you simply dump the scan to USB.  Now you just take those stacks of documents and shove it in the feeder and it will get digitized on to USB memory!

The difference between the Samsung CLX-6200 and CLX-3160 is that the 6200 can print all four colors at the same time whereas the 3160 does color one color at a time.  This means that the 6200 prints color more than four times faster than the 3160 and it also prints black and white a little faster.  The 6200 will also print full duplex two-sided output automatically which cuts down paper consumption in half if only people can be educated on using it.  The 3160 is available now online for roughly $450.  The 6200 will launch at the end of this quarter for $200 more than the 3160 and should be well worth the price as a workgroup all-in-one.  Personally I wouldn't mind having one of these near my cubical.

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  • Least used for some....

    At my office if the scanner is down, some jobs come to a halt. We use the scanner for emailing in place of fax. We spent quite a bit of time getting the unit setup to work with our email server and sync up with the address book.

    All of our paper purchase orders are now saved on the network. Many of our other accounting documents are now on the network.

    Our fax machine is set to recieve only. And our paper usage has dropped dramatically. Those are the advantages that have proof that they work. Other items of interest include the amount of time saved trying to track down a paper document verses one that is saved on the network with searchable text. Then you also have the amount of time trying to track down a fax and then figuring out which email it was attached to. This gets extremely frustrating when you have faxes for multiple quotes or purchase orders.

    If you are not using the Scan feature to your multifunction printer, you are only using 5% of the potential of the unit.

    That is similar to using Excel to type in numbers with a calculator on the side to figure out the values. Don't laugh, I have a user who still does this to this day. I have taught him about forumlas and he just doesn't trust them.
    • Good post

      Hey I've heard crazy things too so I'm not surprised by the calculator story.

      We had one guy in facilities request a scanner from helpdesk and nobody bothered to ask him what he wanted it for. Turned out that he had been asked to post a contribution to the Intranet so he thought he needed to copy other people's Intranet webpages. He figured he needed to print out the webpage and scan it back in to OCR it :). Of course he cold have just used the "save as" function if he actually needed to copy a webpage. But all he really needed to do was submit a word document and someone would have uploaded it for him.
    • And yes I agree with you about going paperless

      It takes education from IT. What I find is that the people who need this kind of workflow (especially Operations) will be trained. The problem is that most users don't know how to use the scan function.
      • Training and IT

        Currently I work for a company that has a training department, but they have little to do with IT. Personally, I think companies need to get away from this mentality and gear their employees to be educated about the tools that they have infront of them. You don't hand the Ferrari keys to a sixteen year old. I know software packages that are worth just as much being handed to people that have a toddler's understanding of a computer. At least the Sixteen year-old can figure out where the gas pedal and breaks are.

        I could go on about various stories where a hour's worth of training would have saved days worth of headache, but this is about as obvious. My current frustration is with the email system. Currently we use Lotus Notes and many of the tools that are featured aren't being utilized because people don't know how to access them. Simple things like creating a group in an address book or learning to reply without an attachment would save time and space for many.
  • RE: Samsung multi-function printers scan direct to USB

    The Brother DCP-9045CDN, MFC-9440CN and MFC-9840CDW can also scan to USB. It can also be restricted to certain users if your worried about documents being scanned and taken away by those who shouldn't.
    • Thanks - nt

  • Another scan to USB model: The HP C6180

    The HP C6180 (an inkjet multifunction machine) can also scan to USB or to a memory card inserted in the multi-format memory card reader. I don't think it can print pdfs from a memory card or USB, however.
    • At last year's MacWorld, the HP rep told me they didn't have this feature

      At last year's MacWorld, the HP rep told me they didn't have this feature. Maybe this changed this year.
    • RE: Samsung multi-function printers scan direct to USB

      I have just scanned one page to USB on the CLX6200 and the result is that it has cleaned my USB memory stick of three years of data - a complete bummer!!!
  • Also the Dell 1815

    has a USB port right on the front for scanning onto thumbdrives. I'm not sure how long they've had that feature.
  • Security?

    I'd be concerned that this is just asking for all those documents to be carried out the door.
    • You can also email them to yourself or stuff them in your socks

      You can also email them to yourself. You can get creative like Sandy Burger by stuffing them in to your socks and pants.
  • Wireless Scanning

    Perhaps this is the first step to what I really want Wireless Scanning for the small office from the small all-in-one printers.
    As an aside I have required the use of full size multi function copiers in all our large offices for about 3 years (Canon). After beating the IT folks and the copier salesman into submission the system has worked well. I have even been able to train construction workers how to scan and send to email and fax accounts.
    • These are wired models

      These are wired models. A printer doesn't really need to be wireless unless you're at a location where CAT5 wiring is cost prohibitive to install.

      Scan to USB makes it easier on people who have never been set up on a device where their emails and fileshare locations are already preset. This is the majority of the case in my experience.
  • Brother?

    Or you could get this one from Brother with 21 ppm b&w AND color, plus full duplex and wireless networking: