Saying goodbye to ZDNet

Saying goodbye to ZDNet

Summary: ZDNet blogs has been my online home since 2004.  With the help and a lot of guidance from David Berlind, Stephen Howard-Sarin, and David Grober, I was brought in to the world of blogging and journalism.


ZDNet blogs has been my online home since 2004.  With the help and a lot of guidance from David Berlind, Stephen Howard-Sarin, and David Grober, I was brought in to the world of blogging and journalism.  I enjoyed my work and all the conversations here and I hope you found it informative and entertaining.

As of March 26, 2008, I have to say goodbye to ZDNet because of some corporate restructuring.  I have no ill will towards any of my managers and I hold no grudges towards the company.  This will be my last and final post on ZDNet so farewell my friends.

Topics: Browser, Enterprise Software

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  • I am shocked...

    I've always looked forward to reading your blog and mixing it up with you if I disagreed. This is a big loss for ZDNet and I hope they realize that sooner rather than later.

    Good luck to you George. I hope to be reading your work somewhere soon. You are a gem, in more ways than one.
    Michael Kelly
  • ZDNet is going down the tubes anyway.

    New web site sucks!
    George I will miss our little chats.
    • Yes, the new format sucks, but, they still have a lot of good bloggers.

      Larry Dignan especially has come into his own of late. But, even with the departure of David Berlind, and Dan Farber, they still have some of the best blogs.
      • That's if you care to spend all day clicking...

        You read one blog, hit your browser back button, and you're back on the home page. I've got better things to do than spend all day clicking.
        • Right, they need to bring back the blog page with all bloggers, and the 5

          most recent blog titles. To be honest, I do not read ZDNet as much anymore, since it is just too hard to find what you want.
        • Use Twitter

          I never use the site itself for navigation. I subscribed through Twitter and set it to notify me via IM. I only visit the ones that have interesting titles. I also get the newsletter in case I missed something (such as in the evenings or on weekends).
  • Who are we going to flame...

    now? :-)

    Good luck in any new endeavors.
  • RE: Saying goodbye to ZDNet

    Fare thee well George. I've always held you in high regard as a blogger of the highest standards. I read about the CNet restructuring earlier today, and I had hoped it would affect of none of you. Sadly it appears this was not to be the case. I shall look forward to your next blog post, from whatever source that may be.

    "Go n'eir?? an bothar leat"
    - May the road rise to meet you
    -Old Irish language saying for wishing a person well on their journey
  • ZDNet is not what it used to be - for the bad.

    I used to count on this site for some serious news. Then it turned into nothing but opinionated blogs. Blogs are good but I'm looking for new more than opinion.

    Since their change, I for one have had to add many new sites to my favorites list to get news that I once could have gotten here. I doubt I am the only one. This equates to less time spent in front of ZDNet pages which equates to less add revenue for them.

    Their downfall is due to their own short sightedness.
    • Agreed, Where I noticed a problem..

      I think a while a go most of the blogs referenced ZDnet News Articles, then after a while the ZDnet blogs began to reference other blogs and now the News articles are becoming harder to find and less informative. This is like all of the major news companies drawing from the AP or some other news wire.

      "This is our take on what happened and now back to you Bob"

      I think a tipping point for me might have been the Mac World expo, where I wanted to hear from one blogger about the Mac world and yet everyone had some comment whether or not the comment was relevant to their field. Did Robin Harris even say anything about the Time Capsule?
    • Agreed!

      I like the new layout of the site but the content is mostly crap. It was much better when they had a mixture of news and blogs. Like you said, now its all blogs and opinions. Don't get me wrong, the occasional blog is fine if its informative (think Adrian HK, Ou, Nate McFetters?) but stuff like "is apple evil?" and "i don't hate windows i just like *nix better" doesn't really add anything.
      Loverock Davidson
      • Thanks for the plug

        Well, I just found out George is leaving, so Larry and I have a lot to fill in the Zero Day blog with him going. I'm going to solicit his advice, but just as an FYI, I welcome anyone to email me with comments about what you would rather see.

  • Another good one bites the dust....

    There are other bloggers on this site who's material is nowhere near as informative and as useful as yours, George. Like the first Talkback poster wrote, I hope they realize that sooner than later.

    Since they instituted this crappy new version of the site, I've visited less and less. Now, there's even one less reason to visit.

    Hey, ZDNet Management, get off your butts and smarten up!
  • RE: Saying goodbye to ZDNet

    There goes the neighborhood. Berlind now Ou. Guess there won't be much left to read on here from now on.
    • DITTO. Dumb move.

  • What?!

    You are/were the Technical Director! You got "restructured" out of it?! Good Lord. Who's next? Even when I disagreed with some of your entries, I still found them intriguing -- more so than many of the other bloggers on here.

    Corporate restructuring sucks. First the look goes all dark and violent (too much red), then the bloggers start disappearing. Oh well. ZDNet will probably be folded into CNet before long.

    We'll miss you!
  • RE: Saying goodbye to ZDNet

    You will be missed, that's for sure!! I hope we can find you elsewhere on the web.
  • Thanks for the contribution!

    Heard about this on Twitter - it'll be sad to see you go, since I often check the blog for new developments. Hopefully you'll stay in the public eye wherever you land next.
  • Farewell

    George, I'm going to miss your viewpoints and especially your participation in the Talk Backs. I'm sure you'll find a new home soon. Best wishes!
  • what the hell?????

    What is going on here at Zdnet? Hell, I often disagreed with you, but I almost always learned something from your posts and most important, your blogs always triggered interesting discussions.

    Jeez... Adrian is pro AMD and Linux. Paul is pro Unix. You were pro Microsoft and Intel. It has been a good mix of opinions. And defending MS in a site frequented by Linux geeks must have been tough!

    I'm really shocked. I wish you all the best and thanks for your contributions.