Is it time to dump the term "outsourcing"?

Is it time to dump the term "outsourcing"?

Summary: Is it time to dump the term "outsourcing"?


Is it time to dump the term "outsourcing"? 

Topics: Enterprise Software, CXO, Outsourcing

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  • There is no such thing!

    Outsourcing is a protectionist phrase come up with by
    disgruntled ex-employees!
  • RE: Is it time to dump the term

    No not at all! This is the time when other countries should join hands and help America. In fact America is now outsourcing more work to India and China in order to save them from Fueling costs.

  • "Outsourcing", in this context... a euphemism. The correct term is "offshoring". "Outsourcing" properly refers to the practice of farming previously internal functions to contractors, regardless of where the contractor is located.
    John L. Ries
  • After having read the article

    If one feels compelled to change the euphemism so that most people won't know what he's talking about, then it may be time to either dump the practice, or sell it to those who might otherwise be hostile.

    This is, of course, assuming that people are uncomfortable being thought of as "spin doctors" (aka "liars").
    John L. Ries