Cheap Netbook screen too small? How about a $300 ThinkPad?

Cheap Netbook screen too small? How about a $300 ThinkPad?

Summary:, AKA TigerDirect, is at it again with the crazy blowouts.


Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Refurbished Notebook PC, AKA TigerDirect, is at it again with the crazy blowouts. This week, they have refurbished IBM T43s with 14.1 inch screens, 1.6Ghz Pentium Processor, 512MB of RAM and 40GB hard drives for $299.00. NUTS!

I've been meaning to pick up myself a cheap portable for some vacation and recreational surfing  on Ubuntu/Linux flavor of the month so I can keep my work laptop as an Acropolis and not mess with it. I was considering a Dell Mini 10 until I saw this mailer come across my Inbox this morning.

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I immediately noticed the reconditioned IBM T43 laptop -- the same kind I've seen some of our employees run around with. Now, I can tell you from my own personal experience and from others who I know that have bought RB material from internal promotions, that when Lenovo sends out "Reconditioned" units, they are generally just merchandise that has been opened and sent back by the customer, sometimes with minor cosmetic defects (scratch on the plastic), etc. Frequently the stuff is in mint condition.

The T43 is a well-constructed workhorse machine that takes a phenomenal amount of abuse. If the criteria for "Netbook" for you means "Cheap Laptop" and not "Ultralight" then this definitely fits the bill. Head on over to for a 2GB upgrade for an extra $30 and you've got a serious little mobile system, particularly for Linux use. It's exactly what I did. But act quickly, as is only running the liquidation sale for just one day.

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  • Another good source of "refurbished" ...

    ... hardware is I think a lot of "refurbished" or "reconditioned" hardware is really inventory that was never sold. Last summer, I bought a really nice Compaq notebook that was "refurbished" and there was no sign that it had ever been opened. Instead of a year's warranty, it was a 90-day warranty but frankly, if they don't die of "infant mortality" modern computers usually live out a full life without problems.
    M Wagner

    they have all kinds of great deals.
  • I have a T22

    I bought about 2 years ago, and it still is my only laptop. I'd highly recommend Thinkpads. Yes it was refurbished, with a 40g HD. Upgraded to a 60 gig HD, and maxed out the memory. Also wiped Win98 and put on Win2k on it. Worked like a charm. Had a minor problem with the power but worked around it.

    Now it runs Ubuntu with 40g of work space left over. Only wish it was lighter - 6 pounds is hard on the shoulders. But it was about $750 then. Worth every penny.

    - Kc

  • RE: Cheap Netbook screen too small? How about a $300 ThinkPad?

    Too late...
  • RE: Cheap Netbook screen too small? How about a $300 ThinkPad?

    nope, I will NEVER again buy a thinkpad. When IBM sold them off to levwhat every the qualitiy when done the crapper.
  • RE: Cheap Netbook screen too small? How about a $300 ThinkPad?

    I've been in the market for a while now and also shop and Inventories are always shifting; right now's flooded with Dell Mini 9s.
  • aaaannd they're all gone.

    oh well.
  • I lusted after one of the X-series myself

    Sans CD/DVD.

    Just like those new thingies. Netbooks. ;)