Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

Summary: If you're looking for an Android Honeycomb tablet, you might want to consider being a Prime member at Amazon.


If you're looking for an Android Honeycomb tablet, you might want to consider being a Prime member at Amazon.

About a month and a half ago I spoke about how it might behoove Motorola to drop the price of its Wi-Fi XOOM now that it is facing stiff competition from Apple's iPad 2. I suggested that the company consider creating a new SKU for the device with 16GB of flash storage instead of the onboard 32GB that it currently ships with, in essence a "Light" config that would cost less than a comparable entry-level iPad.

A few weeks later, Acer introduced its own nVidia Tegra 2-based Honeycomb device, the Iconia A500, which has 16GB of flash, but otherwise all the same specs as Motorola's flagship Android tablet. Partnering with retailer Best Buy on the launch, the device is currently selling for $449.99. I actually went and placed an order on one sight unseen, and was expecting delivery early next week.

However, as I was checking the status of my order today on Best Buy's web site, I noticed that the actual price of the Iconia A500 ended up being $491.00 after paying local taxes and shipping. So just for kicks, I took a look at what the XOOM was currently going for on Amazon.

As It turns out, if you are an Amazon Prime member, the $589.00 device is currently having a $14.64 promotion and of course, there's free shipping and no taxes. End cost? $575.35.

Actual price difference from the Iconia?


That's much more in line with the kind of price difference you see between a 16GB and 32GB iPad 2. As a matter of fact, it's cheaper than what Apple charges for an equivalent flash memory bump on its own devices.

Needless to say, I cancelled the Acer and bought the Motorola XOOM instead. And as with Amazon's Prime's usual free two-day shipping, it should arrive first thing Monday.

I do a lot of yearly shopping with Amazon, particularly during the holidays, so the $79 per year Prime membership makes a lot of sense for someone like me.

I think that if you're looking to pick up a quality Android tablet, the 32GB Wi-Fi XOOM at Amazon's promotional pricing for Prime members is actually a pretty good deal, and certainly more competitive in terms of what I think a consumer should be paying for an Android tablet with those kinds of features.

Of course, it's possible that the Iconia A500 may very well match the XOOM in terms of build quality based on the contract manufacturer Acer is using to produce the unit, and lots of people might like the device, but based on my recent support experiences with the company, I'm going to spend the $84.00 difference and get the extra 16GB of flash memory and buy a device from a company whose support and build quality I know has never let me down.

Has the price gap closure between the Wi-Fi XOOM and the Acer Iconia have you reconsidering your purchases? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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    You can get it with a keyboard dock for $550/- and there will be a choice of no tax websites like shipping the tablet. Also, the keypad dock does help quite a bit.
    • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

      @srikanthreddys I'm with you. The Transformer is less than a week away. Anyone buying the Xoom now is stupid. Motorola is going to have to drop the price of the Xoom by $100 just to compete, then drop by another $50 to make up for the inferior screen.
      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

        Yes, thats the reason I also stopped buying Xoom and also G-Slate. I don't need another data plan added gadget. All I need is a WiFi one and I am waiting for Transformer.
        Ram U
      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

        deleted, duplicate post.
        Ram U
      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

        @ denisrs<br>Since I don't develop anything for BadaOS, I don't know much about it. I haven't put anytime to learn that platform because I haven't seen any demand for apps on that platform.

        But I really wanted to move to HoneyComb to develop something and taken a step back from it because of ridiculous pricing structure of most of the Honeycomb tablets. I was thinking of getting Xoom Wifi, but it is still expensive, G-Slate, I don't need another data package and the same goes to upcoming Samsung and HTC Tablets. At $400 for Transformer, I still feel it is expensive and I can wait, if not, I get a nook and root it and run Honeycomb for my development purpose. I already have iPad Original, and if I have something to test on the capabilities that are missing in iPad Original, then I am going for iPad 2 definitely. For just Facetime, camera, dual processor and HD video, I don't think I have to upgrade the iPad to iPad 2. But definitely I was tempted to upgrade iPad 2, when it was released. Yes, it is really a tablet targeted for both consumer (more) and upper level management and sales folks in an enterprise and I think that is the appropriate market for a tablet. Of course Verticals like medical, EMR, Field Operations etc. really need full OS capabilities and that market is still for Windows Tablets. I still feel rest of the tablets and corresponding platforms are just me too.

        I carry iPhone 4, iPad and Focus with me always because they are my personal choice and rest of the baggage is for my developmental and testing purpose only. Previously I used to carry tilt2, iPad and iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and Focus replaced iPhone 3G and Tilt2. :D
        Ram U
      • RE: Vertical Market requirements


        Your knowledge and first hand experience of iOS products is impressive. But then I read your somewhat puzzling statement, "...Of course Verticals like medical, EMR, Field Operations etc. really need full OS capabilities and that market is still for Windows Tablets."

        How do you reconcile that with the following video Medtronic testimonial on Apple's website.

        To be fair, I've recently observed a noted physician using a PC convertible tablet for medical data entry (using a pen stylus) which I'm sure was linked to a central PC database over a local network. However, the added capabilities of the A5 SoC in the new iPad 2 should eliminate the hardware requirements for Window's tablets based solely on CPU processing power. (Of course, medical environments already invested in a Window's ecosystem would require a "Window's tablet" solution.

        BTW, the Apple Stork just delivered my iPad 2 this week. Being a user of the iPad 1 3G model from day one of availability, I can state that I'm very glad I changed my iPad upgrade plan. (Like you, I originally had decided to hold off until the gen 3 model appeared.)

        The iPad 2 is not just an incremental improvement over the first generation model. (Like a CPU speed bump of 10 percent or so). The second gen model acts and feels like a major upgrade.

        Jason Perlow has stated that it reminds him of a Star Trek Tablet. IMO, the iPad 2 is better than that .. its thinner, for one thing! Grin.

        So .. if you are still having any reservations about your decision to postpone an iPad upgrade, do yourself a favor and address those reservations about getting one. You won't regret the decision.
      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

        @Rama.NET You are aware that this article is about the XOOM Wifi right?

        Also, tech republic reviewed the Transformer and found that the hardware was generally better in the XOOM with the exception of the screen.

        Of course the $399 EEEPad only comes in a configuration to 16GBx1GB and features lower quality speakers along with a Plastic Body. There are other things missing as well but these are the main pieces...

        It the eeePad Transformer a bad device? Not at all, I really like Asus and I'm sure it will be a big success for the company but I don't see it being the death of the XOOM either as the XOOM is a great tablet and it is a Google Experience Device unlike the Transformer.
      • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

        @kenosha7777<br>Oh yes, I have seen some applications targeted for Physicians for their day to day operations with patients. Those functionality includes prescription refill, approvals, drug research and also content editing like patient history editing etc. Thanks to iPhone 4, it has exposed the multi-tasking functionality and opened some more api to developers. Actually iPhone 4 put Microsoft into running for Tablet market once they didn't think about. Look at Windows 8, and it will be a definite answer for some of the needs that industrial operations are looking for. Isn't competition (healthy one) is good for all of us.

        Yesterday I tested iPad 1 and iPad 2 (my friend's)side by side, and yes, it erased my opinion (incremental update) and I am seriously thinking about trading my iPad1 for iPad2.
        <br><br>@Peter Perry<br>I know this is about Xoom WiFi, but that price is still expensive. Look at G-Slate for the same functionality and specs (better one with 3D/HD recording and playing, of course limited to Analglyph and other only not true polarization) with 4G is cheaper than Xoom Wifi. Why would one go with Xoom 4G or Wifi if they get G-Slate for cheap with cheaper Data plans, I know Xoom supports LTE, and I think once AT&T takes over T-Mo, G-Slate might get bumped to LTE.
        Ram U
  • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

    Still too expensive. The cost of the Xoom needs to be <$400 and you can keep the extra 3G contract I'll stick with WiFi and my Nexus One.
    • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

      @timspublic1@... Why does it have to be under $400 when the transformer is $499 for the same memory configuration?
  • Message has been deleted.

  • Crapware is crapware no matter the price

  • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

    I just don't understand why everyone complains about the price of a tablet? If you want it, then get it. The Xoom is a great piece of machinery that does everything I wanted it to do, and very well I must add, for something I could pay for. If you don't want to pay for it, then don't. It's a selective purchase, just like anything. Reminds me of PS3/Xbox debate. Get what you want. I didn't want an Apple product, and I'm very happy. Motorola did a great job for the first Honeycomb tab.
    • RE: Motorola XOOM pricing falls in line at Amazon Prime

      @bkenn36 Amen Brudda! I use mine all the time and I find more and more things I can use it for daily!

      Honestly, the only App I miss from the iPad days is Pages but I really think that gap will fall within the next few months. Other than that, I can do more, that fits my needs, on the XOOM than I ever could on the iPad.
  • Wait for v2.0

    Unless you have a compelling need to get a tablet right now, you might want to wait. What is out there now is v1.0 in the tablet wars. "Gotta have a tablet presence", the CEO says. "Get something out there now!" Wait unitl the fall or this time next year. Much better fare then.
    • Kindlabra

      @jpr75_z<br>For those who would rather eat rocks than buy Apple, I think yours is good advice. It's obvious that the offerings out there now were rushed to market... heck, the XOOM shipped with no Flash and a non-functional card slot while highlighting both as "features."<br><br>If I were determined to not buy an Apple, I'd wait to see what Amazon is cooking up. They are obviously setting themselves up to be some kind of power in the Android world. That might mean an Amazon-branded tablet, an Amazon-branded flavor of Linux like Android, or maybe just a customized Android. Whatever it is, they are capable of causing a lot more disruption than Google is right now with Honeycomb.

      By the way, for those who <i>would</i> buy an iPad, AT&T is footballing refurbished, 3G original iPads for $329.
      Robert Hahn
    • WRONG: Wait until v3.0 or higher

      @jpr75_z Technology only becomes acceptable after the 3rd iteration.

      V1 is usually crapware. v2 is bug fixes that makes it Beta quality. It is not until v3 when it becomes acceptable and real production quality.
  • where's the promo?

    I'm on Amazon Prime but I still see it listed at $589. Where's this $14.64 discount???