Taking Ubuntu Ibex on vacation

Taking Ubuntu Ibex on vacation

Summary: Humacao, Puerto Rico. Where Ubuntu Ibex will be put to the test.



Humacao, Puerto Rico. Where Ubuntu Ibex will be put to the test.

Well, it's time for little rest and relaxation. As of Saturday, I'm officially on vacation for a week -- the Gantt charts, the Visios, the component models, the time sheets, the expense reports, the weekly deliverables and status reports -- all shall go by the wayside, in exchange for a beach, some sun, and tropical drinks, with  some Bacardi and Cokes and a few Medalla Lights and Presidentes thrown into the mix.

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I'll be spending the week in Puerto Rico, based out of a timeshare condo in Humacao, on the East coast of the island. If I were to take my own advice, I'd leave my laptop and Blackberry at home for a week, but let's face it -- without having the ability to check in on my emails and do some after-hours browsing, I'll start having withdrawal symptoms pretty darn quick.

So I've decided I would compromise. For a whole week, I'll abandon my work PC environment -- my company-supplied Windows XP on my Lenovo T60 laptop. My plan is to rip out the Lenovo's removable hard disk, and swap it out with my spare that has a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. My wife and I will use Ubuntu exclusively for e-mail, wireless Internet access, photo editing, and the articles that I will write that week will be authored entirely with the built-in Open Source word processing tools.

My original intent was to test out Ubuntu Netbook Remix on a Sylvania Meso G and see how well it worked as a PC replacement, but I was unable to procure one in time. However, I've been wanting to test Intrepid Ibex for a while now, so I figured while I had no other distractions other than eating shrimp mofongo on the beach and checking out the local wildlife, it would be the perfect opportunity to take a Linux vacation.

Do you take Linux with you on vacation? Talk Back and let me know.

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  • Depends...

    most of my vacations involve some serious back country living and the last thing I or any other member of my family wants to do is pack dead weight, no. BUT when we go to Spain or Germany or somewhere else in the world, we all have our own Linux laptops that we use. All except my youngest child are on OpenSuSE 11.0 (although my oldest is playing with OpenSuSE 11.1) and Lenovo T61's. My youngest has one of my old Toshiba's with Edubuntu on it.

    We don't have issues with connectivity and since we all use Linux exclusively in my home, none of us have issues with using the installed software. It's actually fun to watch people as they look over my kids shoulders as they are doing whatever with full Compiz Fusion running.

    All of our laptops have a penguin logo (Thanks Ted) on the front with the phrase "This is a Linux powered laptop!" We get questions and it's just one more way to spread the word about Linux. So yeah, depending on the type of vacation we will take our systems with us. And they work fine and one more thing... the kids take them to school as well and have no problem with connecting to wireless either. ]:)
    Linux User 147560
  • Maybe a Linux netbook

    Provided they have wifi internet access on my vacation address..... Otherwise it's not much fun, carrying a netbook with me. :-)
    • I am holding out for a Netbook with a 10 or more inch screen. It does not

      have to be quite that small for me. But, I do want a solid state drive.
      • 10+ inches ultra small note book

        Lenovo S and Asus Eee PC 1000 series has +10"
        display. I found that Asus EeePC 1000H is a better buy. With 6 cell battery,1G RAM, blue tooth, wireless N and 160 G HD. A little bit on the heavy side...
        Alexander Tang
  • RE: Taking Ubuntu Ibex on vacation

    I recently acquired an Acer Aspire One especially for taking it on vacation with me. On past vacations, I took an old Sony Vaio (circa 2001.) It was a three-week vacation that went from Pennsylvania out to Colorado, down to New Mexico, and back again with stops along the way. The Aspire One with Linpus Linux got use every day of the trip for email, making reservations over the 'net, checking weather forecasts, storing digital photos unloaded from memory sticks, and getting detailed directions with Google Maps. It was able to connect effortlessly to every wireless network I encountered.
    If anyone has the need to take a computer on vacation, the current crop of netbooks fit the bill nicely.
  • Computers on vacation!

    sounds too much like work to me.
    • For me, even on Vacation, I enjoy getting up early and with a nice cup of

      coffee, reading the news, and maybe searching the net to see what fun things there are to do, restaurants, etc. As Google keeps getting better, a computer can really enhance the vacation.
      • What vacations? You live on your mom's basement!

        Seriously, accessing the Internet during vacations?? Don't you have anything else to do? Say, walking at the park, do some exercise at the gym, go dating or enjoy time with your wife and kids, read a good book (printed or "Kindled"!) and so on. No! You want to use Google during every vacation day after getting up early! At the beginning of your vacation for planning could be reasonable (shouldn't you plan most things before your vacation starts), but every day???

        Get a life!
        • Hey, I do have a life, and I do not like to plan everything in advance.

          More fun to look for things when you get there. Some people DO like to read the news even on vacation.
          • Yeah, you do have a life

            "Reading news during vacations" and you do not mention
            anything else

            Sure pal
        • LOL - probably true - LOL - nt

  • RE: Taking Ubuntu Ibex on vacation

    When taking my own next vacation, I'd totally take a computer, whether laptop or netbook with me on a vacation and certainly it will have a version of Ubuntu on it. I like the ability to check email, find a nearby coffee shop or Wal-Mart or whatever. The ability to find something nearby if need be in a crunch, in only 10 minutes far outweighs to myself, the 30-45 minutes i'd otherwise have to spend possibly driving & asking around for the same thing, no matter where i'm at. I just don't want to be bowing at the feet to Microsoft, & paying needlessly for something that is free within linux, so that i can use my money elsewhere.