Tech Grill: Episode 1, Tablet talk

Tech Grill: Episode 1, Tablet talk

Summary: The first episode of the Tech grill, where Jason Perlow and Scott Raymond discuss current trends in tablets.


The Tech Grill is a new project for the Tech Broiler blog that Jason Perlow and I have been working on. We're going to collect interesting conversations and brainstorming sessions and format them into blog articles. In the future, we plan on using these as the basis for accompanying podcasts.

Note: This conversation took place shortly after the iPad 2 launch, a few weeks prior to the Sendai earthquake.

Jason Perlow: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks interesting

Jason Perlow:

Jason Perlow: but if it costs more than 600 forget it. or if they tie it to a carrier, no way

Scott Raymond: I need a wifi only tablet, and I'm getting annoyed by these companies promising them and then not delivering. There's still no wifi only 7" tab

Jason Perlow: nope, and realistically 7" Galaxy shouldn't cost more than 400. More like 350, as now it's only a single core compared to what else is out.

Scott Raymond: Other manufacturers are making cheaper ones. Dell for instance.

Jason Perlow: truthfully, a single core model should be 300 TOPS

Scott Raymond: Until these people start competing with Apple instead of pretending they don't exist, they will all fail.

Jason Perlow: HP really screwed themselves. they could have had a nice android tablet and now they want to bake their own ecosystem like RIM

Scott Raymond: HP is {censored} again on the tablet market.

Jason Perlow: they could have really owned the windows space

Scott Raymond: No one talks about the Adam any more.

Jason Perlow: its a {censored} tablet massacre

Scott Raymond: And the market should be flooded with new devices

Jason Perlow: HP's tablet doesn't do anything better than ipad. its heavier, less features, only a front facing cam. they're gonna have to price it at 400 or they're out.

Scott Raymond: A second CES passed by, and only a couple of devices from CES 2010 are actually on the market. Apple is on its second gen tablet already.

Jason Perlow: even at 400 I think they are out. 300, maybe.

Scott Raymond: Does no one pay attention to how Apple does business? Then they wonder where they went wrong.

Scott Raymond: Geez

Jason Perlow: the problem is, Apple built up a biz over 10 years on consumer electronics and now has their supply chain and cash reserve that permits them to make volume commitments at 10M+ Q parts up front and own their inventory

Scott Raymond: And yet they still don't watch and learn.

Jason Perlow: nobody else can do that. MAYBE Amazon might be able to do that. SONY could do this, if they got past their long standing objections to using Korean and Chinese manufacturing. anything they build in japan is gonna cost too much.

Scott Raymond: Others could match Apple's strategy and don't. Samsung could; they manufacture their own components. If anything their tablets should be the cheapest.

Jason Perlow: yeah but see with Samsung almost certainly Apple actually bought their own piece of the assembly line with their own equipment so they cant use what they contract for Apple.

Scott Raymond: B&N has a $250 capacitive touch 7" 800mhz tablet. It can run honeycomb.

Jason Perlow: they gimped it for the average consumer though

Scott Raymond: It has wifi and 3g. Anyone else making excuses should shut the hell up.

Jason Perlow: and since its not 3G they can't utilize the Android Market.

Scott Raymond: They could ungimp it for $400 and have a dual core device with cameras.

Jason Perlow: Amazon we shall see what they do with their app store. whether they allow other vendors to use it, or if its reserved for their own device

Scott Raymond: Another thing: only ipads seem to have good leather cases available. Everything for Samsung is cheap Chinese crap that smells bad.

Jason Perlow: or its otter type stuff and is industrial

Jason Perlow: playbook has nice cases. I saw a few, and they are on amazon already

Jason Perlow:

Jason Perlow: crazy right? device isn't even near release

Scott Raymond: The industrial cases are OK, but you have to take them off to put them in a docking cradle. Kind of useless.

Jason Perlow: the otter you don't, which is why i like it, but its a high end case

Scott Raymond: You can't fit the Samsung into the cradle with any case. This is why I want a device with a built in HDMI port. No cradle then.

Jason Perlow: interesting no ipad2 accessories on amazon yet. you'd figure at least some cases

Scott Raymond: Accessories are another aspect of where Apple gets it right.

Jason Perlow: not sure if I will get the Apple case, maybe. the last case Apple made was a shmutz magnet. I hope the new microfiber one doesn't vacuum up filth

Scott Raymond: You're right. We saw a bunch of case manufacturers working on stuff for the new ipad.

Scott Raymond: I would get a leather one like Rachel has. Knomo. Cost $100 but it's worth it. Ipad2 is tempting, but I really hate iTunes.

Scott Raymond:

Scott Raymond: $539 is a good price

Jason Perlow: I don't have a Sam's near me and I'm not a member

Jason Perlow: Costco

Scott Raymond: Order online

Jason Perlow: but 539 is more like it

Scott Raymond: Still needs a good leather case

Scott Raymond:

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  • Talking about current tablet hardware is only a brainstorming session start

    But there are more interesting topics to talk about than just entry level tablet price points.

    For instance, where do the both of you see the relative importance of tablets in the near future? I'll start by noting some current tablet capabilities and some "proof of engineering" tablet related developments. (For the most part, this will be an Apple iPad centric discussion) And then, I brainstorm future possible scenarios in which I request your opinions on whether they are "far fetched", "possible but not likely to happen" or "This can happen today".

    First, a week ago it was reported a "proof of engineering concept" that allowed wireless 1080p streaming of iPad content or mirrored content" to a HDTV.

    Second, ZDNet blogger, James Kendrick, reviews a remote control VNC app, LogMeIn Ignition.;selector-blogs

    Third, Apple's new Lion OSX release will incorporate tight integration of file management between iOS devices and Desktop OSX machines.

    Fourth, Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer still believes iPad like tablets might remain a "fad". He believes future of mobile computing is based upon the Motorola Atrix model.

    Fifth, ZDNet, among others, note the practice of employee owned devices becoming integrated into enterprise IT environments.

    Here are some of my future scenarios made possible by an Apple iPad tablet with AirPrint, AirPlay, FaceTime and apps that allow remote desktop control control and file transfer between the tablet and the remote device.

    In a manufacturing setting, any supervisor or engineer will be able to just carry along a lightweight tablet for daily activities. If information is needed, for example an engineering diagram, that info can be wireless streamed to his tablet from a remote desktop computer. (Something I would have really enjoyed being able to do.) Photos could be taken at the sight of interest and made available instantly to any pertinent official. FaceTime conferences, if required could take place with a minimum of fuss. Information gathered during the day could be shared at daily meetings by streaming that content to a conference room HDTV.

    The obvious implications for educational advancement should be self evident. What ever function an iPad could not handle for both the student and teacher, a remote desktop computer probably could and this could all be controlled and viewed on an iPad either individually or displayed on a classroom HDTV.

    I propose that far from being a fad, the humble $500 dollar iPad tablet in conjunction with any needed inexpensive hardware adapters and moderately expensive system hardware (HDTV, Desktop or Mobile PCs) will become the overwhelming computing device of the "masses" and become widely deployed in both the home and enterprise environments.

    BTW, the "Atrix model" still requires a lightweight optional screen and hardware dock to give large screen functionality to this device. Why carry two things when one (a tablet) can handle the job at hand. (And its only a matter of time when the tablet will have smartphone phone call capability. (Built in microphone or Bluetooth phone ear piece, anyone?) I know my example contains two devices: a tablet and a bluetooth phone ear set. But a larger device should always be the more powerful device hence my choice of a tablet over a smartphone.
    • RE: Tech Grill: Episode 1, Tablet talk

      @kenosha7777 You make excellent points. Keep in mind that this is sort of a dry run. The idea is to eventually have it where we have a sampling of a text chat, and then expand on that by using it as the basis for a podcast where Jason and I discuss these topics in more detail.
      Scott Raymond
      • RE: Tech Grill: Episode 1, Tablet talk

        @Scott Raymond

        Can't wait to listen to that podcast.
  • RE: Tech Grill: Episode 1, Tablet talk

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