The Science Fiction Bonk List

The Science Fiction Bonk List

Summary: We've all thought about it. The question is, if you had permission from your spouse, who would it be?

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sfbonklist by you.

We've all thought about it. The question is, if you had permission from your spouse, who would it be? Who is on your "all time" Sci-Fi bonk list?

Frankly, I thought Cylon model Number Six was robbed and should have topped the TV Guide list. And Susan Ivanova is way up there on my all-time hottest SF babe charts, along with Lieutenant Uhura when she was in her prime.

What SF hero or villain is on your bonk list? Talk Back and let me know.

Topic: Tech Industry


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  • And what relevancy does this have....

    This story has zero relevance to ZDNet as a whole or even quasi-appropriate. I understand this is a blog, however its crap like this that this "blogger" turns out - which is why he should be removed. He offers very little to the ZDNet blogs with extremely biased opinions and constant spreading of FUD (Esp. against Vista - without cause).
    • angry much? relax. have some fun. (n/m)

    • .....

      STFU! Dude get over yourself and relax! Having occasional blogs like this is about having FUN! If you can't have fun and see the humor and fun in blogs like this then shoot yourself or get therapy. F*ck dude. ]:)
      Linux User 147560
  • Well that is a waste of time

    Mr please there a load of subject what we could discuss,
    Sci-fi fantasy babe should remain a private subject ...

    Both for the sake of our brain and your credibility ....

    wow what a waste of time
    • .....

      Man! And you call Americans uptight! ]:)
      Linux User 147560
  • NOT a waste of time

    He has to make a post, everyday, one a week once a month???? to make sure that paycheck keeps coming in!!!

  • RE: The Science Fiction Bonk List

    Major Kyra Narise of course ;-0
  • what's with all the dudes?

    that list was mostly guys! i would expect the opposite. are there now more female sci-fi fans than male? or are half the males gay guys? weird! ;-)
    • I guess they didn't want to be sexist.

      I know plenty of women who are are huge Sci-Fi fans. And yep, plenty of gay ones too. We don't want to leave them out.

      But if we're gonna include guys, Scott Bakula is definitely on the all-time list, as is Shatner in his prime on TOS. And definitely Patrick Stewart.