New ITIL book on the horizon

New ITIL book on the horizon

Summary: Giving you plenty of time to think it over, December 2005 will see the release of the latest book in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a framework for best practices in IT Service Management that I have written about recently.


Giving you plenty of time to think it over, December 2005 will see the release of the latest book in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a framework for best practices in IT Service Management that I have written about recently.  The book, Business Perspective: The IS View on Delivering Services to the Business Volume 2, published by the UK Office of Government Commerce, "shows how senior management can identify and then implement the right IT responses to a whole range of external factors - from legislation to the climate." It is designed to complement Volume 1, which focuses on developing business awareness to its providers. If you are new to ITIL, head on over to CIO for a recent look at "why the IT Infrastructure Library is becoming the most popular process framework for running IT in America." Then head over to the OGC for best practice guides.


Topic: CXO

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  • ITIL is just common sense

    When reading about the ITIL processes, I was constantly saying (to myself) "Well, DUH!". The big PROBLEM lies in mapping the ITIL processes into an ORGANIZATION. There are no easy 1:1 mappings here - just a lot of overlap between departments, where things fall off the table. Figuring out just HOW to create a massive configuration database and using it effectively are not addressed - but its ASSUMED that it is POSSIBLE (it may not be!).
    Roger Ramjet
    • Common Sense V's Best Practice?


      I agree (in a small way at least!) that ITIL is common sense - but think about it - ITIL has evolved through countless hours of reviews/discussion and quality assurance proceduers to become what it is today.

      So, common sense it may be - but it's also best practice!

      Where else can you find hundreds of pages on what to do - where to start - benefits - implications; answer:- nowhere.

      Second point: RE: "Mapping processes into an organization" (I know what you mean) - this will be (partly) addressed by the new material and online capabilities being launched next year, I understand.

      However there are already "headstarts" and "on ramps" on a number of the ITIL Fourms, sites and Blogs.

      Visit and use Google Search to find examples.

      Best Regards,
      "Dr. ITIL"
      Dr. ITIL_z
      • Is up to the business

        ITIL specifically mention that ITIL book don't address organizational structure, since OGC acknoledge differences between priorities, goals, objectives and metrics across business sectors.

        Think of ITIL books as a big dictionary of What to do?, if you search for How to do it? ITSM is the answer for you. ITSM (IT Service Management) is the practical implementation of ITIL best practices.

        But neither one would be of help if you DO NOT know your business (no IT) processes.
    • Roger Ramjet

      There is no way to map each and every business model and organization in a bunch of books, thats why OGC (ITIL) focused on processes. Don't be afraid to think. ITIL's ROI is great!

      Those forgave thing aside, falling off the table at time, are the reason that actually makes business get down on its kness, once there is one too many. Don't dismissed them.

      There quite good CMDB ( The massive Configuration Data Base)on the market. We HP Service Desk.

      I sincerelly recommend you all to void MS-MOF package. It is just a partial sight of ITIL/ITSM scope, since it only address Microsoft product as solutions. A good ITIL/ITSM implementation is infrastruture's brand free
      • MOF is Cool

        Hey mabricen,
        I've been through a good bit of MOF/ITIL and you are missing the point and advantage of MOF. As my MCS ITIL master always states MOF never disagrees with ITIL it just adds some platform directed content. The other cool thing is that they don?t steer you to any ITIL products but focus process. IBM, BMC, HP are all in it for the products they are promoting. I was very leery of MOF but it has been a very good thing for the new generation IT staffers.
  • December is pretty long time to wait.

    Lets hope book is going to be worth of wait.