SaaS bloggers (part one)

SaaS bloggers (part one)

Summary: I've decided to do a series of posts this month with the aim of compiling a directory of some of the best SaaS and on-demand bloggers, and then maybe set up a blogroll.

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For a long while, I've been meaning to link to the best SaaS and on-demand bloggers, maybe even put up a blogroll. So I decided to do a series of posts this month with the aim of compiling a directory of some of the best, and then I can implement that blogroll. I'm sure readers will want to contribute their own suggestions. That's part of the reason for doing it as a series. I'm sure I'll also get PR people telling me about SaaS CEO blogs. That's fine, bring them on. I'll devote one (or more) posts specifically to the topic.

So here's today's instalment:

  • Zoli's Blog: Zoli Erdos writes a great blog. This link is to his SaaSOnDemand category.
  • Enterprise Irregulars saas articles: This is not exactly a blog but it's a great resource. The Enterprise Irregulars were the core bloggers invited to SAP's recent user conference, and this site is their clippings blog. This page is where their collective intelligence posts all the items that catch their eye relative to SaaS. Some real gems here.
  • Think IT Services: Jeff Kaplan is a perceptive analyst covering the SaaS space and this is his blog.
  • Gianpaolo's blog: Gianpaolo doesn't post often but every post is worth its weight in gold. It's his job to translate Microsoft's SaaS message into terms that make sense to developers. A tough job, but someone has to do it, and Gainpaolo does it well.
  • Liveside: Everything you ever wanted to know about Microsoft Live. Has an exhaustive blogroll of links to Microsoft Live bloggers.
  • IT Redux: Ishmael Ghalimi is exploring how to run the office of the future using hosted applications. A seminal experiment.
  • SaaS Week: Analyst Prakash Kannoth comments on SaaS topics.
  • Amy Wohl's Opinions on SaaS: Probably the best-informed opinions you can ever hope to read on SaaS.

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  • Thanks Phil however...

    My blog roll is already full up and I'm suffering from information overload :-)

    Personally, I use your postings as my portal to the SaaS world. I find I can separate the wheat from the chaff by reading your posts.

    Keep it coming!
  • Good idea

    A blogroll would be a useful resource Phil - helps us all discover just that little bit more.
  • Don't Forget These Great SaaS Blogs

    Some of these rival Amy's for quality of content...
    Axel Schultze's blog at
    Boasso on Business at
    Aria Systems' The Pit at
    Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research at

    Check them out.