Top 25 on-demand providers

Top 25 on-demand providers

Summary: IDC last month published its first-ever list of the top 25 on-demand providers, based on 2004 revenues.


Updated 10/20/05: Research company IDC last month published its first-ever list of the top 25 on-demand providers, based on 2004 revenues. It's an interesting mix of the familiar, the unexpected and the obscure, although skewed by the omission of some potentially significant names. The report is called Worldwide Software on Demand 2004 Vendor Analysis: Top 25 On-Demand Providers Take Shape, by Erin Traudt and Amy Konary.

[Editor's note: At IDC's request, the list has been removed from this blog post. The full report is available from IDC.] 

The established players like WebEx,, RightNow Technologies and Microsoft (Live Meeting) obviously lead the on demand pack, and IDC finds another 21 that are generating real revenue. I can't help wondering what the list would look like if it included companies like Google, and eBay. It is of course tricky to separate out the business market component of their on-demand revenues, but if anyone tries to tell me AdWords and AdSense aren't business applications for a lot of companies, then they have a very different understanding of the word 'business' than I.

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    should be added to this list.
  • link appears broken / goes to pay site

    I followed that link... it went to some analysts profile. I looked arround on the same site and found the resulting article, but it was for sale for $3000!

    Maybe the article has moved since you posted the link? Could you post an updated link, if this is the case?

  • OK apparently link was removed

    which makes this article a total tease. The entire article should be taken down, as having an article called "Top 25 on-demand providers" without providing the list is misleading.

    If anyone got the list and feels like forwarding it to me, I'd love to read it. You can get my email address at
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