86% of Fortune 50 Enterprises Have Gone Mobile [Updated]

86% of Fortune 50 Enterprises Have Gone Mobile [Updated]

Summary: Some interesting proof that the world's largest companies are starting to get/go mobile.

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(Updated Friday July 8 to 86%) This spit-out-your-coffee stat comes courtesy of mobile apps maker, Appconomy Inc., which just put up a Google Spreadsheets list.

Appconomy has documented media reports showing that 431 out of the world's fifty largest companies have rolled out mobile applications.

(It's reminiscent of my iPad Enterprise Deployments List which any reader of this blog has seen me pimp before.)

That's 862%. And it's no doubt an undercount. For instance, Apple is not listed as a user of mobile apps, according to Appconomy. Umm, the maker of the world's most popular smartphone, most popular tablet and the most popular app store (15 billion served - watch out McDonalds!) doesn't use mobile apps?

On the other hand, the list today is weighted heavily towards consumer-facing apps of the marketing/light m-commerce variety. Nothing wrong with that; you make do with what's written up by the media.

But they aren't true enterprise mobility scenarios, like mobile CRM for salesmen (like General Mills), it's not boosting revenue by accelerating warehouse shipments (as in Tellabs' case), it's not empowering retail employees to place orders, scan inventory and request service using app-enabled devices (as in the case of Home Depot, #30 in the Fortune 50, which happens to be a Sybase and SAP customer).

Still, this is major proof that the largest enterprises are getting/going mobile. And it totally jibes with research like this that shows 90% of North American/British enterprises deploying mobile apps this year.

Readers: if you've got any additions, please send them via Twitter to @Appconomy, or even my way @ericylai and I'll nag the peeps at Appconomy.

Topics: ÜberTech, CXO, Mobility

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    Reading this post on my iPad while having lunch at Jamica Blue Cafe in downtown shanghai where I am connected to the free wifi and killing email via my iPad and booking expenses against my SAP mobile app while listening to Black Eyed Peas through my sweet Bose QC15 - Joy
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      @Nicholask71 yep, while the rest of us continue to toil within 4 carpeted walls or fluorescent-lit office, you're living the dream...
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