The Biggest Enterprise Deployments of Apple's iPad Tablet (List!)

The Biggest Enterprise Deployments of Apple's iPad Tablet (List!)

Summary: Looking for a comprehensive list of companies and organizations deploying or trialing Apple's iPad? You've come to the right place, my friend.


Just because no one else will. I've created a database of businesses and organizations rolling out the iPad on a large or trial basis.

This will help temper my otherwise wild speculations, such as the one I made last week that SAP's rollout of 1,000 - now 1,500 - iPads had to be the "single largest in the world," even larger than Apple's internal usage.

You can view and download the list, maintained via Google Docs, here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AtHwCbyxBngPdFphclJyUXJIZkNObUVGeDNfYnpOY0E&hl=en

I'll try my best to keep this list up-to-date for as long as it seems useful. But I'll need your help. So if you know about or read about a large deployment of iPads, please e-mail me at eric.lai@sybase.com or send me a msg via Twitter @ ericylai along with the relevant web link. I'll start a list of Android deployments as soon as those hit the market in earnest. Thanks!

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I have tracked technology for more than 15 years, as an award-winning journalist and now as in-house thought leader on the mobile enterprise for SAP. Follow me here at ÜberMobile as well as my even less-filtered musings on Twitter @ericylai

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  • Great!

    I think this is extremely useful. Kudos!
    One suggestion though: to map iOS deployments in general, including iPhones. I don't think there's a list about that either.

  • RE: The Biggest Enterprise Deployments of Apple's iPad Tablet (List!)

    Rock on! Nice work amigo.