25 most-used passwords revealed: Is yours one of them?

25 most-used passwords revealed: Is yours one of them?

Summary: Unfortunately, too many people are still relying on "password" as the key to their login information, based on a new report.

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After it was discovered that more than six million LinkedIn passwords had been leaked as well as many at Last.fm and eHarmony, no one has stopped talking about password and passcode security.

That's actually a good thing because it's an incredibly important topic that many Internet users don't take seriously.

Case in point, take a look at this new report from IT security consultant Mark Burnett. Self-described as someone who "loves writing about passwords," Burnett has compiled a list of the "top 500 worst (aka most common) passwords" based on a variety of methods he has detailed on his blog.

Here are the top 25, as extracted by antivirus solution provider ESET. Is yours one of them? If so, it's safe to say you should consider changing it to something stronger immediately.

  1. password
  2. 123456
  3. 12345678
  4. 1234
  5. qwerty
  6. 12345
  7. dragon
  8. pussy
  9. baseball
  10. football
  11. letmein
  12. monkey
  13. 696969
  14. abc123
  15. mustang
  16. michael
  17. shadow
  18. master
  19. jennifer
  20. 111111
  21. 2000
  22. jordan
  23. superman
  24. harley
  25. 1234567

via ESET


Topic: Security

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  • How incredibly unoriginal. Reading that list was so depressing.

    Although I don't practice the following practice, I wonder just how many passwords are a variation on someone's driver license?
    • and i wonder

      how many people know their driver license number by heart. i, for one, do not.
      • DL number

        I do.
        • Are you sure ?

          Sounds like you are an Alfa Romeo owner.
          Brian Bath
      • Drivers License

        I do.
      • DL number

        I do. And i bet you remember your SSN well if you went to college.
        • What's college have to do with it?

          You should REALLY know you SSN for myriad reasons. Driver's license number, not so much. But then you should carry your license, while you shouldn't carry your Social Security Card.
        • DL Number

          you're dating yourself! they don't use SSN as student id's anymore :-P
          Steve Newman
          • SSN

            Sadly, a lot of universities still do.
            Garth Sanders
      • DL number

        I do.
      • Driver's license

        I know mine from the days when you had to write it when making payment by check at a retailer. And know my social security number from having to write in on time sheets. Ok, I feel old now, thanks.
      • DL Number....

        I definitely know my license number, and my SSN, and my Employee Number, and my College ID number, and my credit card numbers, and even my VIN number.... Knowing these numbers is very important if anything is ever taken from you.....
        Tiffaney DeAmicis
        • DL NUMBER

          Numbers make the World go Round.
          Jeff Ming
        • You've memorized your car's VIN number???

          I call complete and total BS.
          Media Whore
          • Why?

            Why is it impossible to remember a number I have typed many many times before?? I just got a new car, so I don't have it memorized yet, but I am sure that one day I will.... I have had the old car since 2002, so why can't you, in many years, eventually memorize a hard number??? I know there are people that memorize pi to the hundreth place, are you saying no one can do that???
            Tiffaney DeAmicis
          • So...

            Do you want to know my old VIN number??
            I still remember it, and the car is not working at this time...
            Tiffaney DeAmicis
          • Yes please

            Do you want to know what my friend's phone number was up until 53 years ago when his house house burned down when we were seven?
            Producto Endorsair
          • I knew a woman

            who had the serial numbers of all her home stereo components memorized. When her apartment was burgled, she recited them off to the incredulous police officers.
      • DL AND Social Security Numbers, plus passport number

        I do. As well as every phone number, land and cell, I've ever had. plus the license plate numbers from my last 3 cars.

        Not remembering your DL number at least is just plain laziness.
        digital riverrat
        • right??

          right?? Eventually you will just remember it, whether you tried to or not.... :/
          Tiffaney DeAmicis