Adobe confirms 'sophisticated, coordinated' breach

Adobe confirms 'sophisticated, coordinated' breach

Summary: In an attack described as "sophisticated" and "coordinated," Adobe said its corporate network systems were breached by hackers.


In an attack described as "sophisticated" and "coordinated," Adobe said its corporate network systems were breached by hackers.

The company said the attack also affected other unnamed companies.  Adobe did not provide any other details except to say it was aware of the breach on January 2, 2010.

Here's the brief statement from Adobe:

Adobe became aware on January 2, 2010 of a computer security incident involving a sophisticated, coordinated attack against corporate network systems managed by Adobe and other companies. We are currently in contact with other companies and are investigating the incident. At this time, we have no evidence to indicate that any sensitive information -- including customer, financial, employee or any other sensitive data -- has been compromised. We anticipate the full investigation will take quite some time to complete. We have and will continue to use information gained from this attack to make infrastructure improvements to enhance security for Adobe, our customers and our partners.

It is not yet clear if this incident is related to the Google breach that is being blamed on China.

Topics: Enterprise Software, Security

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  • They were hacked? Then they must be running

    Windows :)
    John Zern
    • I hope this is sarcasm

      It's not like Linux or Mac can't be hacked too.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • True, but...

        Windows has never failed to be the most reliable

        New decade, same old Windows intrusion headlines.
        • HAHAAH Nice FUD

          Most profitable yes, but not most reliably vulnerable.
          Johnny Vegas
          • Botnets are Microsoft's invention.

            Slap it together, hype it up, force it upon the users ....
      • Not true

        The core of Unix systems like make cannot be
        breached. Linux cannot but its 'Gnome' Graphical
        User Interface can.
    • Not what I thought you were going to say.

      I thought you were going to suggest that some of their Flash wasn't up-to-date ;-).
      • Or PDF Reader


    • Best Wishes John

      I hope your upcoming 12th birthday is a happy one.
    • RE: Adobe confirms 'sophisticated, coordinated' breach

      This is STUNNING, thank you so much for sharing! :) <a href="">replica watches</a>
  • runs Solaris
    D T Schmitz
    • Adobe runs Solaris

      Amusing that the hormone-challenged bashers shut up when it's a pet OS.

      They're all hackable. All.
      • Ummm.... Pet OS?

        It's not Linux... Solaris is UNIX. It's probably the most hardened networked OS
        you'll find. Perhaps you could give some thought before responding?
    • thanks for the facts

      Glad to see there still a few who are interested in facts and take the time to investigate before they open their mouth. Thanks for adding something constructive. I'm getting sick and tired of these auto-proclaimed computer wizards who turn every computer related comment into an OS jab. A bunch of mindless goonies: incapable of examining their own little utopia realistically.
      • What facts?

        The article didn't say anything about what kind of an attack it was or what companies were affected. It essentially didn't tell us much of anything.
        Wintel BSOD
    • I don't know about that.

      According to Netcraft, Microsoft runs Redhat Linux:

      I looked up a website I control and Netcraft's info is 5 years out of date.
      • Your link doesn't work!

        Dear Sir.

        I clicked on the link in your 'I don't know about that' reply in the 'According to Netcraft, Microsoft runs Redhat Linux' thread and it comes up with an empty page with an (obviously fake) site called MiCOsoft (spot the missing R!) listed on it. When you click on that link, it comes up 'The Page cannot be displayed'. So check your link and see what you're linked to!

        Yours respectfully

      • You're right...

        You don't know about that, or anything else. All you know is what OS "" runs.

        I would say "nice try" if it had been one.
    • Solaris?

      I don't think so. Just about every developer runs
      Linux. Who could develop sophisticated programs
      with windows?
  • Sandia Nat'l Labs and Their Coverup of Chinese Breakin to National Security,8599,1589735,00.html

    Your goverment at work... Sandia (a national lab funded by the gov't with a budget of over $2B) tried to coverup the fact that their comptuers (containing data on the design of our nuclear weapons systems) were broken into by the Chinese governement. They fired an employee, Shawn Carpenter, who found the break in and after his superiors told him to ignore it, contacted the FBI about the breakin. Carpenter ended up getting a bit over $4M after a court trial, Sandia Management at the other hand got an "Excellent" rating by the goverment as to their performance.